DMX – Ruff Ryders’ Anthem (Official Music Video)

DMX – Ruff Ryders’ Anthem (Official Music Video)

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  1. HUSAIN FETAL in the cut r.i.p outlaws and Don Makaveli

  2. My dad is a very huge fan of dmx

  3. Does he have any new music out

  4. I wana ride down steps in a 3wheeler..pleaseGod grant me this wish…lol

  5. Oh no that’s how white boys roll

  6. Shut um down open up shop….

  7. Song so gangsta, it needed a ruff ryder just to listen to it…!!

  8. Wenn ihr euch das noch heute reinzieht

    Keine schwäche zeigen

  9. Even when DMX doesn't want to do a track, he still out do Migos/Mumble Rap era!

  10. I swear to god if i see someone say 2019 again im gonna-

  11. I remember when this dropped and thought to myself other rappers move aside cause X is taking over the game, which he did dropping 2 #1 albums in the same year.

  12. I was 5 foot 6 before this song after the song I'm over 6 foot

  13. Gta liberty city stories

  14. Real shitt as a real mofo lile wish made it like you brother but my fvorite music as me and homies gather from back in the day when we hang out and get fuccckeeeddd up

  15. Chris Rock bring me here baby

  16. Legend has it that the first few lines about snitches was foreshadowing for 6ix9ine

  17. All of them bald headed

  18. 1:02 when mom says the food ready

  19. People like 2019?? 2019??
    But if you ain't listening everyday then what where you doing?

    Listen on my way to work
    Listen on my way home
    Listen on my days off

    Days without it, I'll just rap it

  20. When I hear this, it makes me miss what Rap used to be. DMX = One of the Kings, for real. Old School 4 life. 2019, still here.

  21. 2019 слушаю это!!!! Идите нах со своим Егором кридом ну или кто там еще 😂😂😂 петушня!!!

  22. Gzuz who? Bonez who? Capital bra who? 187 strassenbande who?

    Never heard bout dem cocksuckers

    This is the original, no autotune no fake no bullshit

  23. The fuckin rent a car….SO HELP ME JESUS

  24. Allianischen imhoxellel Himzu jimzu jumanzi Klingelton kostenlos runterladen EROTIKA

  25. Workout to this you'll see results! Uncensored of course

  26. Westside SchxxlYard Crip Gang

    Midtown, Los Angeles, CA, USA, North America

    Ford Hennessey Velociraptor 6×6 vs Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6


  27. Here in 2019 ! Epic !

  28. If you take out all the gangstaz, it looks like a fun place to live. R.I.P DMX child support is a beoch.

  29. Well offically unnofficiall thats the sh… you dont expect for wednesday . Not scared ..

  30. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💯

  31. From mauritania 🇲🇷 🔥🔥🔥

  32. i just realized my school sings this during games since we’re the rough riders

  33. DMX is a real gangsta man

  34. Man I love Dm I grew up wit u… but don't diss my PAC!!! HE'S KING DOGG I'M AZG SO DON'T F××××

  35. Mind yo business lady

  36. DMX, Jim Morrison, Layne Staley, Eminem, Ice Cube, Chris Cornell & others…THE most iconic voices seem to die young and/or turn PC…WTF!!!!!!!…. a LOT of the most ICONIC voices always seem to go away….WHY!!!!!!!….hahahahahahahaha…….I know, but…do YOU!!!!!!!!

  37. Something new in 2019?

  38. oh hell yeah i will be listening to this in 2020 😎


  40. I just love how he talk 💕💕💕

  41. Cool fact: DMX didn't want to make this song. It was his managers who pushed him to do it, and he reluctantly acquiesced and made it. This, for a long time, was my favorite song by DMX. Just out of this world.

  42. The beautiful pit bulls make me sad. They're ban in Toronto 😪😪😪

  43. I am. My homeboy no hate

  44. Life is short remember the ones that have went home. East coast too west coast. Pease on. Earth. Merry Christmas

  45. Song made me love motorbikes. Pliz come back .

  46. Happy Bday to tha dawg

  47. Happy birthday DMX! #Salute 12/18/70

  48. i fuckin love this song

  49. RUFF RYDER'S….ROLL…..😁💯

  50. Maaaaaan this song ALWAYS pumps me up! BOOM!

  51. Chato chato kkkkkkkkk

  52. This one of HIP-HOP's greatest and hardest SONGS ever!! Listening to this makes you want to fight yourself in the mirror

  53. Leave it to VEVO to ruin almost every song ever made, including this one. smfh

  54. 1:02 "what the f" am I listening to? Why is this edited?


  56. Imagine DMX and Tupac shit would be straight heat🔥🔥

  57. le vraiS #RAP THIS IS 98 SHCOOL

  58. Dude on the banshee killed it…

  59. Good Work Out Music! Gets Me Pumped!

  60. #RIPWINK1100🔥🔥💨

  61. For a guy who hates homosexuals he sure does have a lot of shirtless niggas flexing in his vids. Confused X? It is ok to be gay.

  62. Today its been 21 years since this classic was released! still going hard almost in 2020s!

  63. A mother fucking LEGEND.
    DMX has went through so much suffering.. Pain, & BULLSHIT.
    Slept on.. MVP.

  64. Who is here after cannon diss….?

    Hit like for Pakistani

  65. What's the name of the Girl with blonde hair

  66. "HUH" ♤♡◇♧"spoo"

  67. my beats go on fire when i listen to this song

  68. Yonkers loves him shit that's a whole lot of love in the hood3

  69. Whos listeaning in 2020

  70. Hunger. And I am simply composer and true voice of Raymond Earl Eagles Super Bowl Champions . The Hunger to Win.

  71. And now all we Eagles fans have to do is demonstrate how Hunger and hungry we are to be 2019. Champions again, Now. Darryl(drivs)Rivers. OUT.

  72. Just to be now NFC Champions again this 2019.. Eagles pro players, please let us just focus on now, The Gridiron Giants. And no other Eagles gridiron game.

  73. Who's here from 2020?

  74. My dogs gone STOP. Your dogs gone Drop. And then we gone SHUT EM DOWN OPEN UP SHOP. First we had em like OHHHHH. Now they like NOOOO. Why baby THATS HOW RUFF RYDERS ROLL!

  75. try to drift your car

  76. 117 MILLION VIEWS!! What?!

  77. Who listening to this in 2020?

  78. My Dog DMX from the underground keepitreal

  79. I Love it every day ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  80. Бла бла была время 💯💯👍👍👍⭐️

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