Cyberpunk 2077 Musicians Explained

Cyberpunk 2077 Musicians Explained

Greeting Earthlings!
Welcome to the MadQueen Show! I am your host the MadQueen. On today’s menu, we have a new Cyberpunk
2077 video for you, and today we’re going to explain why you should be hyped with the
incredible list of musicians that were announced during the Game Awards to be working on the
soundtrack of Cyberpunk 2077. This list of names makes one thing very clear: the process of curation to find the most suitable music is not reduced to simply find songs
or styles that would fit this universe, but behind of this decision there is a will of
taking the speculative fantasy of the Cyberpunk genre one step beyond and also speculate about
how music would evolve in the future, as every single artist in this list is known for being
innovative and ground-breaking in their field, and opening the door for musicians coming
after them to evolve their genres and style. If you want to listen to their music you’ll
find in the description a link to the Spotify list where you’ll find a representative
sample of each of them. First, we have Grimes, the artist that is
not only going to participate in the soundtrack, she’s also going to voice a character inside
the game, the controversial Rockergirl Lizzy Wizzy Frontwoman of the band Lizzy Wizzy and
the Metadrarves, that we could see for the first time in the 2018’s trailer. Grimes is the artistic name of Claire Elise
Boucher, a Canadian singer, composer, producer, and visual and performing artist, whose style can be defined as Aphex Twin went to a spiritual retirement with Kenji Kawai and decided to
take some drugs for the road. And this is obviously not an insult, if you
don’t like Aphex Twin or Kenji Kawai please get away from my planet. She also has more synth-pop moments in case techno-mystical psychedelic pop is too much for you, her range amalgamates a very interesting combination of styles, In 2018 she broke up with her label before releasing her 5th Album and she did some notable collaborations meanwhile, being the most notable her appearance in the
segment Pink of Janelle Monáe’s film and album Dirty Computer, you’ll find a link
in the description, seriously, watch it. Someone with such a musical range is a very
interesting proposal, the list of her musical influences can be written using a complete
toilet toll, and she really evolves the genres she steps into, so I think she’s an exceptional
pick for a futuristic controversial Rockergirl. Next on the list, we have Run the Jewels,
which is kinda funny because, back in the day, when I first talked about the music in
the trailer that we saw past E3 by Sleep Steady, you know, the hip hop song at the beginning
of the trailer, I wrongly thought it was from Run the Jewels and I made a video about it
super hyped CD Projekt Red got them for the soundtrack, until I was corrected, but in
the end can I say I was unintentionally half right? Run the Jewels is a Hip Hop duo composed by
the rapper and producer El-P and the rapper Killer Mike, apart from appearing in the soundtrack
of Marvel’s Venom, you know, this film that would’ve been much better if they didn’t
shy away from showing the violence, come on, it’s Venom, and in Black Panther’s trailer,
this is not the only relationship of the duo with Marvel, as in 2016 the comics company
paid tribute to the duo in covers of Deadpool and Howard the Duck. And if all this didn’t sound awesome enough, they were also collaborators of the real-life rockerboy Zack de la Rocha, frontman of the
emblematic band Rage Against the Machine, and the list of awesome names doesn’t end
here, it includes Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails, Chino Moreno from Deftones and the
Mars Volta. Natives of the New York underground hip hop
scene, these innovative rappers were both heavily influenced by this movement at the
end of the 80s that started mixing metal with hip hop and that a decade later would be absorbed my mainstream, erased of its very distinct personality, and would become the very successful
nu-metal. Which is odd, because it was only called Nu
Metal if it was on the MTV. But instead of evolving to Nu Metal, Run the
Jewels, kept their rebel roots and their belligerent leftist lyrics evolving towards hardcore hip
hop or even alternative hip hop, where the word Alternative go figure what it means,
is one of the most useless labels in music, because it means everything and nothing at
the same time. Refused is a band that we already knew were
going to participate in the soundtrack as they are Samurai, the band of the Rockerboy
Johnny Silverhand, portrayed by Keanu Reeves in the video game. Refused is a punk-rock Swedish band, sometimes
