Freelance Vs In-House as a Sound Designer or Composer (2019)

Are you wondering if it’s worth it to freelance
and have more independence? Well, what about working in-house and having
a reliable income and hours? There are definitely some pros and cons to both. We’ll be taking a look at each path in detail,
so if you’re looking for what best suits you, stick around! [Freelance Vs In-House]
[As a Sound Designer or Composer (2018)] Hey everyone, Jake from Transverse Audio here. There’s essentially two different paths of
employment you can take when in most creative fields – besides being an entrepreneur. Let’s go over what the pros and cons of each. As a freelancer, you can choose your hours
to work, you can have more leverage in negotiating pay, and you can be more independent & take
on multiple projects at once if you wanted to. The work you get is usually on a per-project
basis, this is known as being a contractor. Taking this route will bring you close to
being an entrepreneur. You’ll be responsible to do your own taxes,
get work (and of course to get your paycheck). Most of the time, freelancing can allow you
to work remotely, but sometimes you may be asked to work on-site with the rest of the team. A freelancer can definitely have more freedom
than in-house workers, but you need to be self-disciplined, and getting work is not
an absolute guaranteed. But hey, you get to work in your pajamas and
sleep in if you wanted to. Being introverted doesn’t necessarily mean
this path is the perfect fit for you. You’ll still need to negotiate, communicate
and put yourself out there, to get on board with a project. Working in-house can be more secure, reliable
and engaging compared to freelancing. Being surrounded by others can really help
with inspiration, motivation and can present an opportunity to learn new things faster. In this position, you can also stick around
with people you like to work with and potentially on many projects in the future, instead of
having to work with different people on most projects. Now, being employed by the company directly
will have you working hours they give you but don’t let that make you feel trapped though. Working hours assigned to you can keep you
from overworking yourself. (and under-working yourself – if you like
to put things off until last minute.) Having the obligation to work during set hours
will encourage a routine as well as help you focus and be more efficient. Whatever path you chose, don’t worry. What’s more important is actually getting
out there and going after what you’re passionate about, whatever approach you take. Try out both and see what you like best. If you want more videos like this, stick around
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