DIY Coachella inspired boho style tank top +surprise art

hey guys and welcome back to my channel
if you are new in here my name is Daria I’m an artist and I paint on clothes and
this is my mannequin and his name is Brad so guys this week is Coachella
week and to go to Coachella is one of my dreams but I don’t have possibilities
now to go there but at least I can make a video I can imagine that I’m getting ready for Coachella I can give value to you guys so maybe after this video you
will buy fabric paints and you will create something beautiful for yourself
and I’ll be so happy if you will do it so in this video I’ll create Coachella
inspired boho style tank tops yes I’ll create two tank tops and you’ve seen
just one on my thumbnail the one which I’ll create is the first part of the
video and it’ll be very easy design I will show you step-by-step how to make
it and in the second part of the video I’ll create more complicated design
it’ll be kind of a surprise for you so guys in the first part of the video you
will learn how to create amazing tank top and in the second part of the video
you will get inspired by the amazing art so let’s get started this tank top fits my mannequin like a
glove because it’s woman tank top and by the way guys you don’t need mannequin
to paint you can’t paint on the table just don’t forget to put cardboard
between front and backside of your tank top and now I will paint feathers
along the neckline with a pencil and if you’re afraid to paint directly on the
tank top you can first paint feathers on the paper then you can transfer these
feathers to the tank top using carbon paper and now I will use black fabric paint to outline the feathers and video about fabric paints I use you can find in the
description below and I fill in the tips of feathers with
black paint and now I use small size brush to paint lines on the feathers and some
lines will be thinner and some lines will be thicker and this way I will
paint all the feathers and now while you’re watching me painting feathers let
me tell you about these tank tops I bought them in underwear section and
they’re so cheap I paid maybe three dollars for each of
them and now you are watching how I turn basic cheap underwear tank tops into the
unique designer pieces of clothing this art sometime just blows my mind like you
have so many possibilities when you know how to use fabric paints and now I will
use big flat brush I want to paint a neckline with black paint and I will make
brushstrokes and very important thing about this technique that after you dip
your brush into the paint you should wipe your brush on some cloth to remove
excess of paint and now I make brushstrokes along the neckline and near
the feathers and now I will splatter paint and I use
hard brush and you can use tooth brush as well and painting a first tank top is
finished and now I’ll paint second tank top and I will paint boho design on it
so enjoy the process yes guys I would definitely wear such
tank tops to the coachella and this tank top is so easy to
create I painted it in an hour and before it was so basic so boring and now
it looks so cool I hope guys will create such tank top yourself and I hope you liked
surprise so smash this like button if you liked
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hand-painted clothing videos and I hope to see you on the next video
fashion is art .bye bye

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