Emerge 2017 – Performing Arts & Music Festival

It’s our very great privilege to host
this first-ever festival, Emerge, which celebrates the achievements of all the
students who take our performing arts and music publications every year Toby’s my son – he’s lead guitar, that’s Lauren who does the vocals Harvey he’s bass, Dodger – Elliott Roger Brown… he’s our drummer, and Benjamin – he’s rhythm guitar. Today we’ve been watching multiple performances, meeting new people, having a great experience Our show was actually Animal Farm and it was really abstract and different and we were all animals with makeup all across
our face and hay everywhere. It was really interesting, and really fun. We
didn’t get to do it like that when we did it at college at first. The last five
years I’ve massively benefited from arts organisations that
really believe and really put time and energy and funding into emerging talent
and most things I’ve done have been probably god-awful. Every
now and then you make something that you’re really proud of and then people
respond to it and that’s how I think you develop those initial steps of a sort of
artistic career. We’ve had an amazing time, we’ve watched some amazing acts, poetry, there has been monologues, dance and I’ve done an open mic set on my own
and we have also collaborated already on an OV mic which is really good fun. It’s
kind of improv too but everything went really well. And I did my own solo set. It allows us to meet other people who
want to do the exact same thing as us. It gives us the opportunity to practice the skills of performing in front of a live audience and yet it’s a
nice atmosphere and it’s been a really, really good day, really fun. Just thank you
for having – it’s been great. I think this event is really good, I think it should be run again, I think it’s a very good experience for kids and
teenagers who are doing the performing arts course – I think it teaches you a lot
about the business and things you have to do at a gig

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