DISNEY PRINCESS POP STARS. (Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora, Belle, Elsa and Anna) Totally TV parody

DISNEY PRINCESS POP STARS. (Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora, Belle, Elsa and Anna) Totally TV parody

Later, in this video… “I remember when my mother said that all my
dreams don’t just live in my head… hey!” I just love Little Mix. I know, they’re my favorite popin here at
bipity boppaloo. I really like them too, but my favorite girl
group is probably the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls! Yeah, you know, they’re British, they were
a big deal back in the 90s. And I love Josie and the Pussycats. Me too. It just seems like snow much fun to be a pop
star! You kinda know what it’s like to be a professional
singer, huh, Ariel? kind of, but I’ve always sung for concerts
in Atlantica with my sisters. I would love to be on that stage. Huh, microphones in our hands. And the crowd chanting our name. What would our pop band be called? Maybe, something like… the Spice Girls like,
the Princess Girls. Can you keep it down, I’m trying to enjoy
the concert here. Uhh, Ursula! It’s Vanessa on land remember. What are you doing here? Can’t a villain, I mean fan, go see her favorite
band perform? Definitely not scoping out my next voice to
steal. If we were pop stars, we wouldn’t allow any
villains into our concerts. We would have world-class security. Man, that does sound like the life. Is there something you’re wishing for my lovelies? Something you’d like to become, pop stars
perhaps? Can you do that? Why that’s what I do, that’s what I live for…
to help poor unfortunate princesses like yourselves. Uhh, really? You want to help us? Don’t listen to her girls, she doesn’t know
the meaning of a fair deal. Ouch, burn, I happen to have a pop star potion
right here. What’s the catch sea witch? If I turn you into the greatest pop stars
ever, you have one day to win the battle of the bands competition happening right here,
at Bipity Boppaloo tomorrow night. If you win, you’ll be pop stars forever. And if we lose? Then you’ll lose your pop star status and
the voices, they’ll all belong to me forever ha ha ha haa. Nah uh, no way. But you guys, if she turns us into the greatest
pop stars ever, there’s no way we can lose right? Wait, so we’d be able to sing and everything? That’s right. So, have we got a deal? It is very tempting. I say we go for it, I mean, what do we have
to lose? Okay, fine, let’s do this. Work your magic Vanessa. Are you ready? Do you guys feel like pop stars yet? No, I just feel like me. You only get one day remember. When the sun rises tomorrow, you’ll be transformed,
when the sun sets, your fates will be sealed. Snow my gosh, I am gonna go home and go to
bed right now, it’s like Christmas. Me too. Me three, call you girls tomorrow. Hello, villains, it’s 00 sea witch here
with a brilliant scheme! Meet me with any instruments you can play
at the Villain Clubhouse, STAT! Elsa! Elsa! Anna, why are you yelling? Have you looked in the mirror yet? Huh? Look! Snow my gosh! I know, we’ve gotta call Belle. Anna, you’ll never believe it, I am a pop
star! I woke up and my closet is filled with the
most amazing clothes, uhh! So are we! We up and we have the most amazing hair and
headbands. We haven’t even looked in our closets yet. [phone beeps] Oh, Jasmine’s beeping in. Hey Jaz. You guys, there’s a huge new carpet right
out of my driveway, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, uh, I think the portion
worked! Girls, guess what I can “Sing with all natural
autotuneee”. Whoa, Ariel, you sound amazing! I mean you always did, but uh, wow! You guys, I just woke up to 10 million new
Instagram followers, uh. Uhh, me too! We’re pop stars you guys, this is crazy. I know, but I still think we need to get together
and rehearse for the concert tonight. Get on! Where should we rehearse? Okay, let’s meet in the village in an hour
and we’ll go from there. Our sources tell us that the one, the only
princess girls will be arriving tonight for a super top secret rehearsal for the Bipity
Boppaloo Music Festival. Uhh, here they come now. Look over here. What’s everyonre doing here? And why are there so many cameras? Princess girls, can you confirm or deny that
