Director Minzy & Somi, and newbie rapper Hong Jinyoung [Sister’s SlamDunk 2 / 2017.05.12]

(They don’t waste a single minute) (The last stop of this busy 2-day trip) Look at the autographs. – A lot of celebrities have been here. / – So many. A whole bunch. I haven’t been here in a long time. – I can see the sea. / – Wow, amazing. (A big spread of seafood!) This is amazing. Wow, bravo! Doesn’t this look amazing? Totally. – I like this place. / – We start grilling right away? You have to eat scallop first. Hurry, Try one. You put this foil pan on the grill and fill it with all the clams. (She wants them to experience Busan’s seafood) (Sook is a Busan native!) That looks amazing. – What’s this, Sook? / – It’s really good… If you add mustard leaf kimchi. You’ve been here? – Whenever I come here… / – She’s a regular here. I’ll make something amazing She has started to move. (Open up, clams! I’m here!) (I come here all the time when I work in Busan) (She’s reverent as she wipes the tools) (She starts cutting up the clams) You’re good at this. I come here for every trip to Busan. (The queen of performances works all around Korea) (The original Busan native knows all the good spots) (Who will make the better clam dish?) (Who will be the winner?) (What’s this?) Got to loosen my skirt. You’re adding that? – Yes, Sook. / – Wow. In there? Just trust me. You’re not adding vinegar chili paste? No. You can add vinegar chili paste but this is a different way to eat this. I think you’re adding too much kimchi. – Just hold on. / – She’s really set in her ways. Why are you adding vinegar chili paste? – Jinkyung. / – Hey. – Jinyoung. / – Just trust me once. The seasoning will overpower everything. No, just trust me. Should I change seats? It looks amazing. Add some abalone… Let’s try it now. Did you eat the shell too? Different from eating it in Seoul, right? That was amazing. You can really taste the onions and butter. (Gulp) Can we have a few pieces? Can I try some? Try a piece. You guys have some there. Why do you keep coming here? You better not ask for more of this stuff. You better not ask for more of this stuff. This is Busan style. (Her dish has already been forgotten) Now, try some. Just eat it as is. (How will it taste?) This is good! – Is it? / – Yeah. I thought it would be too salty, but it’s so refreshing. I don’t think I can get sick of it. You should keep cooking. – Keep cooking what? / – For real. For real… We should start dieting next week. – Let’s just try to once. / – Just once. A lot of online comments say we don’t diet enough. How about we talk about online comments? Sounds good. There’s one I really remember from last week. – KBS is a public station. / – Yeah. I was criticized for fating on a public station. One person wrote he’d sue me. Did it smell a lot then? Yes. You should officially apologize for that. You shouldn’t do that on a public station. Right? She’s been getting all her parts down… Jinkyung farted! In this enclosed area. It’s from eating undercooked pork belly. There were also comments calling Jinkyung a genius. Why? That she farted in that situation. You can control your sphincter. If you didn’t fart then, things would’ve gotten really serious. That’s true. I was thankful. There are a lot of comments rooting for Yewon these days. Right. That’s true. (The viewers love Yewon’s diligence) And they really badmouthed vocal director Han Wonjong… – Because you cried that day. / – Right. Wonjong actually texted me before that. He called me his best pupil. He wants to continue to teach me so that I’m good at singing. You should’ve said so sooner. The netizens really let him have it online. So he texted you separately? Yes, on the day of that episode aired. He’s so sensitive. He texts me whenever an episode airs. – For every episode? / – Yes. – For every episode? / – Yes. – Chaeyoung. / – Yeah? Does Wonjong text you whenever the show airs? We don’t have each other’s numbers. (That means he only texts Yewon?) This seems a bit fishy. No. This is suspicious. Is this another love story like mine? What time does he text you? When the show airs. So that’s after 11 at night… Gosh… Goodness… That’s late at night. I hope you two become a couple. This person wrote, “What if the Unnies were really idols?” (What if the Unnies were really idols?) First, Minzy. (What would Minzy’s role in the group be?) “Despite not being the oldest, she’s the leader and the most skilled.” “She quietly keeps the team in balance.” “Because of Minzy’s skills, people will always recommend her solo album.” Second member, Yewon. “Whether it’s a pretty photo or a funny video clip, most Yewon fans comment with crying emoticons. Sad emoticons. She has sobbing fans.” You break people’s hearts, Yewon. She’s always crying herself, so what can she do? “And… As the most hard working member, the viewers