Cucumber Soda Pop Recipe

welcome friends welcome to another
episode of the pop show and on the episode where we made celery soda I had
a bunch of people ask me if I’d ever had cucumber soda and I have had cucumber
soda and the thing about cucumber soda that I kind of don’t like is that it’s
overpowered with mint usually they put mint in it or basil
I think basil is better than mint for my own personal flavor so I thought what
can I do to use cucumber and sort of make it something that I want to drink
in fact to make it something that I want to drink and one of the things that I
really like cucumber in is gin and there’s a particular gene called Hendrix
that we have gone out with the people from Hendrix several nights where they
bring out all of the flavonoids that they used that they infuse into the gin
and I’ve sort of taken a riff on that with what I’m going to do here so the
first up is to juice some cucumbers okay so I think two cucumbers gives us
enough juice now over here on this side is a ton of cucumber pulp and if you
want to use that cucumber pulp in something I would suggest making Tatsuki
we’ve got our recipe somewhere I’ll link to it somewhere around us how to make
the Satsuki sauce and I’m sure I’m saying that wrong but but you know I’m
I’m not Greek so okay so I’m gonna turn the heat on to this pot I’ve put the
juice in and I’m gonna turn the heat on to sort of medium medium-high we want to
bring this up to almost the boiling point but not quite to a boil
well that’s coming up to temperature we’re going to deal with the other
spices that we’re going to put in here now modeling this after sort of the
flavor profile of Hendrick’s Gin so obviously first in our juniper berries
and everybody should know what a juniper berry is it’s from the juniper tree
mostly in the northern hemisphere fairly easy to get you’ll see it everywhere
next up our KU Bev peppers now khubaib peppers are related to black pepper
they’re sort of the same they’re from the same region but they have a slightly
different flavor than black pepper and Hendrix uses them in their concoction
and lastly this is a long pepper now long pepper is also related to black
pepper again slightly different flavor slightly different oil compounds but I
think it’ll go quite well with the cucumber so I’m gonna put that in now
I’ve put them into a small mortar and pestle and I just want to bruise them or
break them up a little bit I don’t really want to grind them fine I want to
be able to strain out the parts later so this is just a matter of breaking them
up to help release some of the oils and flavors okay so we’re gonna get this
into the pot I’m just going to get a spoon this is coming up to temperature
nicely and so you don’t really want to boil it you just want to heat it up so
that we can steep these flavors together so just scrape that in and we’ll give it
a stir and so you just want to stir it every once in a while as it’s at a bare
simmer just below the boiling point and after it’s been there for a couple
minutes move it off the heat and just let it steep for about 20
okay so this is steep long enough I have a fine fine mesh strainer and I just
want to strain out the solids get rid of all the little pieces of pepper and
anything else that might be in there okay there we go now I’m going to pour
that back into a pot and I’m gonna bring this up to just a bow to boil now as
this comes up to a boil I’m gonna stir in the sugar and we just want to heat
this until the sugar is fully dissolved and we have a nice even syrup okay fully
dissolved so I’m gonna put this into this glass jug measuring cup see if I
can do it without spilling then I’m gonna stick this in the fridge and let
it chill completely before we give it a taste test I also have some cleanup to
do oh no it’s it’s got green bloody bit
something does have green floaty bits on the top give a stir give a stir let’s
give it a taste so I didn’t add any citric acid to this yet because I want
to add in acid phosphate at the end and see what that does for the flavor all
right so the smell is not particularly inviting okay I’m gonna add acid
phosphate into this one it’s sweet it is sweet isn’t it
yeah and I didn’t put that much sugar in it I didn’t put that much sugar is in
the in the syrup and yet it’s got a weird kind of kind of taste to it you
say weird you like it mm-hmm there you go everybody’s different right
everybody’s different okay now taste that with the acid phosphate it doesn’t
look very enticing around the top of the glass does it told you mind has lots of
floaty things okay the acid phosphate helps even at that flavor yeah a lot as
per usual it fills it in evens it out I don’t know that I would go for this one
no I think the celery one was for me was much more appealing as a okay ah I like
traditional I like this one cuz it tastes like melon
I’ll see I’m not a big melon fan so there you go yeah maybe that’s a
watermelon so I like I like melon it tastes like melon I think our cucumbers
a melon they’re not a squash are they I will put up the squash I will put up on
the screen with her military squash who knows they grow on a vine and I gotta
squash yeah yeah since we’re here oh your freshly gonna add the jam let’s put
a shot of gin in or measure yeah I’m not much of a bartender
am i no that changed the flavor as it would see oh it still has that I for me
it still has that finished flavor that I think is kind of pasty I like that it
still tastes like melon it still tastes like melon it tastes like melon with gin
now I think Alvin who is the Hendrick’s Gin Canadian representative yeah should
get in touch Alvin I think this is a winner I think you want this one a
little bit of tweaking I think a little bit more tweaking I like this very much
okay that’s good maybe a little bit more pepper I might put a little more cubeb
in it just to sort of bottom it out a little bit you may be on your own though
drinking it okay I’ll have the gin with something else thank you so cucumber
soda pop it’s a thing it is a thing it’s a thing and there it is three to that
thanks for stopping by see you again soon you

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