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  1. Maybe I should edit my description before I post my video… lets just keep it as is.

  2. howdy Ola; great FAQ so far, i am Team cart! now for the question; as a smallIsh guitar co. does the factory cure/age the wood? if no would that be something that is next growth stage? thanx Dude keep shredding.

  3. Could you go through a tutorial on how you mic up a cab and record? I know you have videos on this already, but if you have changed your technique over the years it would be great to see them. I think your guitar tone in your videos has greatly increased over the years.

  4. Solar amps are a no-brainer. I mean, I don't think many people ever associated Ola with guitars, they associate him with amps and tones as that's what he did for years… test amps and get good tones. DO IT!!!

  5. My favorite Swedish Rock Bands:

    Leather Nun
    Drain STH
    Backyard Babys

  6. Christ man, get that Dimebag Washburn on a stand! I know it's an import but fuck man!

  7. I thought swedish pop was Metal. 🤘

  8. Damnnnn, that intro rifffffff !!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Like to vote Joe Duplantier on Coffee with Ola

  10. Good luck with the shed build. Let me know if you need any tips on welding anything (not contact tips, like skill-based tips)

  11. I feel like Ola should be more popular given that deathstars are the #1 swedish band

  12. Ola, I have 2 brown stripes in my underwear. Do I have 5 piece drawls?

  13. I had to resubscribe for some reason, the "inner-net" isn't what it used to be in the States.
    You Rock👍🏻

  14. Your doing the best by keeping it simple.. Ppl are always gone complain about something… I do prefer watch you try stuf and say it suck or not that good and make me safe money.. Keep doing this. Keep it sample and HONEST.. You rock.. I do have buy your cd legit because it worth it… One day i be part of your member jam..🤘😎🎸

  15. We all should treat others as equal. We're born and all have different talents, developed different skills etc. $ is a necessary evil imo and should be downplayed. So I agree 🤘

  16. Hey Ola can you please put out some tabs for That YouTube Song, I love it and would like to learn how to play it. Rock on!!!

  17. "A friend got a patch of hair rippped off by a Bass, AMAZSING !!" Ola is f#%^^ng Hilarious !!

  18. Have you found a distributor for the US yet? I'm tired of selling mine to the people scared to order from over yonder.

  19. It's the typical millennial mentality. I'm working real hard, why am I not getting famous right now?
    When there is no instant gratification they simply can not relate to the fact that success can and usually does take years as well as talent. Everything can not be had right now. It just cant be and younger people have a hard time understanding this because so much of what they do and have gets immediate results.

  20. >400.000 subs. Cograts Ola!

  21. Very few can play like Loomis obviously 🤔 Even learning that diminished run note for note is just emulation. I'd be proud even if not picking exactly as Loomis does. He's one of the top players in the world still! What Ola said! Repitition is key. Fake it till u make it.

  22. ghost at 5:01 right window

  23. Ola, do you have any plans to produce a Solar brand cart, maybe with a flame maple top? P.S. That red Solar looks bad ass.

  24. Hello ola! I was reading about opeth yesterday and realized that they went through a serious lineup shift after ghost reveries. Do you think if peter lindgren and Martin Lopez were to return it would see a shift back toward heavier opeth? Also how do you feel playing with different drummers effect your own playstyle? Much love from Texas!

  25. Roxette are still one of my favourite bands. Per and Marie are just wonderful together, sad that she doesn't tour anymore cause of her illness. I always thought that Kee Marcello was the superior guitarist in Europe, Prisoners in Paradise is phenomenal with it's organic guitar work.

  26. ola the douchebagisherererer

  27. 6:58 a ghost in the window appears…

  28. Hey Ola, cool you built the shed yourself. But the roof isn't very strong. I assume you might get a fair amount of snow load on there in the winter. Look into adding a few more studs in the short side walls under roof trusses, and a middle support as well. I'm a carpenter, you actually built it well but also totally wrong, with a few more support pieces it should be fine for a shed, but as it is now it will sag under snow load and possibly crack the roof trusses. DIY is always best! Also get some roofing shingles you could get a proper roof on there yourself in like 4 hours the tarp wont last.
    P.S I ordered a Solar A1.6 can't wait to get it!

