Disco Demolition Night became a fan riot set to Take Me Out to the Ball Game | The Worst

Disco Demolition Night became a fan riot set to Take Me Out to the Ball Game | The Worst

– [Narrator] A typical sports promotion consists of a bobblehead
giveaway or a mini bat day. Sometimes teams get creative, like toilet seat cushion night
for when the chili dog hits. And sometimes promotions get dangerous, like the riot-inducing 10-cent beer night, but riot or not, that’s just a great deal. One promotion, however, took booze and poured it all over the fire inside every disco
hater in 1970’s Chicago. Grab your right suits and Quaaludes, this is the Worst Sports Promotion. Comiskey Park, Chicago, July 12th, 1979 years after you know what. The lowly White Sox are playing a doubleheader against the Tigers, two games more than Chicago fans were interested in that year. White Sox owner Bill
Veeck and his son Mike, the promotions manager,
figured there wasn’t much they could do to get
baseball fans to the stadium, so they set their sights
on something people liked, something really big at the time, music. Earlier in the month, Sony
debuted their Walkman in Japan, setting the stage for that stack of Weird Al cassettes in your attic, and back in March, Phillips showcased a prototype for their
optical digital audio disc. Sounds like Communism to me, but it’s safe to say this is
a big year for the industry and the powdery white crest of this wave was shimmering under the
light of a hanging disco ball. The years following
the release of megastar John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever saw disco music grip the top of the charts like Travolta’s package in those pants. But rock fans swelled with anger. They shouted in the
streets, “How dare people “have a different music taste than I?” And in a year that saw the release of ACDC’s Highway to Hell
and Pink Floyd’s The Wall, you’d think they’d be content listening to their records in peace out in the garage. But they weren’t, not with artists like Donna Summer topping the charts. The voice of this totally justified musical unrest was a man named Steve Dahl. Dahl was a radio shock
jock who lost his job at a rock station when it was
turned into a disco station, so he had no reason to be made
at disco music whatsoever. Dahl was picked up by a rival rock station and used his platform to drum up an army of people focused on one thing, telling the world that disco sucks. And I have to admit,
this is the kind of guy you wanna bring home to mom and dad. So Mike Veeck, desperate to get
bodies inside Comiskey Park, enlisted Dahl’s help in developing a promotion to fill the stands. The plan was if you bring
a disco record to the game, you get in for 98 cents,
a marketing ploy for Dahl, whose radio station was 97.9 WLUP. Then, in between the two
games of the doubleheader, Dahl will blow those (beep) records up. Sounds fun, right? At its’ core, the promotion worked. Over 50 thousand people crammed into Comiskey Park that night, up from 15 thousand the day before. One of many, many problems, however, was that Comiskey Park only had a capacity of around 44 thousand, and Mick Veeck, flexing
his preparation skills, hired enough security
for 35 thousand people. Actually, for 35 thousand baseball fans. But these weren’t baseball fans. It was a mix of Dahl’s
army of rock-hard renegades and anyone else looking to get wasted and strap a stick of
dynamite to the disco world. – [Announcer] They got a chant here. – [Narrator] Many of them even managed to sneak in their own liquor, because what’s the
point of watching things blow up without the hard stuff? They had no interest in the baseball game going on in front of them, so they chucked the empty
liquor bottles, firecrackers, and any records not handed in at the gate at the men in funny
clothes down on the field. Now, imagine playing baseball in front of 50 thousand drunk Kung Laos. (shouting) Most surprising of all, they
played the entire first game. Least surprising of
all, the White Sox lost. It was time for the evening’s main event, a crate of disco records
rigged with explosives and a shit-ton of fireworks
were placed in center field, right on the grass. Even your drunk uncle has the foresight to put a piece of wood down before removing his wedding ring the hard way. Then Steve Dahl, in full Army garb, drove across the field in a Jeep, presumably using the tires to flatten any divets made by the flying records. As 50 thousand people
chanted, “Disco sucks,” Dahl kept his promise and blew those records straight to hell, sending a message to the country that radio waves were
built for guitar solos and there are no other
motives for our actions. Then everyone sat back down and quietly watched the second game of the night. I mean, those drunk mother
(beep) hopped up on adrenaline and gunpowder fumes rushed
the field, set fires, and destroyed anything they
could get their hands on. Players locked themselves in the clubhouse and Harry Kerry sang Take
Me Out to the Ballgame, which, first off, was the last thing that would calm these people down and, second, is the
most amazing soundtrack to rioters destroying a baseball field. Police managed to settle everything down and when all was said and
done, 39 people were arrested. The second game was
forfeited since the field was not in playable condition, and the White Sox got one
more tick in the loss column. It was a massive failure for baseball and the White Sox specifically, but it was a win for rock music. The following years saw a rapid
decline in disco popularity and today radio, America’s
number one source of new music, is exclusively used for America’s number one music genre, rock, topping the charts with such bands as, oh, hey, Panic! at the Disco. Panic indeed, panic indeed.

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    Veeck-This is Bill Veeck! Please clear the park or we'll have to call off the game and close the park!
    Harry Carey- Can you hear me out there? HOLY COW!! What say we all regain our seats, so we can play baseball again?
    Piersall- Jimmy Piersall back in the ballpark, and I am sure glad that they don't let you see what is going on here at Comiskey Park! One of the saddest sights I have ever seen in a ballpark in my life! This garbage of demolishing a record, has turned into a fiasco!
    Harry Carey upon the Chicago Police Department coming onto the field- Now the police are out on the field! Boy, oh boy!

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  54. In the comments: White people white peopling. Disco was one of the greatest musical movements of all time, and birthed hip hop (currently the most popular genre). They were insanely talented musicians and vocalists, with ten times more emotion and soul than any rock bands at the time. That's why Bowie shifted in that direction, he recognized how dope it was.

    Ignoring the fact that the anti-disco movement was anti-African American is just stupid. This video is dense and the narrator is stiff.

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    1982: Michael Jackson's Thriller album becomes the best selling album of all times

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  94. Just a point of information, using the albums Highway To Hell & The Wall are very poor examples considering that Disco Demolition night happened on 12th July when the albums were released on 27th July and 30th November respectively.

    Rock albums actually released before the event:
    Van Halen II
    Overkill (Motorhead)
    Breakfast in America (Supertramp)
    Communique (Dire Straits)
    New Values (Iggy Pop)
    Rust Never Sleeps (Neil Young)

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