Composer Buddy Baker on Walt Disney –

well I got along well with Walter but
that was an interesting thing I got on the elevator after I’d been there
oh not over a week and I got on the elevator and who steps in but Walt
Disney and I said good morning mr. Disney and he said why don’t you call me
Walt all the secretaries do so that that broke the ice right there and I got
along well with him well all the years I was there how interested in music was
Walt we hear an uncanny sense of what music was right or a sequence I don’t
think he knew see from there even he wasn’t you and the school musician at
all but he had this uncanny sense of knowing if it should have a symphonic
sound in fact he liked classical music a lot and he would know when it should be
a light and you’d know what so he if you just listen to what he said you wouldn’t
how often would Walt actually spot a show with you well you know we had
several producers there and he only produced certain pictures himself so I
would only spot a picture maybe once or twice a year with where Walt was sitting
in their room yeah so then what how would his reaction have
come to you I mean if for example if you were doing a wonderful world of color
episode would would you be sitting around a table maybe and he would say
you know I think right here we need a little bit lighter touch sure usually we
were in in one of the projection room so you know sweat boxes as we called him at
that time and he would either be sitting next to you or in the road fronts or
something like that and as things passed by in in the picture I turn around and
say well don’t you think I think this should be kind of a symphonic feel
through here he would point out little things but never would he tell you what
to write ever but if you listen to what he said you would never be wrong because
he had to send uncanny sense of what was right for a picture
I remember one on one picture I think it was summer magic was he hard Walker who
was the manager the studio at the time what he was in charge of sales and
talking about this picture that we we really should we had to get it out on a
certain date and wall stopped it right there and he said well they you know we
sell it because buddy has to have time to do it right you you would never hear
that and today yeah so in other words he asked me how long it would take and I
said I think I need eight weeks to do this and that’s when they said well you
know we don’t have eight weeks and that’s once a ton sell it yes to have
time to do that right that demonstrates I think a respect for composers that you
don’t often see their Hollywood well yeah yeah that’s true
I think what happened to Disney there were five of us there doing five
composers answers you know okay there was George Bruns Holly Wallace Paul
Smith’s Joe doing and I was the fifth one and I think Walt more or less felt
that he had hand-picked his fiber composers there so I know I will at one
time somebody asked I believe it was Winston Hitler he asked Walt if he could
call in Mack Steiner or somebody to do a picture and one says no what’s wrong as
our own guys so yeah he had that loyalty to us which it’s great

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