  29. I should inform you sir, that i have an iPhone XS Max. It’s HUGE!

  30. Off topic, but would you mind doing a review on the Positive Grid Spark when it releases? Hopefully it does the Ola chug justice. Thanks! Great content as usual.

  31. You already have snow ? I'm in Quebec and i always found that you had snow for less long than here but maybe it start a little bit earlier. In march you usually almost don't have snow anymore and here we have snow storm until mid-april. I know, i have a weird obsession with weather.

  32. the louis XIV cart has to go

  33. I'm a huge Type O fan and I dont think he was dumping on them or whatever.

  34. Hi, Ola. Please PLEASE dont read this comment on FAQ.

  35. On the shed, you're gonna want to build some sort of rafter/truss from the walls up to the ridge of the roof on both sides. Otherwise, I can see it sagging or falling through over time.

  36. The dude who was dissing you doesn't even know how to spell barre chords. I wouldn't take him seriously.

  37. Love the vibe of your FAQs at your house!

  38. Lot easier to get recognized and seen nowadays when I was in my twenties. I'm 46 now and have been playing guitar for 35 years I'm into everything from animals as leaders to Keith merrow monuments and I like a lot of the old players Steve Vai Frank gamble Guthrie Govan. I just remember the days before the internet literally had to put a tape into somebody's hands that knew somebody to have a chance

  39. I enjoyed your douchey set up.

  40. Ola the carpenterer, just like Jesus! Have you heard of the band Jinjer? Thoughts?

  41. 6:57 wtf was that on the window?

  42. Ola!. Your opinion and knowledge on life and music. Etc. Really reaches me and I am always excited for sunday faqs. Thank you for everything and never stop.

  43. I followed you for years. Amp tests and recording tips. Your content has come such a long way and your personality and honesty make great viewing. Keep it up Ola. PS do you still have the green body suit? Lol

  44. Is that a ghost in the window on your stage left at 06:56????

  45. FAQs at home are not as fun as FAQs at the apartment. No gratuitous crotch shots or game capture videos on your monitor, however, the burp echo is insane at home. My question is why don't you add a skull to the cart along with your new book, or even some bloody 18th century surgery tools?

    Fortsätt gunga i den fria världen!!!

  46. Hey Ola what amp head is that in the background. I looked up Boss amp heads and didn't see anything like the one you have with the wireless built in. or with the chrome bar on top.

  47. Hola Ola, what do you think of the riffs in Persefone’s Stillness is Timeless? Can we see you playing it? Thanks for the entertainment and skills!

  48. Do you know Cameron Cooper? Amazing guitarist influenced by Gus G., EVH and others. You should check him out. He needs a lot more subscribers.

  49. hello Ola i always watch your videos because you're very informative for us musicians who loves metals and gears.. and the way you do your videos is cool and interesting.. no dull moments, unlike other youtubers.. more power ola.. yeah

  50. Can solar guitar shipped in India??

  51. 19:56 Best part! 🙂

  52. Hey Ola (G series Evertune is the best). I don't think you get enough credit for your comedic editing… always a highlight.

  53. How can you even talk about good swedish pop bands without mentioning Dirty Loops? Jonah Nilsson, Henrik Linder, and Aron Mellergardh are legit 3 of the best musicians alive.

  54. My favorite Cardigans stuff are their Black Sabbath covers. Amazing transformations. Wish they had done a whole album that way.

  55. Swedish Robyn with Norwegian Røyksopp are the best 🙂

  56. Hi!
    Have you ever pooped your pants when you thought it was a fart? :3

  57. lmao its insolation bud . i had no idea solar was your brand olah wow i love your channell watch it tons and just have been figuring it out now .ha ha good for you good job on the shed to .love the out doors wanna know some thing ive always wanted to do is play guitar in a silo lmoa i know wierd but wonder what the sound would be like outside and in lol any way bud have a great sunday tim from london ontario canada.

