First To Pop Wins $10,000 Challenge (Game Master Spy Reveal New Clues)

First To Pop Wins $10,000 Challenge (Game Master Spy Reveal New Clues)

– Welcome back to the
Matt and Rebecca channel. We are getting ready to
do another epic challenge with a member of the Quadrant. It might be a $10,000
challenge, we’re not quite sure. – You guys saw the last challenge we did with the Quadrant was the
last to sink challenge. Look at this pool you guys. – [Matt] It’s so gross! – [Rebecca] Yes. – [Matt] Look at all those
boats that did not work. – And, you guys saw that
I won that challenge, which means I got another mystery device so that we can stop E2. But now it’s his turn, and I don’t know what kind of challenge he’s gonna do. What do you think Matt? – [Matt] I have no idea. – Matt, he’s coming. – [Rebecca] What is he carrying? – [Matt] What is that? – [Quadrant] You guys ready to
to the last to pop challenge? – [Matt] Last to pop challenge? – Last to pop challenge? What exactly does the last
to pop challenge involve? – [Matt] Can we look inside? – [Quadrant] Go for it. – Okay, a sling shot. It’s like a tarp. – [Matt] Are those water balloons? – [Rebecca] There’s water balloons. – [Matt] Last to pop the water balloons? – [Quadrant] That’s right,
and when I win this challenge, I get another game master clue, right? – Yeah, I mean if you win
it, but we won the last one, so we’re feeling pretty confident. Oh no, we are gonna get wet today, Matt. – [Matt] I hope not. – I think it has to do
with water balloons. Oh my gosh! – [Matt] It’s a giant water balloon! – Is this a giant water balloon? Wait, so we’re gonna try to not pop this? – [Matt] This is impossible. – [Quadrant] There’s three rounds. We’re gonna start off
with the first round, which is the small
balloons and the slingshot. – You guys, smash the thumbs up button so we can win against the Quadrant. We won last one. He might have won one
before, but we got this. Okay. – Alright, so the Quadrant
just explained it to us. What we’re gonna do right
now, is take this in sections. We have a blue tarp
over here, a slingshot. Take turns slingshotting
it from the same distance. Round one, you guys ready? – [Quadrant] Go. – Not you. – Exactly. – Okay, well, I’ve never done a slingshot, but I guess I’ll go first? – [Quadrant] No, No,
wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. I should go first. – No, I think I should go first, right? Ladies first. – [Matt] Okay, hold on why don’t you guys rock, paper, scissors? – [Quadrant] Alright. – Okay. – [Together] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Oh!
– Oh! – I guess I am going first! – Okay. Comment right now if you
think Rebecca’s balloon is gonna pop or not. – I haven’t done a slingshot. I guess you just, like we don’t even get to warm up, this is not fair. – [Matt] Nope. – Okay, we just go from here? – [Quadrant] How about a line over here? – [Matt] What? – I feel like the Quadrant is just making up the rules as he goes. – [Matt] I know. – [Quadrant] That’s not true. – Smash the thumbs up button, you guys, so I can to the blue tarp. This looks really far. – [Matt] You got this. – I guess I hold this. – [Matt] Uh-huh. – Okay. Ah, no! – [Matt] Oh! – That doesn’t count! Are you serious? That just fell. – [Quadrant] I’ll show you how it’s done. – You guys, comment, “Pop!” right now to give him not good luck. – [Quadrant] Three, two, one. – No! – [Matt] Oh! – Good luck, Matt. By the way, Matt, where’d you
get your Matt Slays merch? – Okay, go onto You can find all this merch. All the ZamFam stuff’s on there. Go check it out. – Also, we’re gonna be at
Digicon in Dallas, Texas, so get your tickets so
you can come meet us. We’re so excited. I will link it in the
description below, okay. It’s Matt’s turn. Okay, Matt. – Three, two, one.
– Two. It popped. – [Quadrant] Go until the
water balloons are out. – [Rebecca] Okay, there’s still
more water balloons, Matt. That means– – Okay, we can still get enough points. – Yeah.
– We could win this round. – I get to redeem myself, I’m so excited. Okay, I’m going for a smaller one. Okay, last time mine just dropped so I’m really excited I actually
get to use the slingshot. – [Quadrant] Wait, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no. – What? – [Quadrant] We’re moving further back. – What?
– You keep changing the rules! – [Quadrant] Further. – This is not fair. – What?
– I haven’t even done it yet. – [Quadrant] That’s not my problem. – [Matt] Oh my gosh, Beck. This is gonna make it pretty hard. – [Rebecca] This is– – [Matt] You are pretty far now. – Wish me luck, guys. Comment if you think I’m gonna
go to the blue tarp or not. – [Matt] You got this, Beck. You got it.
