Ep1 Composer Moves To London

Hi So I write music And it’s time to go to London So on the way back from Korea to London I took some videos And that’s the video you just watched I made music for it I hope you liked it I’ve been quiet busy Ever since I got back I had to move to a new house When you move to a new house And it’s a flat This is what you shouldn’t do There are two other composers
living in the house We’re all very good friends We’ll be moving out together I think it’s nice to find a place When you’re a group of people
More than 3 I’m strictly speaking When you can’t afford
a one bed room house by yourself and we can’t We’re looking for a place somewhere between
Wimbledon and Putney We love South West London And above Putney will be a bit too expensive for us so yea Fingers crossed on finding a good place Anyway that’s it for today Thank you for checking out this channel This is London Life Music Composer Please hit likes if you liked it And subscribe for the next episode Bye bye

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