post mostly of crying emoticons as comments. The finger in pain.” Chaeyoung. Chaeyoung. “I thought she’d be the looks of the group.” “Behind that cold and arrogant look, she’s freaking adorable…” – Can this air? / – What was that? What does that mean? What was that? I’m just reading this word by word. “Some comments insult her skills but she practices on her own and improves so the fans don’t really care. They just look at Chaeyoung’s face.” Who wrote all this? Next is Somi. “With her trademark screeching laugh, she makes all the Unnies and fans love her. She’s a great performer too so for individual performances the members and fans all go nuts for her.” Next is Sook. “The oldest of the team. What are my fans to me? What are the members to me? She gives touching responses to these questions, touching the hearts of other fans. She acts like she can’t perform, she practices hard and does it perfectly.” I didn’t exactly kill it… Next is me. “The member with the most fans.” – That’s not what it says. / – No… – Jinyoung. / – For real. – It says here. / – Oh, you’re right. – Really? / – Yes. It means I have a lot of haters, fans and controversies, I’m a hardened fighter.” – Last is Jinkyung. / – Jinkyung. “She’s known for her variety show appearances. She’s unintentionally funny during reality program causing the fans to make countless GIFs.” “A lot of people say she’s the funny idol. But she doesn’t realize.” Jinkyung never intends to be funny here. That’s true. There’s one last line. – What does it say? / – “Unnies…” “Just walk a path of binge eating.” – Not a path of flowers? / – No. – Thank you! / – We truly thank our fans. – Thank you. / – If you’re thankful, eat up. Eat as much as you can. Let’s eat as much as we can. – We have to walk the path of binge eating. / – Right. Don’t you feel like we’re getting more love and attention from the people than… – When we first started season 2? / – Yes. I love this. I want this show to go until season 10. I love reading comments where people say they like every single one of us. Right. Since we’re together… I’m not forcing this… As we promise a next season… Jinkyung, why did your eyes just quiver? This is… It’s not like we can talk about this and decide. The GM and department chief should be here. It’s not like us talking can get that done. We’re the most important. Yewon is so cute. She wants to do the show for 20 years. – We got a lot of shooting done. / – Yes. You danced until the end of the song today. It feels like it’s getting closer to the end. You’re right… Don’t say things like that! Oh, come on! I’m going to cry. Don’t say things like that. This is nuts… I can’t get like this already. This is bad. I’m going to run away at the end. I’ve been thinking about all sorts of things. Let’s work hard during our remaining time together. – Yeah. / – Yeah. Yewon, you should stay alert. I woke up from my nap. How long will you sleep, Jinkyung? 1, 2, 3. (Until the last shuts off) Wow, you all are amazing. (Where do the Unnies go now that it’s night?) – It’s so pretty. / – So pretty! This is so nice. – Let’s take a photo. / – What is this? – It’s so pretty. / – It’s so nice. – Wow. / – Wow. – Wow. / – It’s so pretty. (For her social media account) I’m going to lie down. This place is awesome. It was such a long day. I’m going to the bathroom. (The fart master Jinkyung goes to handle business) (The Unnies get ready for bed after a long day!) You look scary. – Do I look like a ghost? / – Your eyeliner… – I look like ghost, right? / – Yeah, wipe it off now. Chaeyoung, don’t rub. (Jinyoung and Somi lie down in the 2nd floor room) Jinyoung, you’re changing under the blankets. This is nuts. 1, 2, 3! (They change from school uniforms to pajamas!) Everyone, dream come true! Yes, everyone. Dream come true. Yes. Everybody, good night. And say good-bye. (They got to eat and shoot their music video) It’s not like I can rap on my trot albums, that would be silly. I’ve always wanted to. I want to do this. I want to do this. I feel like this will be my only chance. This could be your last shot. (New rapper Hong Jinyoung) Okay. (The day of Jinyoung’s rap recording) – Director Gong. / – Yes. (Today, she isn’t Minzy the singer!) (Where music masters sit) Cinderella on the inside but act like the step-sister. (Today, she’s a director!) Minzy, this feels really new. What? Yes. – It does. / – Minzy, take it easy on me. I’m going to be scary. I’ll be harsh. You’re using the lyrics Somi wrote? – Yes. / – Somi, you should sit next to her then. – Yes. / – You wrote this. Since I really wrote this… – You’ll call me the lyricist? / – Sure. – It would be better if Somi sat next to you. / – Yes. – Direct together. / – Hyungsuk… I want this copyrighted. Alright, sure. (Lyricist Somi? Will she become a singer-songwriter?) Jinyoung, I think you can go record