hey guys. I’m Veronica, and I’m Vanessa for this video we are going to be playing THE DON’T POP IT GAME! which Raphael sent us in one of our Friend Friday videos (Vanessa): so thank-you Raphael for sending us this game, (Veronica: yes) now were gonna play it so what it is… (Veronica and Vanessa): is (Veronica): you blow up a balloon (Vanessa): you put in there (Veronica): and you put these sticks in (Vanessa): and you try not to pop the balloon and whoever pops the balloon, loses but you get to roll a dice and it will tell you how many times you can push a stick in yes (Veronica): and then (Vanessa): and but you have to have like how many clicks, one, two, three, like that (Veronica): alright and so, whoever pops the balloon is (Both:) the loser iiiii alright i’ll pull the, let me pull out the balloon, how? how do I do this? (Veronica): you just… oh men you need to blow it in here (Vanessa): oh roin is with me like that epic duck (Vanessa): gosh, dang it (Veronica): yes zoo wee mama mla why can’t I blow up the balloon? we’re never gonna play this game, thanks for watching guys okay, I got, I got it…okay i’ll put in here now so that I can blow the rest up wow hahahahaha funny i guess the real challenge is blowing it up no blow it up in here. Nessa! (Both): oh! (Veronica) gosh! blow this is what the heck funny guys why can’t i blow it up?! (Veronica): ugh!! put it inside and blow it up (Vanessa): i can’t! it doesn’t work that way! (Veronica): it does too, it d.., it can work that way Nessa! roin is funny me guys I’m telling you! do it boo keep going beep funny haha love this one finally okay, and then it says to pull it tight, oh (Both): look (Vanessa): there’s a face (Both): ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS! x3 (Veronica): you we’re gonna go first anyways i (Both): TWO (Veronica): so, it does not matter (Vanessa): so it says that you can do any stick (Veronica): yeah! (Vanessa): so I can go, one, two (Veronica): no, you’re supposed to do one stick it says, right here, if you roll a two or three, you can choose to either give one stick more clicks or choose give a number of sticks just one click, either is fine oh, okay, cool (Vanessa): okay, so, ill just do two though, one, (Veronica): oh my gosh, its already in there (Vanessa): two woops roll of course, I would role a three. (Vanessa): well, you can do multiple sticks (Veronica): one, two, three, here we go my drum ad down one…yay roll THREE, great! one, two…ah, three (Vanessa): ooookay, okay, alright…ONE (Veronica): why do you?! one. (Veronica): kay (Both): TWO Both shriek* (Veronica): one, two, oh its…ONE!! (Veronica): why do keep…? she keeps getting ones (Vanessa):one hay ONE! PLEASE BE A ONE! PLEASE BE A ONE!… OF COURSE ITS A THREE!!! of course! lol Roni’s a little sick by the way, that’s why she kinda sounds (Veronica): ONE, ITS GONNA POP You’re gonna be the loser (Veronica): one, two (Vanessa): oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh (Both): THREE! WOOOOO OH MY GOSH (Veronica): its go…. whats going on please be a three! (Vanessa): TWO! (Veronica): ughhh they pop one, two (Veronica): ughhhhh oh men please be a one…ONE! I GOT ONE! roin is need one OH! (Veronica): OOOOOOOO…its getting hard one (Veronica): she keeps getting ones lol what that wepon with remix one (Veronica): okay, its definitely gonna pop roll alert one okay (Vanessa): choose wisely meh whats going on in here ooh noo, i got two, oh no, oh no, oh no funny woah (Veronica): that’s one (Vanessa): ooohh nooo two! (Veronica): alright, please be a one, please slom what the heck THREE! (Veronica): oh my God! three, I’m gonna lose one, its gonna pop…two roin had got scaey three! (Vanessa): oh my gosh, its gonna pop on me (Veronica): i hope you roll a three it fell on the floor, and it is, it is… (Both): TWO! ONE! (Veronica): this poor balloon (Vanessa): two! (Veronica): great! wonderful! awwww man, the suspense (Veronica): please get a one what lol slom alert she got a three (Veronica): i got a three oh no…still kinda has some… (Veronica): one! (Both): scream* jumpscare funny (Both): SCREAM* both jumpscare roin funny my ear!… i lost uehhhhh (Both): thanks for watching (Veronica): if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to our channel and like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and add us on Snapchat (Veronica): yes (Both): AND! (Veronica): we do YouNow broadcasts every Tuesday so make sure you follow up on our Twitters to make sure or find out when we will do those broadcasts basically she means just look at our Twitters to see when we broadcast same…yeah, yeah (Vanessa): alright, well, if you guys want us to do any other kind of (Both): games or… (Veronica): other challenges, let us know in the comments below we like to see what you guys want to see, what? does that make sense? (Veronica): yes, that makes sense alright (Vanessa): alright (Veronica):well, thanks guys (Both): AND BYE! what lights on merrell twins lights off

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  1. This video is very clingey…you two seems like a kid in your action😏😒

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  3. Best youtuber ever….
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  4. i will like it if it has water

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