also labeled as Post-hardcore because, first, you actually need to be British to be punk,
I can think of accepting Poles in this category due to their famous Punk Scene, but I think
the people of Refused has a certain care for their hygiene so, yes, post-hardcore, and obviously this is a joke, not a dick,
so don’t take it hard. This band was very influential at the turn
of the century, in the late 90s they released a record called The Shape of Punk to Come,
that intended to be an evolution of the very stuck hardcore scene of the 90s, that was
mainly dominated by Californian bands like NoFx or Bad Religion, and their experimentation
attempts brought them to mix classic punk and screamo, with electronica, post-rock,
and jazz, what a combination, as it always happens with works that are ahead of their
time, this record was hated by critics and public alike and they needed a decade to start accepting this groundbreaking combination to become one of the most influential records in the scene of the early 2000s, so you can guess, they released a remastered version
of The Shape of Punk to Come in 2004. As you can see, Refused is a great choice
to represent the music style of Samurai, called Chrome Rock, because clearly, they know how to evolve punk-rock, in fact, they were the ones teaching the rest of the bands how to
do it. A$AP Rocky is the stage name of the American
rapper, songwriter, record producer, model, actor, and music video director Rakim Mayers. Heavily influenced by Harlem-based rappers of the 90s, like the Diplomats, Rocky made a name for himself at the head of the new
wave of the Harlem Renaissance, with his particular sound that is quite far of the typical “New
York Sound”, although as it always happens in mainstream, he seems to be better known
for his personal life than for his groundbreaking artistic achievements. But music is not his only strong suit, as
he also developed a taste for visual arts, making visual experimentation and psychedelia his signature on the video clips he directed. Gazelle Twin is a very interesting and innovative British electronic music composer and producer, who mixes this very famous and traditional British satire with cyberpunk-ish themed lyrics that sing about revolution and fighting an oppressive system, all this in a background of dark experimental electronics and a touch of folk every now and then, because why not. Her last record Pastoral has often been compared with the writings of the proto-cyberpunk writer James Ballard, maybe because she never hid the books “High-Rise” and “Kingdom Come” were a very strong influence for her to compose this album, although she certainly comes from a current of industrial and noise that had a very solid base in the early 2000s thanks to artists like Autechre, Venetian Snares
or Aural Blasphemy, although back then there were zillions of subgenres, so let’s not
enter into this. But don’t worry, she also has her very much
Bjork moments for when dissonance is too much for you. Without leaving the realms of experimental and Noise, we have Richard Devine, an experimental electronics composer and sound designer from Atlanta specialized in IDM and glitch, because there is nothing more cyberpunkish than data bending and circuit bending, but his strongest suit is not composing but sound design, field in which he’s a legend, his sound effects and sample libraries are exceptionally well
known: he makes the sounds that countless producers use to create their songs. As a producer, he has released six albums and has made several remixes for artists like Aphex Twin, Matthew Herbert, or Mike Patton, he has also worked extensively in advertising for major brands, films, tv, and video games, because this man is responsible for the sound design of DOOM 2016, well, part of it, a game
which sound design you heard me praising countless times and so should you, his work creating
additional sounds for the soundtrack makes Mick Gordon’s music even better. Ilan Rubin is an American multi-instrumentalist musician, singer, and composer, mainly known for playing drums with Nine Inch Nails. Do I need to say more? Ok, he also played with NoFx and composed songs for Angels & Airwaves, and has a world Guinness Record for being the youngest person to ever perform on a stage in Woodstock, when he was only 11 years old. Impressed yet? As a composer, his influences go from Led
Zeppelin, Muse, or Depeche Mode to Mozart and Bach, you can find his album the New Regime
on YouTube, I think you’re going to like it. When talking about people who are cutting-edge
