Eminem – My Name Is (Official Music Video)

Eminem – My Name Is (Official Music Video)

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  1. לייק מי שבא לראות אם השיר דומה לשיר של רון נשר

  2. Excuse, i'm french and i don't see really a différent, but if i've really understand there are two version of his music, it is the censure version ?
    Really sorry, i love the rap and i increase my level in english, also i listen US rap…but m'y english is bad

  3. The fact that Eminem is white, makes this song and video as having such a "Because I Got High" vibe, because it's so silly that you think Em will be a one-hit wonder.  Meanwhile, Redman (his inspiration), Ludacris, and Busta Rhymes started off with the same insane videos and were immediately well-received.  Leave it to skin color to make a rapper's debut single be the equivalent of the pilot episode of a television sitcom — bad ratings, but audience eventually warmed up to him.

  4. I drank a fifth of kool aid

  5. Y r the lyrics different from the spotify ones

  6. "I just drank a 5th of kool aid" yeah kool aid really hinders your driving ability


  8. Charles the second ?

  9. Can't believe this came out 20 years ago. This video is hilarious!

  10. The first song I ever heard from you Em.

  11. Nick Cannon brought me here 👍🏽👍🏽😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂💯💯

  12. Listening to censored Eminem is like smoking CBD weed…..aka ghey.

  13. listening to censored eminem is like doing your homework without a pen

  14. In every vid there's always a lazy fam or couple

  15. Listening to eminem censored is like eating soup with a fork

  16. My name is my name is my name is

    Charles the second

  17. I actually like Primus

  18. Censored Eminem is like having an extra school day

  19. На превью Тинькофф?

  20. They actually censored "Vodka" with "Kool Aid".
    Hi, my name is Kidz Bop!

  21. me: trying to sign up for a membership
    the deaf cashier: 0:11

  22. My name is?Slim Shady

  23. Hahahahaha 🤣🤣 very funny

  24. Enyone SHAZAM?😂

  25. Censored Eminem is like Oompa Loompas without a drowning kid

  26. Я думал это Тиньков

  27. Listening to Eminem censored is like eating ice cream with no topping

  28. Wow seeing this video takes me back to sometime in 1999(released, recorded in 1998) I remember watching MTV one night when this video aired. Ah good times

  29. Hi kids, do you like Primus? Do you wanna see me bend over and take in the ass because of how woke my mind is?

  30. (fnaf 5 more nights)

  31. Who thought the thumbnail was tfue

  32. All the good rap songs were made in 2009

  33. How the fuck this song gone from parent's nightmares to be played in church.

  34. This is worst Eminem song

  35. if you're watching this in DECEMBER 2019 you're a legend!

  36. Who else searched Eminem first song

  37. Listening to censored eminem is like seeing devils in heaven

  38. Legit all that I’m seeing is listening to Eminem censored is like blah blah blah just stfu jeez😂💀

  39. This one makes no sense to me especially the teacher and the let's be friends in this one I only understand the original

  40. Eminem censored is like Niagra Falls that can’t blow water

  41. listening to censored eminem is like eating the milk without the cereal.

  42. Eminem censored is like M. Jackson chained.

  43. "a fat man whom sat down to fast"
    quit different from the original

  44. Teachers trying to cool

  45. Hi kids! Do you like


  46. Listening eminem censored is like listening to slim shady censored.

  47. If u still listen to Eminem…. UR AH BADASS😈🤘

  48. Hi My name is what
    My Name is who
    My name is Jeff

  49. Is all the comments listening to emenem censored is like

  50. 0000 percent you will see this but im a kid IDK LOL

  51. hears song when 2 *hears again that brings me back

  52. Am I the only one cringing at the fat guy and his wife

  53. Hi my name is slim shady

  54. This song was made on my birthday

  55. The video is so early 2000s it hurts, oh how i miss those times, the word was a more interesting place..

  56. Listening to Eminem censored is like going to shit big but only a small pebble comes out

  57. Well since age 12 i felt like im someone cause i hung my original self from a top bunk wit a belt got pissed off and ripped pamela lees tits off smacked her so hard i knocked her clothes back just like Kris Kross

  58. Eminem censored is like getting a haircut but you’re bald

  59. Anyone here after my name is trevor Phillips.

    99, 99% lIsTeN eMiNeM cEnSoReD iS lIkE…
    0,1% about the song.

