CONNECT . THE . DOTS . 2 | Getting to know composer Alex Brusentsev

I am currently at Lebanon Hills Regional Park
enjoying the weather and actually composing, ’cause this, and other places in nature,
is where I kinda tend to go to get my thoughts together and focused. I really find that being in a space helps
me plan a space – or plan an aural space – especially since this space here is
actually quite filled with sounds. My musical guilty pleasure would probably
have to be 90’s pop. Spice Girls are a particular favorite. I think that would have to be Björk. She is an absolutely incredible artist that
seems to transcend all genres. So, that feels like a good choice. I think that would have to be a
pretty indulgent affair. I think…instead of doing an evening type thing,
I’d love to do a festival-style… something that allowed me to play piano,
maybe conduct a few works, and then jam out on guitar. So, let’s see…start off with some
Bach and Chopin… and maybe a few of my own piano works. Transition into conducting some pieces
by Henri Dutilleux and again maybe one of my own. Then sort of for the evening portion…uh…do
a jam session with The Bad Plus and maybe Joshua Redman? Just throw myself in there on guitar as the
most incompetent musician on the stage. And then finally, end with a kind of dance party
with Daft Punk… and then have me play an occasional
guitar solo or something. I think that’d be pretty great. The concert I described would actually be
pretty high up there in terms of my perfect days. Other than that, honestly anything that involves
friends and nature and good food is a pretty good day to me. Biggest pet peeve…unanswered emails and
people who don’t answer emails. I’m looking at you, basically everyone ever! Scotch. Yeah, Scotch and trashy TV. The thing that excites me most about this
project is the fact that it’s sort of… built from the ground up as part of
one whole uncompromised vision. I get to work with people who I admire greatly. I get to have a premiere in the city I love. And I get to write a piece that’s actually
quite…quite meaningful for me, which I’ll probably dive into on the website a little bit more but, for now, I’ll just leave it at that. You are absolutely brilliant. I think what made me decide on
music as a career is… well, I suppose it wasn’t a decision
so much as a lack of options. I actually really tried NOT to be a musician
throughout my college days… ’cause I sort of begrudgingly went to college,
having wanted to be a guitarist. But yeah, in college I was like,
“You know what? I’ll give not being a musician a try” and it just… it didn’t work out… no matter what I did I always came back
to the music so, so here I am. As a kid I typically got into trouble – but
not frequently – for kinda getting into scuffles. Sort of…I never started anything, but if
kids picked on me, I was… eventually not shy about reacting. Favorite sight…um…nature or a sunrise…or
a sunrise in a beautiful natural setting. There’s just something majestic about it. You know it’s gonna happen but it’s still…
just tremendous. Sound? That would have to be night, that sort of combination of silence and stillness, maybe some crickets, and then
various sounds off in the distance. There’s something about that that I find really
profoundly beautiful. Smell? Um, probably petrichor. Taste? Oh man, a good curry would
probably take the cake there. Indian food is my absolute favorite
so a well done curry is basically impossible to beat as far
as I’m concerned. I think that would probably have to be being
someone who is…uncompromising… and by that I mean utterly committed to a vision
and willing to follow it to the end. That said, being uncompromising
but at the same time being kind. So, never…never pursuing that [vision]…sort of…
at the expense of people or of kindness. So…committed but kind. That, that’d be great. If I could sum up my musical
style in three words that would probably have to be
shifting, sound, perspectives. Both as separate words and as a sentence. If I weren’t a composer I’d love to do something
that gets me out in nature. So, park ranger…also, ultra marathon runner? ‘Cause I really love running and really love
nature so, that seems like a… a slightly masochistic, but wonderful career. Yeah…I mean…Does 3 AM count as the morning? That maybe makes me a morning person… but I guess I see 3 AM sort of
from the previous day…not… that’s not when I start the day…

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