– Three, two, one. – Rebecca. You didn’t even make it two feet. – He keeps laughing at me. – [Quadrant] I don’t wanna
miss with ninja training. Trick shot. – [Matt] That’s what you learned? – [Rebecca] Okay, Matt. – Spy ninja training? So it’s this, we’re doing trick shots now? – Matt, I think–
– We’re doing trick shots? – [Rebecca] I think you
need to actually look. It didn’t work out well for him with that. – [Both] Okay. – [Matt] Three, two, one. Oh! – [Rebecca] It popped. – [Quadrant] You got two left. – [Matt] No. – Two left? He said there was only two,
there was like five, Matt. – [Matt] Yeah, what is this? No, no, no, no, no. That’s what you’re doing wrong. Hold it right here. Put your arm underneath, yeah. – Like this?
– Uh-huh. – Oh, okay. Oh, he’s still laughing at me. – [Matt] Okay. – [Rebecca] Okay. Three, two, one. – [Both] Oh, oh! – [Rebecca] He never
said that it couldn’t. He just said it had to get to the blue. – Yes.
– Oh yeah, uh! – Rebecca, you did it. You have the farthest one,
so if it’s a tie, you win. Because you have the further one. – For any of you guys that
smashed the thumbs up button, thank you so much! It definitely gave me luck that time. – [Matt] That was so epic. You gonna do a trick shot again? – [Quadrant] Yeah. – It popped again. – [Matt] It didn’t even make it. – This is the easiest challenge ever. – [Quadrant] There’s no way you could have gotten this without some help. Gotta be the balloon. – You won.
– I won? – [Matt] You won round one. – [Quadrant] What? – [Matt] Hers stayed on the mat. – Yeah.
– It stayed on the blue mat. – That’s true. – [Matt] Yours bounced off. Yes, Beck.
– I won! – [Matt] Yes, okay Rebecca wins round one. – Okay. Now, you guys, if you commented me, thumbs up your comment. I don’t know how it happened,
but I somehow won round one. It might have been a little bit
of default but I’ll take it! Let’s move on to round two. – All right, round two. – Okay, that is a giant balloon. – [Matt] Whoa. – That’s much bigger than round one. – [Matt] Oh, my gosh. – He can barely lift it. – [Quadrant] So this is
how round two’s gonna work, think of it like hot potato. – Okay. – [Quadrant] I’m gonna pass it to you. – Okay. – [Quadrant] We’re gonna
stand close together. – Yeah. – [Quadrant] The key is to stay dry. If it pops when you catch it, you lose. – Okay, so you’re throwing it to me. If I catch it, then we step back. We keep going back? – [Quadrant] That’s right. – [Matt] Oh, it’s like an Easter egg toss. What about me? Do I get to compete at all? – Yeah, Matt gets to, too. – [Quadrant] The winner
competes against you. – [Both] Okay. – [Matt] All right, here we go. – Okay. – [Quadrant] No, no, no. We gotta start further back. – [Matt] What? – Okay, like how– – [Quadrant] Take a step back. – But this balloon’s really big. – [Quadrant] The rules are the rules. – Okay.
– Okay. – [Matt] Don’t drop it, Beck. Don’t drop it. – Okay. – [Quadrant] One, two, three. – I got it!
– You got it, you got it! – Take a step back. Okay, all right. Three, two, one. – [Both] Oh! – It stayed!
– What? – How did that happen? – [Quadrant] I still caught it. I still caught it. I still caught it.
– It didn’t pop. – Okay.
– Oh, my gosh. – Now we have to take a step back. – [Quadrant] Take another step back. – [Matt] What? How are you
gonna throw it this far? – Matt, this is so far.
– Oh, my gosh. All right, guys, thumbs up right now so that Rebecca can win. Oh, my gosh, okay, okay. – Okay. – [Matt] You got this, Beck, you got it. – Okay.
– Come on. Three, two, one, go. – [Matt] Oh, oh, oh. – It popped. But that’s not fair, it popped mid-air. I still hadn’t caught it. – [Quadrant] Those weren’t the rules. The key was to stay
dry and you’re all wet. – Dang. – [Matt] Okay. Oh! Okay, so I guess it’s up
to the Quadrant and I now. – [Rebecca] Okay, Matt. – Woo! – [Rebecca] Matt. – What is this? – [Rebecca] Just be
gentle with the balloon so it doesn’t pop. – You ready for this? – [Quadrant] I’m ready. – [Rebecca] Oh, did you fake him out? – Three, two, one. – [Rebecca] Oh, man. – [Quadrant] Take a big step back. – [Rebecca] Okay. – I’ve been wanting to
do this all my life. – [Rebecca] What, why? – [Both] Oh! – [Quadrant] Not bad. – [Rebecca] Okay, smash the
thumbs up now for good luck. – Here we go. – [Quadrant] Matt versus the Quadrant. – Three, two, one. – [Quadrant] Oh. – No way, no way. – [Rebecca] How did he do that, Matt? Be careful. Oh, my gosh. – We’re so far away right now. – [Rebecca] You guys are pretty far. – [Quadrant] Three, two. – [Both] Oh! – [Rebecca] Oh no, Matt. You are wet. – I lost. – [Rebecca] That means the
Quadrant won round two. That means we’re tied. – You and him are tied. – [Rebecca] We’re tied. What happens for round three? – [Quadrant] Round three is
gonna be for all the marbles. – [Rebecca] What does that mean? – [Quadrant] It’s a giant water balloon worth double the points. – Wait, wait, wait. So, the other rounds didn’t matter? – [Rebecca] Yeah. – What? Are you just playing with us? It’s like a big trick. – [Quadrant] Let’s go fill
