Drum Exercises: Quad High Hat Lift : Playing a Disco Beat with Quad High Hat Lifts

JOEL SIEGEL: Okay, so let’s take a closer
look. We’ll take a look again what the foot is doing with this disco beat, and I’ll give
you a taste of it then we’ll play it together, okay? So, we’re at 80 bpm. This is your disco
beat. Alright, let’s play it together. I’ll count
you off. This is–remember, all the upbeat lifts, so this is coming down on every downbeat.
And that’s actually what’s happening with the bass drum, too, you’re going to be coming
down on every downbeat. I’ll count you off. We’re at 80 bpm. One, two, ready, play. Alright, you’re ready for your first gig with
that disco band you’re always talking about.

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