  61. My name Is mayo lol xd playstation 4

  62. This was and still is a classic

  63. this started autoplaying and i realized its the radio version and i started dying at some of those dubs

  64. Horrible Histories squad , where u at?

  65. youtube recommendation: WHY NOT???
    Me: well

  66. Best song, just the best


  68. Ello I ain't said hello don't be like garbage fall and sleep like dead weight in the bathroom stall what the hell am I on fuck it I made it and now it's all gone I'm my 50 percent wrong though I ain't have smart fhoufhts though how'd I grow back grown up and by the way I want who's I taunt slim shady

  69. ❌ my name is
    ✅ mnames

  70. Eminem ma gripo hahahahaha

  71. Eminem is perfect cast for Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty

  72. Eminem for president

  73. I wonder how somebody would have felt when they first heard it, when it just came out, when they didn't know about em.🤔

  74. Alguien habla español por aquí?

  75. wow really maxed out the '90sness on this one. He got in right before the lock

  76. why so many dislikes best song ever why

  77. Ï sont ou les français de 2020

    Je m'avance bien sur

  78. listening eminem censored is like looking to this song's comment section

  79. Wtf 1080p in 2009 and 10 years later 1080p in videos is STILL the norm?

  80. Hi! My name is (what?)
    My name is (who?)
    My name is
    Hi! My name is (huh?)
    My name is (what?)
    My name is
    Hi! My name is (what?)
    Excuse me, (my name is) (who? My name is)
    Bad Cooking
    Can I get the attention of the class (huh my name is, what my name is)
    For one second My name is (My name is Jr High!)
    Hi kids! Do you like gang violence? (Yeah yeah yeah!)
    Well too bad, all we got are those white kids behind the Starbucks! (Uh-huh!)
    Wanna copy them and do exactly like they do? (Yeah yeah!)
    Bunch of white kids pretending like they from da hood? (Huh?)
    Laptop’s dead weight, I'm tryin' to get my work straight
    But School Board can't figure out that 08 laptops don’t operate! (Oh)
    And MasterJack said, “Principal these laptops be broke!” Uh-uh!
    "So why’s the screen black, man this shit wack!

    Well since age ten, I've felt like an outcast
    ‘Exept for trivia games, there I was a first round pick!
    Got pissed off when a kid ripped my test up,
    I shoved him hard, and asked “The hells wrong with you retard?”
    I get a fat pound of homework a night, its always a fight,
    If I go to bed before than 2 than shits more than alright!
    C'mere boi! (MasterJack, wait a minute, it’s my turn dog!)
    I don't give a fuck, Can’t a guy play some Xbox?
    Hi! My name is (what?)
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    Hi! My name is (huh?)
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    My name is
    Bad Cooking
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    Jr High!
    My History teacher made finals have no effect on grades.
    Thanks a lot, I’m now banned from xbox Mondays thru Thursdays
    I wanted to smack myself in the face with an eraser,
    Sit with him at a table
    And say”A B man? The final? I aced it!” (Ow!)
    Walked in on the first day, told “Go sit with your grade.” In the auditorium as each homerooms announced like its the hunger games!
    Extraterrestrial’s how I’d describe the concept that video games cause violance
    While they screamin' at me “Whats wrong with this gen?!”
    Ninety-nine percent of my life I was lied to
    I just found out that colleges care more about twitter than your I.Q.! (Damn!)
    They say they have a full group, and that their’s no room for me
    And even when a group says yes, they leave all the work to me! (Oh thank you!)
    You know shit’s blown up, when the class’s being watched by the Vice-Principal cause some retard threw a pencil!
    This guy at Science class asked for my awnsers (Dude, can I copy your awnsers?)
    So I said to him , "Dude, do your homework, asshole!"
    Hi! My name is (huh?)
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    Jr High!
    Stop the tape! This vid needs to be locked away! (Get him!)
    Youtube bots, don't just stand there, Copy-claim!
    I'm not ready to leave, it's too scary to go (Fuck that!)
    I’d rather to be be shot into space and frozen alive!
    (Huh yup!) Is school comin' or goin'?
    I can barely decide
    I just drank a fifth of lime juice,
    Dare me to drive? (Go ahead) for years now I’ve been very deprived
    Summer ain’t gone past Labor Day in years, and its mental effects are a big surprise!
    (Whoops!) Bags heavy, feels like an incredible bulk
    I spit when I talk, I'll yell at anything that walks (C'mere)
    When I was little I hated math so much I’d lose my shit.
    Why the fuck do we need long devision? We’re only 6!
    I lay awake and strap myself in the bed
    Because others wise I’ll get up to play some Skyrim at 2 (Danm!)
    I'm steamin' mad (Argh!) And when someone from the School staff sees this, (Yeah?)
    For the record, this song was a joke made out of boredom
    Hi! My name is (what?)
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    Bad Cooking
    Hi! My name is (huh?)
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    Jr High

    Look up "The Real Master Jack" lol

  81. Is Eminem’s name Official Music Video?

  82. My name is
    My name is
    My name is
    Charles the Second

  83. He was getting S U C C under the table

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