now. Yeah, I’m about to go in. Hold on. Why are there so many lyrics? (For a period of 13 seconds) (89 words!) – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Let’s go! (Her first time going into the booth as a rapper!) (Please be good to me!) This isn’t an easy rhythm to rap to, right? – It is pretty fast. / – Right? And the lyrics come out rapid fire. Let’s give it a shot. – Go? / – Go. I should change the lyrics. (Stiff) (Rapid fire rapping with no time to breathe!) (Her neck is all red) (Now she can take a breath) We should do it in parts. Let’s do up to “We’re all united as one.” – Got it. / – And I’d like your tone to be higher. More? Higher? Try to sound excited. Keep that in mind. Got it. Let’s try again. (She sounds more excited!) (Her hands become more natural!) (Swag) – So cute. / – Your tone now was good. Thank you. But remember. ♪ Yeah Unnies! Everyone, look at us ♪ The part that rhymes. Try to watch where you accent the rhymes. Oh, okay, okay. I’ll try. Okay. (Using her entire body!) (♪ The real one is here ♪) Let me try again. If “The real one is here” is too hard, want to try, “The Unnies are here?” – How’s that? / – Or do you prefer the first version? – The first one. / – Okay. I want to do it even if it’s hard. (Pleased, They’ve really grown up) The world of rap is still very distant and difficult for me. But I’ll give it a shot. Try to be bubblier. – Bubblier. / – Yes. You want to be like “Yeah! Party people!” on stage. Think about smiling like Chaeyoung. Try to sound more gothic. (Hey! That’s my line!) You’re smiling but you want power inside you. Let’s try again. (I am Chaeyoung) (I am gothic) (Rhymes on point!) (Swag) (♪ Now we’re united as one ♪) ♪ Now we’re united as one ♪ As one. It was a bit fast… ♪ Now we’re united as one ♪ We’re… Think we can change this? ♪ Now we’re united as one ♪ Take out united? – Yeah. / – Jinyoung, should we try without united? ♪ The real one is here ♪ ♪ From different backgrounds, now we’re as one ♪ Like that. (This rap is a lot easier to say) (How was that?) Very good. – Very good. / – Thank you so much. Let’s go. I think you might sound better if we go once more. Got it. Oh, Minzy. – Yes? / – Somi. I can do this 100 more times. – Got it. / – Yes. Let’s go again. (She tries once more with power!) “From different backgrounds.” It could be better. Can we start from there? ♪ From different ♪ Here I go. – Okay. / – From, from, from… From, from, from. from… (Twisted tongue) You rushed it. – From, from… / – ♪ From different backgrounds ♪ ♪ From different backgrounds ♪ Like that. (Accenting too hard) (Laughs) Backgrounds. I said it just like you did. ♪ From different backgrounds ♪ (Accenting too hard) Backgrounds. From… ♪ From different backgrounds ♪ (We’re doomed) ♪ From different backgrounds ♪ You’re accenting it too hard. ♪ From different backgrounds ♪ From. ♪ From different backgrounds ♪ ♪ From different backgrounds ♪ ♪ The real one is here ♪ ♪ From different backgrounds ♪ – That’s a bit hard. / – From. My pronunciation must be bad. What do I do? (Why can’t she do this part?) Oh, right… – Right. / – It’s hard for even the lyricist. I’m sorry. Or how about… Each from different backgrounds. Like that? – Each from? / – Should we try with each from? – Each from? / – Is it okay with you, Miss Lyricist? – It’s fine with me. / – Then I’m good with it too. – Each from. / – I like that. I can totally nail “Each from.” Okay, let’s try. Yeah, that sounded better. Let’s use this. Much better. (Gets through the rest of the rap verse no problem!) – You really improved. / – Much better. You just need a little more improvement. – I’ll do better. / – Yes, turn it up to 120%. I’ll turn it up to 1,200%. (More excited) – That was good. / – You were really good, Jinyoung. That was good and cute. – You were cute and great. / – Wow… I’ve really improved my rapping with Minzy and Somi coaching me. (Pleased) I’m like a rapper now. I was shocked. (Very good!) (Trot singer Jinyoung’s first attempt at rapping!) (It’s Minzy and Somi’s first as director and lyricist) (Unnies rap finished!) – You’re done! / – It sounded good. – It’s good. / – Really nice. I finished my first rap recording ever. Thank you. 1, 2, 3. (And last is recording the improvisation!) (New lyricist Somi) For this Unnies album, I want people to hear your singing and say, “Is this really Kim Sook?” For real… (Powerful nightingale, Sook) It’s not too high. You can do this. – How? / – It’s okay. You can do it. (An elite in effort, Yewon) (Trot singer, rapper, girl group member, Jinyoung) (Unnies leader, Super Minzy) (Wow) (History will judge the new genius, Jinkyung) (This is so exciting!) (Everyone came together to make this song) I think that was pretty good. (The digital single for “Right?” releases next week!)

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