up a giant water balloon. Time to make a giant water balloon. – I feel like we’ve gotten
to know each other more. You don’t seem that bad. What’s going on with E2? What’s gonna happen? Just tell us, we wanna know. – [Quadrant] To be honest,
I don’t really know that much about E2. I’m not up that high on the totem pole. – Oh so you don’t know
what’s gonna happen at E2? – [Quadrant] Well, I mean the Red, I mean the– – The, you said– – [Quadrant] No, no, I didn’t say that. I didn’t. – [Matt] Are you– – [Quadrant] I just need this as a job. It’s tough to get anonymous
henchman work these days. – [Matt] What, you just need a job? – Oh, huh. Hey Matt, come here real quick. – [Matt] Yeah. – While he’s finishing that up. I think he was talking about Red Hood. You guys remember the Red Hood that we saw at the mall during the scavenger hunt. – [Matt] Oh, yes. – During their Quadrant ninja training. – [Matt] I don’t know, Beck. I don’t think he was. – I think he was about to
say Red Hood, you guys. Let me know what you think. It was red something. I don’t know. Red, maybe that’s a clue? – [Matt] Also, he sounds
like he just needs a job. What if we give him a job? – Okay, if we were to
take on the Quadrant guy, what do we have him do? We can’t trust him. – [Matt] We can’t trust Daniel. – Let us know if you think we should try to get the Quadrant and
bring him onto our side. – [Matt] That’d be crazy. – Oh, my gosh. I don’t know. – [Matt] Okay. – I think we need to get him to go back and figure out what’s going on for E2. Then he can be a spy and
tell us what’s going on. – Okay.
– Okay. But the most important thing is we need to finish this challenge and win it. – [Matt] Exactly. – [Quadrant] All right,
this is round three. We have our giant water balloon and the first to pop it
wins, by any means necessary. You can jump on it, you can kick it, you can do whatever you want. First to pop it, wins. – Okay, this shouldn’t be hard, right? It’s just a giant balloon. – [Matt] We got this, Beck. – [Quadrant] Wait, who goes first? Let’s rock, paper, scissors for it. – Okay. – [Together] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Okay, I don’t wanna go first. I wanna go second. Oh wait, do I wanna go first? – [Matt] You wanna go first. You wanna go first. – Oh, okay, I’ll go first. – I’ll try–
– A rock? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Okay. – [Matt] You could win it right now, Beck. – I know. I don’t wanna get wet. – [Matt] Come on.
– Okay. – [Matt] You gotta hit it, though! – I messed up! – [Matt] Oh, my gosh. – I keep messing up. Oh. – [Matt] What is he doing? – I don’t know. I think he’s going hard right now. No, no, no, he’s jumping on it. – No! – [Matt] Oh, didn’t pop. Didn’t pop. – It didn’t pop. – Okay, Matt. Do you want me to– – [Matt] It’s my turn. It’s my turn.
– Okay. Come on, Matt, we gotta go big. He already tried to jump on it. Come on, Matt. – I’m gonna try to get some
rocks on my shoes right now. – [Rebecca] Okay. – Jump off of it. Ready for this? – [Rebecca] Yeah. – Three, two, one. – [Rebecca] Be careful, Matt! – Oh! – [Rebecca] We won! We won!
– Woo! – [Rebecca] Oh, my gosh. We gotta replay that in slow motion again. – We won this.
– Yes. – I have two points. You guys have one, one. – [Rebecca] Yes! – Hand over the device, come on. – [Quadrant] All right, I
can give you the device. – Okay. – [Quadrant] Or I can give
you an extra special device along with this device if you agree to do another challenge with
me for a game master clue. – Wait, is it one we haven’t found yet? – [Quadrant] Could be. – [Rebecca] Oh, Matt. – I wanna get that. – [Rebecca] Okay, Matt, Matt. I have an idea. I have an idea for the challenge. – Do we still get that device? – [Quadrant] If you
win the next challenge. – [Rebecca] Oh. – We get that device plus
another super special one? – Yes.
– Okay. – I want that. – [Rebecca] I know. And we get to pick the
next challenge, right? – [Quadrant] Yes. – [Rebecca] Okay, Matt, I have an idea. Hold on, hold on. – [Matt] Where’s she going? That’s right. Quadrant member. You’re going against the game master and you shoulda done that. – While we were at the store
for the last to sink challenge, I might have bought a
couple dolls right here. – [Quadrant] What does that
have to do with anything? – Oh, it has everything to
do with the next challenge because I might be bringing
in another YouTuber. So, if you guys have any idea what this next challenge will be, I will give you a clue, it will have to do with water and this person right here. Comment below if you think you
know what this challenge is. Make sure to check out
the video right here. Subscribe to the channel. Turn on notifications and get
ready for the next challenge because it’s gonna be a good
one with another YouTuber.

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