  58. Hey Ola! Since I got into Feared, I count it as one of my Top 5 bands! Just wanted to ask, if you could release a Tab Book for Vinter and if you will demo a Fortin Amp like the Cali on the channel? Keep killing it my sweedish longheared guitarrererer 🤘🔥🤘

  59. Ola. If I win the local lottery I will buy a left handed solar guitar

  60. Swedes don’t celebrate success.

    Malmsteen: “hold my donut”

    starts Ferrari

  61. Swedish metal is more technical in general. What do you think is the reason?

  62. 8:41 that's why I love you hahaha

  63. Not successful?? Dude, every guitarist who browses YouTube knows who you are.

  64. Your place is haunted you need to pack up and run.

  65. I don't give you enough thumbs up on your videos. Sorry. I love all your vids, content. You're entertaining, Informative and a lot of fun. Don't stop, ever! Keep kicking ass, and have a great day.

  66. If Earth would be destroyed and all music lost but a single album cd (every genre is allowed), what would you choose to teach music to your space-legacy children?

  67. Loving the brushed chrome ,you big ginger Riff pimp .

  68. Ola would you run for President of the US? I'd totally vote for you! "Englund 2020 – Will it Chug?"

  69. Did anyone else see the smokey looking white stuff in the right hand side window at around the 6:58 second mark?

  70. That livingroom sounds great!
    Also, "Who needs warmth when you have Death Metal? (Gratuitous hand gesture)"…Awesome!

  71. i guess yngwie malmsteen doesn't follow the jantle law XD

  72. Make some covered versions of your pickups. That would look nice. :p

  73. Like everyone has that same ringtone on iPhone 😂

  74. Solar should partner with boss katana it help both brands hit the best bundle for under 1k they both have pro feels,my friends solar is wicked bitties

  75. I am YouTube’s best kept secret lol. I’ll be honest there’s only some much of people I can stand. I just think a lot of people over expose themselves. Pete thorn, great player , Rick beato great man, rob chapman…..erm…..just too many videos. There Netflix, sports,guitar,games etc etc tooooo much content for us mortals. PS Roxette were great lol.

  76. Jante Law (is that spelled right?) sounds like an awesome principal to practice and live by.

  77. Is the expression "red thread" a Swedish thing? Or an Ola thing? We don't use it in the U.S., we say things like silver lining, or in this case we would use a phrase like, a "common theme" among all these Swedish bands, or maybe I'm just an uneducated American. Taylor, the uneducated educator

  78. I enjoy when you film videos in your home. The lighting is great, and the views out your windows make it feel almost as if us your viewers were sitting in the room with you. Keep up the great content!

  79. I have a two ideas ola like if electric guitar strings could be blue or green or red and the second one is if a electric guitar could have three tip points at the top instead of one or two even since it could still exist

  80. Un-vealed. Took out all the lamb.

  81. Ghost in the right window at 6:58.

  82. 6:57 the right window scared the shut outta me

  83. What is that book in your cart? Speaking of which, what is your favourite book that you've read?
    Cheers from Mexico.

  84. We are not equal, its pure bullshit. You are Ola, and im not Ola, means never equals

  85. Hey ola, just a suggestion, check out the band Be'lakor. Some of their best songs to check out are venator, roots to sever or neither shape nor shadow

  86. 1:12 B Stock, %66 off

  87. Anybody know why Kerry king went to dean guitars?

  88. WTF, I was cooking, quietly, alone and then I heard Ola call my name !! I feel like a little 12 years old fan girl !! (BTW,thanks for the answer of my question)

  89. Thanks for answering my question Ola. The model I have has a flame top on it and no two dark stripes on the neck so it's gotta be 3 pc. Thanks again!

  90. Hey Ola, do you use the stock Evertune saddles when you're in lower tunings? I wanted to put mine in C standard and every string except for the first string would accept the lessened tension.

  91. Hello from Finland! First of all thanks for the great content and hard work! How do you recon Finnish guitar brands and amps? We have quite many awesome luthiers here now. There must be great ones in sweden too. Mind to tell something about them? Sorry two questions. Love you channel!

  92. 22:13 ola skipped lol

  93. What is you favorite testament riff?

  94. Hey Ola, what is the nearest equivalent within the Seymour Duncan lineup of the Duncan Solar pickups? I love the sound and response of them, though I'm not big on the reverse headstock aesthetic of your Solar guitars.

  95. Hey Ola. How about an analysis of Orbit Culture's sound and gear. We know what kind of guitars they're using, dunno if U heard of the brand Solar, they're supposed to B really good, and the owner is supposed to B a cool guy too 😀 … Any way good choice for Solar artists.

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