you’ll be debuting new single tonight at the Battle of the Bands? Uhh, maybe… we’re not ready yet. You mean the song isn’t ready? Well, actually, we were headed to rehearsal
right now. You heard it here first folks, the world-famous
no-no, universe famous princess girls don’t know what they gonna sing tonight. Is this the end for the Royal rockers? What! No, we’re just getting started. Um, so you’ve started the song, but not finished
it? Uh, uh! No comment. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ice Queen getting a little chilly with your
fans, aren’t you? What! No, I am, I just uh… Come on you guys, this is overwhelming. Let’s find somewhere else to rehearse. Yeah. let’s go. Guess we’ll have to tune in tonight to see
what happens. “Prince Eric can’t you see, I’m so pretty.” Again, from the top. From the top of what? The guitar silly! Play the top of the guitar only, stop messing
with the strings. Ha, ha, ha, duh! Gaston, you’re really gonna let LeFou play
the keyboard while you play that dinky thing? Are you kidding! I got a fever and the only prescription is
mooore trumpet. Ugh, we’re hopeless! Well, you all are, I sound gorgeous. Okay, uh, first of all, you’re flat and when
I mean flat, I mean like flaat. Like, like you know, like the bottom of the
ocean flat. Like literally a pancake isn’t as flat as
you are. That’s impossible LeFou. Nothing’s impossible. That’s it! Huh! If the princesses get the benefit of the magic,
so should we. Ugh, I guess I don’t have the potion to turn
us into the best rock stars ever, curses. Oh no, what are we gonna do? What great musicians have been doing since
the beginning of time. Practice really hard and make big sacrifices
for our careers? No poopsy, lip sync! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Oh, ha, ha, ha. I wonder which band we’re going up against? I don’t know, but I hope they’re not too good. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Battle
of the Bands at Bippity Boppaloo. Our first competitors, the villaaains. [Applause] We are the villains and we’re
here to rock your tentacles off. No one else has tentacles. One-two-three go! Well, they’re uh, they’re definitely not the
best. They’re villains! But they do sound amazing! Ugh, They are rockin so hard. This is awful, what are we gonna do? They can’t be actually playing those instruments. Feel that groove, do you feel that groove…
wait! no no, what is that? Guys, where are the vocal? Gaston said he was gonna do them. Gaston! Um, here don’t worry, I got this. “Oh, oh Beeeellee will you marry me. Oh, Beeeellee, I’ll give you five dozen
eggs. Five dozen eggs. I’m the size of a budge. Size of budge!” This is definitely not fire okay, this is
so not fire. Uhh! Whoooa! You saw it here first everyone, the villains
have attempted to ruin up a sync their way into the winner’s circle here at battle
of the bands. And now for our challengers, the princess
girls! [applause] Let’s hear it for bookworm spice, sleepy spice, flying spice, undersea
spice, sandwich spice, and frozen spice! [Applause] [Music] “La la la la la, La la
la la la.. When things get hard, we get tough, ‘cause
in our hearts, we are strong enough. We’ve all got dreams that we dreamed of and
friends and family with so much love. I remember what my mother said, that all my
dreams don’t just live in my head. Hey! You can do it, you can do anything. Put your mind to it, uh hey! You can do it, you can do anything. If you dream it, just believe it you can do
anything.” [applause] Whooa! If there were any doubts about whether or
not the princess girls were ready for tonight’s battle, they’ve just been dashed. What a performance. Whoa! Whoa! It looks like we have a very special judge
for tonight’s battle. Oh, please give it up for Genie, Geeenie,
Genie! Hi folks, I am so pleased to be here. Genie! What is he doing here? Genie is not the usual judge. This is no bueno! Oh, bless you… is he telling us we won… Did we win? Normally judges decided on the winner based
on one final round of applause, but I think we already know who got the bigger crowd reaction. Your 2019 Bippity Boppaloo battle of the bands
winner is… The Princess Girls. [screams] Yes! Urgh, come on! Not fair! Happy for you Belle. We lost! Here you go princesses. Wow! I guess this means we stay popstars forever…
