Composer’s Challenge Ep #1 – Introduction

Composer’s Challenge Ep #1 – Introduction

Well hello there! Welcome to the first episode of the “Composer’s
Challenge” My Name is Stepan Sobanov and I’m a composer living in Vienna and this – this right here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is going to explain what this is all about Okay, I’m trying to explain as simple as I can. So… Step 1: You send me a musical request in the comment section I’ll look it up – that’s step 2 and make music out of it. Step 3, I post an episode and show you guys what I’ve done and how I’ve done that This basically means – for example, you have always wondered how a crossover between Raggae and Punkrock would sound like? Leave a comment and you might get suprised You don’t have to be a musician – you don’t even have to be a human You can be a dog! You want me to composer medieval music based on a certain melody? Let’s do this There’s just one thing – I don’t really like to sing, so please don’t make any requests with lyrical voices in them Okay? Thank you So there’s a track I’ve prepared for you, I produced this around 2 years ago Let’s say someone writes in the comment section: Let’s do this I hope you guys enjoyed my video and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. hey.. let me be the first one 🙂
    try to form a symphonic version of this song 😉

  2. Hi Stepan! Congrats, the video is awesome!
    How about a string quartet version of your favourite videogame song?

  3. this is actually awsome

  4. I request a metal/electroswing crossover using samples from the russian version of Highschool Musical. At some point start a surprise goa/psytrance intermission lasting at least 42 seconds. Then go back to the original track, ending in a big finale with laser and cannon sounds.

  5. Wow you are an amazing composer! I love it – Im going to have a think for songs to compose and also going to get my sister right now and show her. She loves the piano 🙂

  6. Holy cow! This is probably the best YouTube introduction I've ever watched! Keep up the awesome work :D.

  7. Hört sich echt verdammt geil an 😀 hab dich mal abonniert

  8. Wahnsinn!!!
    Ich würde gerne wissen wie Deathmetal mit Klassik klingt?

  9. Very well done 🙂

  10. Really impressive dude 🙂

  11. My request is orchestral punk (or symphonic hardcore-punk) because apparently no one does that genre (that I'm aware of).  

  12. Oh, that's an awesome track. 

  13. super Composer !!!

  14. wow, that is amazing.
    you still doing this? Id be interested in some music for future projects i think 😀

  15. Hey man! Can you do a Western song? Like the old west or cowboys or something?

  16. 2 years later. 2 videos GG

  17. Warum hast du denn aufgehört? 🙁 Das ist eine wirklich interessante Idee!

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