in the electronic scene worldwide, Nina Kraviz is the name. This Russian DJ, music producer, and singer, delves into the realms of deep house, mixed with a little pop and ambient, and a pinch of industrial every now and then, what gives her a shade of very innovative retrofuturism. She started her career in the industry in
2008, and a little more than 10 years later she’s already considered by her peers as
a door opener to others in the scene, which also grants her the busiest touring schedules. Kraviz’s much-copied trademark is improvised
vocals, she just picks up a microphone and hits record, sometimes chopping what she records, sometimes leaving the recording as monologues. Deadly Hunta started off his career chatting on the Sound Systems African Roots and SkyJuice in the early Nineties, and in 1994 went to Jamaica where he got the opportunity to sing in Bobby Digital’s studio. From that moment he realized his connection with music and that it could become a career for him, and after 16 releases and being the
supporting act for people such as the Wu Tang Crew or Ice T, he’s known for his incredible energy on stage and his innovative mix of dancehall with hip hop, that he describes
as “the Jamaican lingo with the breakdowns and the flows of hip hop” that he delivers
with his fast ragga lyrics nicely apposed to more soulful sounds and hip hop flows. He doesn’t like to limit himself on any
golden decade of any style, so his influences go from the 80s to the present day: dancehall,
reggae. Hip Hop and 80s Pop. The artists that influenced him the most go from the rap of Busta Rhymes to the reggae of Sizzla, artist to which he’s compared
as his fresher version. Rat Boy is the stage name of Jordan Cardy, a British musician, and songwriter, who started being a known face in the indie scene by supporting of the always insufferable former frontman of Oasis Liam Gallagher, in his UK solo tour and later by being sampled by Kendrick Lamar. His style is often defined as hip hop punk,
and I would call it a mix between Beck, the Beasty Boys, and Sonic Youth on a good day, everything super “alternative scene of the 90s”, skateboard included. As it’s the divine mandate in someone composing for a Cyberpunk game, the subjects of his lyrics revolve mostly around social inequality. Apart from music he also storyboards his own
videoclips, which are incredibly nineties, and designed his own streetwear clothing brand called “Scum” Tina Guo is a Chinese-American cellist and
erhuist, you know, this instrument that in the west is called the “Chinese violin”,
but I would add to this credits that she’s also a stylist and a set designer because the work she does in the videos of her YouTube channel is amazing, you really should take
a look, I’ll put a link in the description, and also writer of philosophical prose and
poetry. Her training is classical and she has performed as a soloist with several orchestras, and at some point, she started experimenting with the possibility of mixing such a classical instrument as a cello with classic metal, testing several types of distortions in an attempt to make her cello sound like a guitar and the result is incredibly interesting, seriously, visit her YouTube channel, she
has a version of God of War’s theme that mixes orchestrated music with metal sounds, that she did in collaboration with Inon Zur, the composer of the Fallout saga, a song that
you’re going to thank me that I pointed you in that direction, if you didn’t know it already. She participated in the soundtrack of more
than 70 films and video games, including Inception, Dunkirk, and Batman V Superman with Hans Zimmer, or the video games Shadow of the Beast and Assassins’s Creed Syndicate. If you want a new crush in your life, you
found it. And this was the spectacular list of musicians
that was revealed during the Game Awards, as I said before, the most outstanding feature
of the members of this list is their eagerness to push the limits of their genres they develop,
so they sound like a great pick to create speculative music to sound in 2077. But in the words of CD Projekt RED, these
are “some of the artists” and not all of them, so we may discover more surprises
the next year. Well, folks, thanks for watching, if you like
what we do and you’d like us to keep doing it, please consider supporting us on Patreon, and don’t forget to leave a comment because I’m really curious if you knew these musicians and, if you didn’t, if I changed your perspective about the soundtrack now that you know who all these people are and where is CD Projekt RED going with this decision. See you in next videos and Stay Being Amazing.

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