right? Yeah, those were the terms of Vanessa’s pop
star potion. You guys, I’m not sure I wanna be a pop star
forever. Yeah, it was fun while it lasted, but… Being a pop star is hard work. Yeah, all the paparazzi, that one especially
weird paparazzi guy, all the pressure… yeah, no thanks. That’s right, you did this to yourselves,
you’ll be a world-famous girl band forever! There’s no way out of this one you poor unfortunate
pop stars. Okay, LeFou, I know we just lost and call
me crazy, but I think we should start our own boyband! Call it two-direction. I could play guitar and, you can play everything
else and of course I’ll sing. The only direction I’m going is this way. Not necessarily… Genie, since we’re the reason you came,
don’t you think we got some wishes? That’s right Jasmine… that’s why I poofed
in here today. I figured you might need a little help getting
out of the villains most recent scheme. Genie, I wish we were normal again. Six normal everyday princesses coming right
up. Yeei! Wow! Being a pop star was snow much fun while it
lasted. Yeah, but I’m glad to be back to my normal
self again. I do wish I still had those clothes though. Oh, Genieee! Got it. Princess Power! I’ve got all my princess outfits tiaras, necklaces,
uh! So excited for princes Con. [doorbell] Come
in. Jasmine, are you so excited for our road trip
or should I say air trip? I see what you did there Belle, because it’s
a flying carpet… We’re gonna be so fly, if you know what I
mean. The sky’s the limit with our panz at this
con. Uhh! I’ve been working on a good one, knock knock. Who’s there? You. You who? Yoohoo! Big summer blowout. Ha, ha your “Oaken” is spot on. Uh! I can’t wait, there’’re gonna be so many
costumes, people doing awesome seminars. Uh! Oh yeah, there’s one I really wanna go to… Fight like a princess, damsels in distress
are so yesterday. I heard that Sofia the first is going to be
there and Elena of Avalor and Thumbelina uhh! Oh my gosh, I love her movie, I’m gonna have
to hide my inner fangirl. What are we waiting for, let’s get going? But Jasmine, how are all of our bags gonna
fit with us on your carpet? You’d be surprised, there’s a lot of trunk
space… Come on, I parked it down this way. Thumbelina! I know! And the fairies! Uhh! Tinkerbell! Yes! Perfect, yes princesses, go to your little
princess Con. Huh! Ahaa, the lamp! I can’t believe she left this behind. that’s like the first thing they teach you
at villain-con, don’t leave your magical objects behind. Ha, ha, ammature. Oh Genie! Helloo, Jasmine, I thought you’re going to
Princess con, I was just watching Disney zombies… To get ready for zombies two and… What do you… Wait a second, Jafar! What are you doing here? I was hungry for a sand-wish, if you know
what I mean. No, I don’t. Wishes, I’m talking about wishes… I’m here for all of them. You know, there really should be more than
three. Ugh! I gotta tell Jasmine to stop leaving my lamp
behind. What do you want then? Jasmine! Wait a second, light bulb. Genie, I can’t wish for more wishes correct? Correct, finally you watched the movie. I need more Genies to get more wishes. Um, I guess, but good luck finding them, we’re
an elusive bunch. Oh I can find them, or I can wish for more
people to be them. Loop hooole. Wait, are you saying… To the con. Whoa, this is snow amazing, I’m taking so
many good pictures. Oh-my-gosh look, there are fairies! Oh, and under the sea [?] Ariel. Oh-my-gosh, you guys, I’m trying to keep it
in but I am flipping out. Seriously, I’ve already gotten so much cool
merch. Uhh! Look, positively perfect, cute outfits for
your animal companions. Rapunzel you should get something for Pascal. Uhh, he would look so cute in a little bowtie. Oh, you guys, this seminar looks
great… “How to know if you’re under a love spell,
four simple questions to ask yourself like; Am I in a wedding dress that I don’t remember
buying?” You guys, I think we should definitely go
to this one. Uhh, look! there’s a place for shoe glue. Never lose your glass slipper again, oh-my-gosh,
Cinderella would love that, let me text her. Oh, weird, I’m getting a call from an unknown
number. It might be Aladdin. I should take this, can you guys hold this? No worries, we’ll be here. oh-my-gosh! Is that Anastasia? Hello! Anastasia, can we get a selfie together? Hello, Aladdin? I think we have a bad connection, is that
