Consumo De Disco Em 100% ? Aprenda A Resolver ! (Erro de disco 100%)

Consumo De Disco Em 100% ? Aprenda A Resolver ! (Erro de disco 100%)

Hello are all very welcome here
the speaker is Lucas and today’s class back showing you how to end once
with 100% disk error happens in many computers there and we
leave a hothead and an annoying mistake just stopping our system and we are required to restart the pc and sometimes not
then solve with these tips I’ll get you today you will solve this
method I used myself and it worked can believe !
then the first tip I step for you is as follows you go in the file explorer Local Disk (C 🙂 you will click with the
Right then you will is clicking Disk Cleanup will load you expect then press you click on the second option
clean system files After clicking you will select the files you want to delete After selecting the files you want to delete just gives an OK And then you will delete these files with this first tip that you already spent solve the problem But do not worry if you do not solve
with tip I’m going through is you have a Another tip I give is going to
you but before passing the second tip I would like to ask you to
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you will click right on this computer and
Here properties will open the flap system you go this by clicking
Advanced system settings and then this last option is checked here will REMOTE you clear of one of applying an ok closes all tabs and restart your computer with this you can’re checking
if the error will solved or not you are following then the task manager to class today gets here hope you I have enjoyed has helped you
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  1. Ninja seu puto, eu assisti o vídeo e ensaiando uns xingamentos pra você, havia tentado as coisas mais complicadas possíveis, logo o seu, o mais simples, resolveu a porra toda! Toma esse Like e esse inscrito, você foi foooooda!

  2. Gracias por el aporte y gracias por poner subtitulos en castellano.

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