Hi guys I’m Lory Bart, today I’ll show you how to get rid of that annoying noise on hydraulic disc brakes then I’m on the bike, hear noise looks like the stadium trumpets … The cause of the noise can be either the bicycle has been very firm and therefore the surface of the disc or the brake pads are dirty or because we cleaned the bike with a spray oily and therefore the particles may have gone over the surface of the disc ruining the brake pad ie practically a brake pad has absorbed the oil and then slides on the braking track causing that annoying noise. To remove this noise you can use three systems the first one is the most recommended is to replace the brake pads because they are contained inside the oil then I recommend more just replace them or you can try two alternatives that I will show you now one use a spray that contains isopropyl alcohol Or a car body shop phone, in the first case it’s much easier just to spray on the brake disc A high enough amount of spray to clean All the braking part both the brake pads and the disc We also clean the disc completely from the other side of the disc and on the inside of the caliper where the pads are Now you have to wait a few minutes for the alcohol to be evaporated and then try to see if the noise disappeared. otherwise the last solution the strangest most in quotation marks e dry the oil inside the brake pads with the phone. Once the brake pads have been removed from the caliper we clean with paper simple the surface so as to remove at least the first part of dirt On the pad, ok, once the entire surface is clean, we dry with a body shop phone The body shop phone has a very high temperature so you have to be careful how you use it, We try to warm up at least 2 – 3 minutes, continuous time, As you can see the oil inside the pad is evaporating so until you see the dry surface we continue the operation be careful where you work because the phone is a lot powerful so below maybe I’ll get a brick. I put the tablet on a brick because the phone is very powerful it could also ruin the table, continue the operation until the oil evaporates completely As you can see now the surface no longer gives off any liquid and I would say that the tablet is in place so there is nothing left but to try ok in the back I did the work with the phone and in the front I used the spray so let’s see if we solved the problem with both methods Well I would say yes the noise does not do it anymore I am braking, I would say that both methods work Say yes well I hope to be there was that this video helped noisy, please write to facebook instagram is clearly follow me on my Bicifaidate channel, hello everyone.

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