you? I’m at princess Con. Uh, Aladdin! More like Aladdom, I’m I right? Ha, ha. What! Jafar! What are you doing here? Psych, it was me on the phone. Yeah, I realized it was you. No, no, you totally thought it was Aladdin. Yeah, until you made that bad joke and I obviously
knew it was you. Rude, that was a great joke, I’ve been working
on that for a long time. What are you doing with Genie? I’m so sorry Jasmine, Jafar snuck in and took
me up… you guys had left and I just started watching Disney’s zombies, trying to get ready
for the new one. Let him go Jafar. Sorry Jaz, no can do. I have three wishes and Genie has to grant
them all. The first one actually has to do with you. What do you mean? Genie, I wish for Jasmine to be a Genie. What! Noooo, oh no. Ha, ha, ha where did she… where’d she go? She’s in her own lap now. Wait! Really! Wow, this looks just like yours. I’ve got to go tell the other villains, they’re
gonna be so jelly. Oh, okay, so I’m just gonna go then. Give a villain a new toy and they get completely
distracted. Thank goodness, I’m going back to… Where am I? Why I’m I blue? You’re inside a lamp and you’re a Genie,
duh. Jafar, let me out of here right now. I do not wanna to be a Genie. I’m supposed to be at Princess Con having
fun with my friends. And why is the lamp shaking… Are you power walking? Yes, I’m trying to get to the villain’s
clubhouse before the meeting starts. Wait, magic carpet. Jafar! Don’t you dare use my magic carpet. Too late, ha, ha, ha, ha. Ugh! You just wait, my friends will save me. Hello it’s me Jafar, let me in. What’s the password? Mmm, open sesame. Wrong! That was soo last month. Come on you guys, let me in I have something
super magical. No password, no open. Can I get a hint? Gaston picked it. Shhh, don’t give it away. Oh, oh, egg. Waay too obvious, lets change it to sideburns
next time. Alright, let this villain meeting come to
order. Who has villainous news? Oh, I’ve got something, I’ve got something. Yeah right Jafar, you haven’t done anything
villainous in like forever. Well, LeFou and I started a mob, it didn’t
really go anywhere, because we got distracted singing a song about well, me but it was really
fun. I’m telling you I have something. Fine Jafar go ahead, what villainous thing
did you do? Okay, let me present it. Uhh! A present. So, you have a presentation? I’d like you all to meet my Genie. Jafar, you’ll never get away with this. Uhh! Oh my gosh! This is my so cliche face. Yeah, did they teach you that at the con? Am I right? Ha, ha, ha. I can’t tell you how many times Belle has
said that to me… and she’s always right I never get away with it. All right, all right, back in the lamp. Wait! I want a genie! Yeah, if you made her a genie, you can make
all the princesses genies and you know you owe us favors. Exactly! Remember that underwater mirage, I did for
you to trick Jasmine on her last beach day with Aladdin. Not that it worked out, but still. Yes, and I hired you as the Grand Vizier of
all the Southern Isles. Wait! No you didn’t. Well, you’re hired as Grand Vizier of all
the Southern Isles, congratulations. Fine, I’ll give you all genies if I get to
be president of the villain club and I want a little gavel in everything. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we can discuss all of that
later. Now let’s all get to princess Kahn and get
our genies. Ugh, fine. Well, are you gonna poof us there with your
magical walking stick? Yes! Poof us! Poof us, poof us, poof us. Stop saying poof, it sounds silly. Say teleport or something… or transport,
anything. No, I found an even cooler means of transportation. Alice, thank you so much for the autograph. Yeah, I can’t believe you made it all the
way from Wonderland. Of course, have fun at princess con. Oh, is that the white rabbit? Uhh. Hey you guys, where did Jasmine go? Yes she took that call and she’s been gone
a pretty long time. Wait, I don’t see her anywhere. Let’s all split up and look for her and then
meet back here. I have to give it to you Jafar, this is pretty
good. Yeah, hats off, I’m impressed. Uh, I think I’m sky sick. Oh, don’t be a bunch of babies, this is so
