Difference between old Kpop and Kpop now : Parties after music shows [Happy Together/2019.10.31]

Many things must have changed since the 90s. – What changed? / – Zyoung, what changed the most? I think the biggest change lies in the atmosphere during the shoot and after the shoot. – That’s right. / – I agree. You are right. These days, everyone leaves – before the ending performance. / – Right. Back then, we stayed until the ending performance – and celebrated with the winner. / – Always. If the winner threw a party, we went over. – Really? / – Yes, it was like that. Whenever there was a music program, – Right. / – restaurants and clubs – had to be booked. / – They had to be reserved – in advance. / – That’s right. – Really? / – I heard it was worse before us. – Of course, it was. / – Yes. The senior artists looked at us and said that things had changed a lot. Back in my days, the singers just went home. – Hey. / – For goodness’ sake. – I am serious. / – In the early 2000s… – I never waited. / – Things changed drastically. I was surprised by the drastic change. We made the comeback at the same time. (Eunjin states the fact!) I think that culture was present around Byul’s time. Byul simply didn’t go. She always read books with earphones in her ears. It’s no wonder she didn’t hear. – That’s another change. / – Maybe I never got invited. Back in the days, the restrictions were stricter. I remember that – the singers couldn’t have dyed hair. / – Right. – Piercings weren’t allowed. / – No dyed hair. – Men couldn’t wear earrings. / – No piercings. – No earrings / – That’s nonsense. – or dyed hair was allowed. / – They weren’t. In the beginning, dyed hair was allowed. – Then the rules suddenly changed. / – That’s right. The rules changed overnight, – so I had to put / – People wore bandanas. – dark hairspray on my hair. / – I did the same. The color turned strange at times. When we sweated, it melted down our faces. – That’s right. / – Like hair fibers. There were many strange restrictions. That’s right. A lot of them were incomprehensible. Zyoung, I heard you struggled a lot because of that. I was active from the days of no restrictions to the days of heavy restrictions. So I used to wear a bra top with tassels and a short skirt. Then they said I can’t show too much skin. – The rules changed. / – I think I remember that. Yes. Because the restriction was quite strict, we had to get our costumes checked during the rehearsal. If our costumes didn’t pass, we had to wear something dark underneath. It couldn’t be light since it resembled the skin. – That’s right. / – There were clothing restrictions. – There were clothing restrictions. / – I had to wear something dark underneath the costume. People always came by to check – before we took the stage. / – That’s right. – You are right! / – Yes. Now that you mentioned it, I remember. Zyoung was on the blacklist. Baby V.O.X was probably on the blacklist too. Since we were on the blacklist for always wearing skimpy clothes, they came to check on us first. That costume wouldn’t have passed. It would have passed. It doesn’t show my navel. We couldn’t show our navels. Women couldn’t show their navels. Men couldn’t show their chests. When I performed “Dash” on music programs, I had vinyl pants that had clear parts right here. – Showing your hip bones. / – Other parts were covered. I guess the stylist wanted me to wear revealing clothes. Those clear parts became wider. – In the end, / – I know which costume you mean. they told me to fix the costume. I had to put fabric against the clear parts. That’s incredible. Jaehwan, you once didn’t meet the censorship either. It wasn’t about a dance or a performance. – Since I am a lyricist… / – Your lyrics? – It was about my lyrics. / – Your lyrics. The lyrics were put under scrutiny too. I have a song titled “Don’t Start”. I made it for the Ministry of Drug and Food Safety. A part of the lyrics went, “It’s everywhere.” The KBS review board told me that it sounds like “Buddha”. – Buddha? / – Yes. They told me not to use the lyrics since it was about a religion. But it was “Everywhere”. It wasn’t about a religion. It just sounded that way. – It just sounded that way. / – Yes. They said it sounds like “Buddha”. I had to change the lyrics. Producers often do that. Jaehwan actually had to change the lyrics. When I was back with “I Won’t Love”, the higher-ups said it encourages low childbirth. – No way. / – Are you serious? Are you serious? That’s ridiculous. They said it encourages low childbirth. It was about being unable to love due to heartache. Thankfully, it didn’t lead to a ban. They also said TVXQ’s “Mirotic” encourages… – What does it encourage? / – They said – it encourages / – Hallucination. the state of hallucination. If we travel further back in time, the senior artists – couldn’t use / – That’s right. English words for the group names. Those who had used English words – changed the names. / – Really? – Really? / – Cherry Boy had to change his stage name. – Really? / – Yes. Bunny Girls – had to do the same. / – Bunny Girls. – That’s why they changed it. / – That’s right. Back then, they said songs had a big impact on society. The lyrics had to be clean. – Yes. / – The lyrics had to be clean. It was a must. Such strict restrictions were – still prevalent / – That’s right. – in the 90s. / – Yes. – That’s right. / – Back then. I heard that the dances have changed a lot as well. How have they changed? I watched my old performances and saw that it was all about energy. – Power. / – I was too energetic. Right. It was like throwing punches from start to end. – What kind of punches? / – Counterpunches. – No dynamics. / – No dynamics. The dance had no dynamics. There’s no drama. Can’t you show us? – Show us. / – It’s been a long time. (Return of Zyoung’s wild performance) – Go, Haim’s mother! / – You should show us. Right now? I would do this now. – She dances so well. / – I would do this now. – But then… / – How about then? (Back then,) (she danced wildly.) – I danced like this. / – Right, you did. – You were too full of energy. / – Yes. I was. That’s how it was. Upon hearing that I’m Online Tapgol Chung Ha, I watched her performance. The choreography these days is at another level. – It completely changed. / – The details are different. And the camera movements are very different too. They edit the cuts like a music video too. Back then, there were sentiments of the past. But now, you watch it like it’s an artwork. When you think about it, the movements were big too. – Right. / – Right. – Very restrained. / – There was a lot of this. – A lot of people did this. / – Sechs Kies too. A lot of people did it. Your movements had to be big. – It looked flashier. / – It looked flashier. In our times, jazz dance was in trend. – Right. / – There were a lot of jazz moves. These days, groovy moves are more common.

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