Deep N Disco Mix – Dj XS Funked Up Hip Hop, Disco & House Music Mix 2017 – Free Download

Deep N Disco Mix – Dj XS Funked Up Hip Hop, Disco & House Music Mix 2017 – Free Download

Dj XS Disco House Music Mix 2017

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  1. Bit of a mission getting the February mix up but this should be good to go minus 3 or so tracks just in time for the weekend. Enjoy!

  2. THANK YOU. shit !You are my favorit, for music and mix. Ciao

  3. All your mixes are really really good. There is nothing similar on YT.
    Keep on mixing good music.

  4. Like always… a monster.
    Thanks @DJXS110 !

  5. .. and thanks again brother !!!

  6. .. gonna snitch some of the tracks for sure.. haha… cheers 🙂

  7. I can tell you are passionate about music. Thanks again for sharing that passion DJXS110!

  8. Eres muy bueno, amigo. ¡Sigue así! 😉

  9. Always looking for your mixes bro, keep em coming

  10. Oh man, I just love your mixes 💯quality every time!! Much love from NZ bro

  11. amazing,like always 🙂

  12. Great selection ! Wonderful…. So groovy… Just thank you for your passion

  13. I'm your fan!!This MIX is so so goooood!!I want this!!! This can't download?

  14. All mixes in my car !

  15. Oh Dear, this is so goooood!
    You really keep me moving man…

  16. Thanks veri good mix ,please dont stop

  17. You make me so high with your music ! All month goals, i'm waiting your mix… I'm waiting for your homage to Prince :-). One year, soon ! Remember : "You are a star". Really !!!! Your french fan 🙂

  18. PERFECT…..!!!!!!!

  19. i don't know if your stats show how many times a subscriber plays a vid, and i've lost count of how many times i've played this one (and the old school hip hop mixes)…..but i know it's a lot and i just wanna say thanks for putting mixes out there that can improve my mood. this channel has me finding myself dancing around the house whether i'm cleaning, cooking or just hanging. funny how this may be your job or just a hobby for you, but can make such a difference for someone all the way across the pond. so THANK YOU! one love, all love <3

  20. Literally LOVE every mix you do, Eighty6 Media office sounds 24/7! 🙌🏽

  21. Just So Damn Good!!

  22. for me, the best mix you've done this year, good continuation ….

  23. Astonishing mix as always! 🙂

  24. muy buenos temas saludos desde chile

  25. this mix bounces DJXS!! Cardiff crew luving the love my son!

  26. Yowsa.Yowsa,Yowsa))))))

  27. u must know… u really are a most incredible music man… yr mixes have some sort of healing magic… u just need to know that… so glad u do what u do. Many blessing to u and for your hard work:)

  28. Mac Miller – Dang, died way too soon, RIP!

  29. hI dUDE
    Wicked to be Back

  30. I Googled hip hop disco and landed here. Now I must say well done and thank you!

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