awesome. Uhh! We’re up so high! You’re the one who got the carpet. Going for a landing. Jafar, land this thing! Fine, I’ll land it. Whoa! Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine where are you? Sorry pal, I have to. Wait what! Oh-my-gosh! I am a uh… You’re a ge-ni-us, thanks Jafar. Of course bro, up top. Oh. A what? You’re a genie Belle and you have to grant
me three wishes… Even though you’re the only thing I would
ever wish for and maybe some more eggs. Ugh, gross. Now let’s go find your ice cream friend Anna
or Elsa… where’s the snowman? I don’t know let’s go. Jasmine, oh Jasmine. I’m so sorry Elsa. Belle, why are you so yellow? Cute outfit though. Huh! Oh my gosh Belle! You turned me into a genie! Jasmine, are you all here? Oh, oh, now this is a whole new world. Jasmine, where are you? Oh, oh, I don’t know if I wanna be part of
this world. Jasmine, Jas- huh! Oh my gosh! All the girls are genies. Okay, in theory this is really cool, but this
is not good. Wait! Jafar! Ursula! Mother Gothel! Hans! Gaston! All the villains are in on this… This is definitely not good, they must have
Jasmine. I’ve got to get to Aladdin. Oh, but I’ll never get to Agrabah in time. Huh, wait! I’ve got unicorn power on my side. If I recite the chant on the back of my charm,
Kristalina will come and pick me up! Oh, yes. Come on Kristalina, let’s go Agrabah, whoa. Finally Belle, you’re a genie, now I can wish
that we were married. Gaston, haven’t you seen any of our movies? Genies can’t grant love or marriage spells. sorry. Okay, fine, then I wish for a protein shake. Oh, um, okay. Huh, uhh! #Winning. Mmm, delicioso, that means thank you in Spanish. Elsa genie, I wish to be king. Um, okay, any kind of king? Yes one of the most powerful and sought after
kings in all of the land. Your wish is my command. Ha ha, I’m burger king… I’m the king of burgers? Yes, very powerful, very sought-after. This wish was a whopper if I do say so myself. I wish I had the most beautiful voice in all
the land. Wait, not just that, I wish I was a pop star
singer, known far and wide for always singing the best songs. This can only lead to trouble, but your wish
is my command. Huh! “Oh, oh, oh unfortunate souls,” nailed
it. Okay Rapunzel. I know what you’re gonna wish for, you’re
gonna wish to be young. Pish pash Rapunzel, you don’t know me, I wish
to be young. Exactly. No, wait, I wish to be super young, the most
young. I wish to have skin like a baby. Okay. Whoa, yeah ha, oh ba ba. Well, there you go… now you’re super young. Mmm, I am loving this genie having life. First of all, you’re never gonna get away
with this. Second of all, I can’t believe you used one
your wishes to get all those snacks. You could have literally ordered Postmates
or Uber Eats. Silence! Don’t question me, if I don’t eat I get hungry. Now that I’ve had my little snacky, I can
focus more on my one last wish, hmm. Oh! Aladdin, there you are, we’ve got trouble
right here in River City… I mean Agrabah. What! What do you mean? The villains, they’ve all gotten together
and turned the princesses into genies. Wait, what! Genies like Ginie, genies? Like “you ain’t never had a friend like me”
type genies? Exactly, I bet you if we go back to Jasmine’s
and we find genies lamp, we can get to the bottom of this. Great, but it’s probably gonna take us a while
to get there. Oh don’t worry, we can take my unicorn. You have a unicorn? Oh Aladdin, there’s a whole Totally TV episode
you have to watch. Thanks Kristalina. Oh, look, it’s the lamp. Genie, are you in there? What is it now? I’m just at the final ditch number of… Oh hey Al and Anna. Oh man, I was worried you guys were Jafar
again. Jafar, again! What happened? He waited until the princessess went to Princess
Con, then stole my lamp and had me change Jasmine and therefore all the princesses into
Genies. He was so wrapped up in it all that he forgot
that he still had two wishes from me. I thought you were him coming back. Wait, he still has two wishes, can I use those
two wishes? We did let genie out of the lamp just now. Oh, everyone always wants something from old
ginie. What if I give you these two in return? What are those? Two tickets to our movie premiere, coming
this May to a theater near you. OM Genie, done and done. Okay, I think I’ve got this all figured out,
