Freestyle Rapper Harry Mack Performs

So we asked the audience to
write down just random words before the show. And everybody wrote
down words on cards and then we transformed them. We have them here. And so I’m going
to hold them up, and you are going to
do a freestyle rap– Yes. All right? Let’s do it. And I’ll go to the next card
once you’ve said that word. Perfect. All right? Let’s go. All right. (RAPPING) Yo, yo. Check it out, Harry Mack. Yo, over instrumentals I smash. I’m in the game for the
passion, not just for the cash. Uh, we Keep it moving. They like Mack, we feel ya. I go straight to the dome,
just like a shot of tequila. When I’m up on this show,
I’m about to throw down. Harry Mack, you love the sound,
don’t play for the clown. We keep it on, yo,
I’m ready to bust in my lyrics they trust, Mack
make them hop on the bus. Let’s move I get busy
fam, you have a good time with my flow like at Disneyland. Come on. We keep it going and
the lyrics is fly. Yo, I celebrate, I
elevate direct to the sky. We keep it moving
on the microphone. Yo, he flex and
says get wrecked, I’m scary, like T. Rex. Tyrannosaurus. Yeah, I’d ride it like a boat. The greatest of all time,
like Ellen the goat. Yeah, we keep it on,
yo, I make no mistake. I rock the beat break. Eat it up like some cake. We keep it on, shout to Andre. I wish I was Jay-Z and
married to Beyonce. We keep it moving,
and, yo, I’m fly, G. I keep it hot like
vacations in Hawaii. Hey, that’s [INAUDIBLE]
with moving. [INAUDIBLE] I’m going crazy
[INAUDIBLE] I’m never lazy. I say, oh, yeah, baby. H. Mack up in the [INAUDIBLE] You know that I try
it like doodles. You know I’m about to
eat out of the bowl like it was some noodles. H.Mack, come on. You know we having fun, though. I’m about to take these MC
straight through the jungle. I make ’em want it. You know I brought the fly flow. It’s been a while since you
were such a fresh style. Shout to Ellen, I’m
flowing over the dome. She make me feel so
comfortable in the chair, it’s like I’m at home. Ain’t nothing to it. You know I keep the
flow so dope, bro. Hey, yo, it ain’t no games. Ain’t no yo-yo. Unless it’s Yo-Yo
Ma on the cello. I eat ya. Yo, I’m the main feature. My favorite food is pizza. About to reach ya. Check me out on the blog. Harry Mach Shout out to my
homies, what up my dogs? Yeah, we all up in it. You know I do it truly. [INAUDIBLE] I’m about to
get the money and the booty. It’s Harry Mack with
the freestyle throw. Make some noise if you
having fun at the Ellen show. It’s like that! You are incredible , and I feel
like we should give you a gift to help you continue
this talent. Oh, my god. So, we want to
give you, actually our friends at Shutterfly want
to give you, a home recording studio. Oh, my god! I think it’s over here, right? [CHEERING] Wow! Oh, my god! Yeah. It’s, I think,
everything you need. Ellen! This is incredible!

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