Damson Idris Learned American Accent from Famous Rapper

Damson Idris Learned American Accent from Famous Rapper

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  1. I knew the first time i wqtched the show that his accent was fake…it sounds too much LA to be LA if im making sense

  2. I had no idea he was English. Wow

  3. Franklin stop fUkn talkn like dat

  4. naw big ting we do it all da time man wha u ah say Pure yankee ah chat…

  5. him a fling da lengua back n forth

  6. So chocolate, soooo handsome ❤️

  7. Dam I think this might of ruined Snowfall.

  8. Wtf this what the Franklin really sound like

  9. Daaam I never would of thought Franklin talked like this😮

  10. I love that and I love him on snowfall good job young man.

  11. His accent blows my mind

  12. “Man, don’t ask no stupid !$& questions …! Lol

  13. Didn’t know he was British

  14. 2:03 funny as hell, "he took me to a restaurant called Popeye's." 2:04

  15. woooow. they never hire blacks from america.. ik we have some good actors/actresses… i guess if they’re from london or somewhere else they aren’t reallyyyy black in their eyes 🤦🏾‍♀️

  16. Us N.I.N.gerians are known for portraying plenty of roles. 💪🏿✊🏿💯 As for me, my experience growing up in Chicago created my monster and I can still pull off a British or English accent. It's how I was raised before coming to this land as a kid.

    He reminds me so much of myself before I got corrupted by darkness. I even have a pic of myself that looks like a younger version of him now which people are probably trippin about. Lmao smh

    The SNOWFALL life isnt a joke though. I know and this isnt any acting. Some of us N.I.N.gerianz get caught into it sometimes. Glad he's making something big of himself. We proud of you over here B!😎✊🏿💯

  17. So black ppl cant act i guess

  18. Woooooow Lmao I thought that was really how he talked on snowfall 🤯🤯🤯🤣

  19. that accent on black people is so cringe worthy

  20. Omg I love him🇯🇲❤❤🇯🇲❤

  21. I can’t even look at him the same smh

  22. This interview is everything

  23. Snowfall is a great show

  24. Loved this clip lol💋

  25. Reminds me of Idris Alba

  26. I straight thought he was from Cali

  27. Heavy Denzel undertones when he's animated.

  28. This man is too fine to be sitting next to an empty chair he could’ve invited me to sit next to him I would do it with no hesitation

  29. Doubt if it really happened the way he said sounds like his behind played on a lot of freaking stereotypes ** his lying behind. He's just as black as the BLK American guy and the roll that they could have actually got that AA man to play. He was not so low key sh***y and played on negative AA stereotypes. Saw right through this BS his ** not cute, and he can take his * over to elephant castle and create his own roles.

  30. He’s sooooo damn sexy !!!!

  31. I saw him in black mirror and thought he was using a British fake accent . lol 😂

  32. never heard of this show snow fall. need to climb out from under my rock and turn on a tv.

  33. Maaaaaaaan my favorite actor. I wouldve never even known. Sound like you from Cali for real homie.

  34. I want to meet this rapper, my american acento is pants.

  35. W C Willie Calloway AKA The Hogg fresh out of jail toss a cocktail not just clownin fool do your history

  36. I love his accent and I love the show Snowfall!♥️

  37. So Hold Up…The BiG Bad Barracuda Pulled Up On Franklin….. lol "Come Down Stairs!" AHHH!

  38. Us Americans we have the toughest accents..

  39. Wow never knew. He needs an Oscar

  40. WC taught him west coast lingo and he came out sounding like Nipsey Hussle lol.

  41. 🔴 It's called acting and he just unintentionally exposed that most of these people you sheep worship are FRAUDS. 😑

  42. This guy was in my class in school lol literally just found out he’s now an actor. Nice

  43. Man I didn’t not know he was from England he switches back and forth amazingly

  44. What IN THEE actual hell!!!? Lmao. I’m watching him talk, but I’m still not believing the accent coming out of his mouth. Lol. That’s crazy!!! I’m a fan of the show. It’s in my hometown, and in my era of being out there in the streets, so it’s a personal show for me. Hits home. But damn, the next episode I’m about to be looking at dude funny now. Lol. He play the role well, no doubt. Excellent job homey!

  45. Hes hilarious never would of known

  46. Ha! Loved it! Awesomeness!

  47. Fell more in love with this guy🥰🥰

  48. This kid is outstanding on Snowfall. He needs an Emmy..bravo

  49. I love it 😍😘😘 😘😋😋 😋

  50. Hope WC received payment or any form of currency. Black Americans have been scrutinized, imitated and looked over; I’m not saying our relatives from across the pond haven’t but please stop using us and perceiving us as “loose,” “no or low morals,” I truly hope that this role has opened up Damson’s mind a bit because we have high morals. I love his acting on Snowfall; I easily knew that he wasn’t a LA native because some of the words/phrases he says have a bit of Brit-twang.

    In short, let’s get over the infatuation because we truly are the same.

  51. 😂😂😂 I love it

  52. I heard while I was actually in the middle of watching snowfall he wasnt american and it made me appreciate his acting that much more.

  53. Wow I definitely didn’t know

  54. So talented and so fine😎🥰

  55. I love you💓💓 im shooketha he not from the states💓💓

  56. Wow thought we was American for sure. He is good!!!

  57. Snowfall badest show out right now 🔥

  58. Gangsta make the world go round…..or at least produces good actors

  59. This is so scary stuff that's the point that I've been making to a lot of African-Americans we have a lot of fake ones out here you're actually teaching African and other blacks American accent so they can take over African Americans actually that's what I think the movie us is about as above so is below let's make replicas

  60. He so fine 😍😍😍

  61. To Whomever is responsible for the post description box summary, just a bit of an edit for you: Rapper's name = Dub C from the rap trio Westside Connection (with Ice Cube and Mack 10). Not sure where "rapper WC" came from. 🤔😒😩

  62. "How do you know where I live?… What's Popeye's?"… LOL🤣… After watching season 1 of Snowfall, I wanted to see an interview with young Idris to hear his English accent. He is simply adorable. 😍

  63. Big Ups to Dub C…Snowfall is the SHIZ-NIT

  64. He had that west coast accent down. He can act and Dub C did his thang

  65. I know he was English for some reason

  66. He is so handsome 😍😩

  67. Wow I didn’t know he was English 😂

  68. Wow, I had know idea he had accent!

  69. I binged three seasons of Snowfall in a week. Dope ass show and this kid is a great actor. I look him up on YouTube and this comes up. RIP to the great John Singleton.

  70. Funny. But we know Dub C did no such thing. He’s a gentleman through and through.

  71. He is so sexy & that English accent makes me swoon 😍

  72. The accent makes me love him even more.

  73. I have the biggest crush on you Mr. Idris 😍😛😘

  74. I love it! 😂🤣

  75. he’s so handsome lol and the way he switched accents 😍

  76. When i first saw him i mistook him for Walt from Lost

  77. Very talented! Young actor .

  78. never been so shocked

  79. Crazy how they couldn't find an African American to play that role. I haven't seen it go the other way around. The guy literally needed a dialect coach lol not sure i understand this trend. Are there no african americans applying or are they just so bad that its easier to hire African british actors and teach them the dialect instead of just teaching someone how to act? Idk why but Hollywood always finds away to stain black success or is it a way to divide us or im just thinking too deep?🤦🏾‍♂️

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