Aladdin, wish for Jasmine not to be a genie anymore. Okay genie, you heard the girl. Minus one genie, check! Now use your last wish for me to be a genie. Are you sure? Trust me. Okay genie, my last wish is for Anna to be
a genie. One genie coming right up. Perfect, come on Aladdin, let’s go to the
villains Clubhouse, I think I know where it is. How do you know? It’s the building in the middle of town with
a sign that says “Definitely Not Villain Clubhouse”. Come on, wish us there. I wish we were at the villain Clubhouse. As the new president of the villain squad… Villian squad? He’s the only one that calls it that. Anyway, it’s time for our daily updates. So, let’s go around the room and let’s all
talk about what villainous thing we’ve done today. And it should be a pretty productive day since
uh, I got you all genies, so… Yes yes yes, great job, well I am a king of
a very successful Kingdom… Fast food chain. A kingdom is a kingdom and my burgers are
known far and wide for their delicious flavor. Anyone want one? I’m now a pop star! But the only thing is I can’t stop singing,
ohhh. Don’t fret Ursula, you wished to be a singer,
so now you are all the time. Gaston over here wish for a protein shake. So I can become big and strong! So I can become the biggest and strongest
Villain in all the land. Come on Belle, you got a go-cart X. [Mumbling] let me translate, she wished to
be super young with skin like a baby. I’d say she got what she wished for. Well, that all sounds pretty good, but uh,
none of it compares to me; first of all I had a bunch of delicious snacks… Oh my gosh, you’re so long-winded. Get to the point. Well anyway, my last wish is going to be awesome,
and I mean like really awesome. Like some of the – wow, I’m normal. I wish to be king of everything, ha haaa. Hmm, that’s pretty wishful thinking. What! Don’t be sassy, just – just grant my wish. You’re my genie, it’s your job, your job,
grant my wish. Yeah… Not really feeling it this time. Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing. Ha ha ha, seriously, did he run out of wishes. Uh ha ha ha. Probably used it on more snacks. Probably used that on more snacks, uh ha ha
ha. Gaston, I just made that joke. Yes, but I said it louder, right Belle. Wait! What’s going on? Why aren’t you blue? Sorry Jafar, it’s over! Yeah, that’s enough wishful thinking for you. Anna, you’re a genie too? I was hoping you got away. No, it’s okay, I told Aladdin to turn me into
a genie. You did! Yep, and he used a wish to get us here and
now, well, go ahead Aladdin. I wish for all the princesses except for Anna
to not be genies anymore. What! Noooo! I had so [?] so many great wishes. Wait, why except for Anna? Don’t worry Elsa, I told him to and for your
last wish… I wish for all the villains to be genies. Oh my gosh, I’m a genie! And a handsome genie, that if I do say so
myself. You poor unfortunate… Ohhh… My voice! No! Oh well, at least I’m not a baby anymore. We will get out of here, and when we do, you
will be sorry. How did that sound? Convincing? Yes? Belle, I wish for us to be married. Gaston, you grant wishes now, you don’t make
them. Belle, don’t you wish for us to be married? I think I heard that. Did you hear that? I heard it. Belle? Aladdin, you did it. No, it was all Anna. Well, wait, now you’ve used all your wishes
and Anna is still a genie. Don’t worry Belle, you forget that now we’ve
got five other villain genies. Hello, Jafar. Jafar the genie here, how may I be of wishful
service to you today? We wish for Anna to be transformed back to
normal. Ugh, fine, as you wish. Okay okay, let’s get this over with, what
are your next wishes? Do you want to go back to the princess con,
you want to go on vacation, you want superpowers, come on, let’s make it snappy. No, you know what, I think we’re good. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke,
don’t wish it. Yep, everything I need is right here, I don’t
need to wish for anything. Oh come on! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Come on, you have to make your three wishes,
otherwise I’m gonna be sitting here indebted to you, come on – no – hello, hello, there’s
so many cool things. Oh come on, what do you want, you want a pony? What about a puppy? What about a dog? What, you’re – a swimming pool. You want a wish for a swimming pool?

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