Disco Disco!! Compilation – Ninja

THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN REMADE FOR BETTER QUALITY CLICK LINK BELOW No you do not need to download a file to make your key bindings and your mouse work Hey you like you the actually yeah, do you understand yeah, all right? Let’s go Anybody I have no shield. Oh, that’s some structure of their shit Oh my god boogie down Brown And the rumors are true boogie down Brown is very good at dancing Dizzy yeah, I’ve heard. I thought it was a major room, er though. It was do you know that’s what I thought ma’am Jensen collapse faker is this guy’s name Oh Now I’m gonna watch you Oh shit Hey, y’all yo you got some great days food now Why don’t you know now if I come in I get your autograph a real quick. I’m too dumb I’m too busy killing you though to eat your honor. I’m sorry You know fan right? I get it. I’d really would but you know Can’t get it all the route from a dead person here. We are Do you like to dance Good dancer This cuz this billion in Champlin water my water I’m in this band mo bugged why we getting no. Why don’t we get is a cow band – why don’t we contact? All right We got minja currently gonna be go over the bar right now the side, he’s gonna be just doing some great Ball handling skills some good riveting is gonna be shootings got a school out of nowhere The crowds going wild Names gonna be going up against himself yet again eat it biggest alright if you want to shoot your pants You make sure you eat these burgers shit Looks like an opponent appears not the Magna Mountain ain’t gonna be Messing with the ball hits the ball out of the stage just unfortunate no idea how he’s gonna get back up a bit on the field This opponent hang on. Let’s just find out all right. It’s definitely a weak one This must be the USA team haha just kidding they’re not really It’s a trap he’s called disco my friend Just disco disco You

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