First Rapper to Fight Tekashi69? Place Your Bets Now | Tekashi69 All Beefs

I just simply cool checking into my
watching what’s up my G’s isn’t Boise Street aka Captain keto the killer was
cheating dog bones you too and now I want to see you chew my Jeep
the Jeep army general gain from watching the video now we’ve got to go ahead and
see you all go down the list all of the people don’t beat them with Takashi six
nine most of the people is public but some of these private beefs are probably
some beasts that you didn’t know about but when
get out of jail we’re gonna see who won’t be the first one to touch I’m
probably black as out whatever go ahead and place your bets in the comment
section we won’t go from section 8 to this
comment section you don’t say I’m go ahead and list all the people they’ve
been beefing with and we go z won’t be the first one to catch him when he
getting released from the from prison you know I’m saying cuz he made a lot of
beats let’s go ahead to get to the beefs that he that had somebody gonna touch
them place your bets in the comment section and I’m a boy did say you might
better the end of the video so I’m gonna kick on the list now these
are all beeps that he’s already had and still probably all gone now you got
trippy red also he was beaten with Jaya
with cardi B if you think cardi B her team gonna be the first one to touch my
blackheads out when you get out man let me know in the comment section you got
caught casting over 2 times shadi in the whole entire train wait the ninth rate
gangster blood Jim Jones beefing with yg also his baby mama sir Elena
he be beaten with hurry by for real for real G there you got you would be food
with a chief chief and his cousin tato you know that’s what he was
but he got all cool to beat you know say the bus had a system cool to be and paid
for cool to be to get out of jail we won’t put cooter be on the list to
there’s aa feeling the body so yg sir Molina Chief Keef and it’s cousin Taylor
who to be the whole entire chiraq except for a little dirt you know he
went out there chiraq we made a little video
or old block and like that laughs he like came out on
in regards in response to that video what was my man panky he gave him with a
whole entire city he was beefing with Adam 22 the podcast
tom is live knows the youtuber he be beaten with a lot people use beef
with Ludacris Ludacris even dropped this song against 6-9 aka Daniel Hernandez
yeah not only I
that this song was pure trash say he was even with the game at one
point if you think that game gonna be one of
the first people to touch when you get out of jail
like I said place your bets in the comment section I’m just refreshing your
memory for the people that got problems with
this little rainbow color key lower happy unicorns on a Saturday night
cartoon who else we got we got pure bone
those dude that produces come oh he be wearing
you got J Prince Junior MAFIA change only
mafia chain Prince of Houston you know there was people don’t know
what waiting four six nine since now I got some enemies with
something with some guns there’s some high places
he also beefing with low pussy that man was facing life in prison and a
death penalty what is you doing out here who is
raising these clowns his evolves oh is it homey the clown
Oh No place your bets
also be full of bad Patty bad baby we cashed me outside shit she like 13 years
old man what is you doing out here you thief we’re also beaten when our
lay g herbo shower at War savage our here pistol proper con toda at goofy if
you want to get smacked with a goofy off way
no time he’s awful obv with all J Chris like I
said place your bets place all on Jack comments-section baby lit I don’t know
who wanna smack this little kid then you got juice world only you know if he hard
body if he saw without but he be from with help – Rico reckless never shot a
quarry I’ll hit you before with Rico reckless young sent like door what is
you know brother Mike won’t catch they call chess you like how they did skinny
for the nine put that man that red life so I eat his little milk had a man
kissing the flow it didn’t like friends I gotta live vic
mensa another do four shot right you know like he was like he pissed on the
whole shot right my everybody wants that you cry for real brah
now all this people who they’re gonna be the first one to check this nigga put
them in this place you know Sam making just a Nikes my bet probably gonna be some i from the
west coast I place my best song on the game a yg
pride a game pride you know
my fat awesome new hip-hop news breaking news just having Tim’s he’s just a to
change a blue face to the chain cause hey Rocco
wouldn’t even know so he just dis from the day when I was yesterday
maybe the day on or the day run to see turn
you’re saying I’m on to my ask them
very yum-yum good gas him the mail it right now sooty
put your face on that list you know Sam you might he might do the bus and honor
on his face let me know what I feel our no one
taking from section eight to the comment section on my G’s get okay G on me on
all the time in here laughs and hood
we are saying in DC southeast representative y’all know time is on my
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