FULL MATCH – McMahon vs. Owens – Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell Match: Hell in a Cell 2017

[MUSIC] I don’t think any man or woman steps-
>>Into this cell without trepidation. [SOUND] But Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens
already are outside the Hell in a Cell!>>The bell rang, the match is official,
falls count anywhere!>>And
is exactly what Shane McMahon has to do. Shane has to be the aggressor here. Catch Kevin Owens off guard.>>And look at Shane McMahon,
those slow strikes. Such a diverse MMA background for
Shane McMahon.>>Extensive training with world-renowned
Muay Thai kickboxer Phil Nurse paying off for Shane McMahon.>>And watch this, watch this,
breaking down Kevin Owens here, along the barricade!>>This is exactly what we expected,
a downright street fight.>>And Kevin Owens able to wrench
Shane McMahon away from him for a moment. But again, Shane again with these punches.>>Shane has landed a lot of strikes, [SOUND] Kevin Owens was throwing some
bombs but Shane now drops KO first.>>They took out the legs of Kevin Owens.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Shane launched into the steel.>>Now Kevin Owens tossing Shane McMahon. This is the environment Shane wanted,
he wanted no barriers.>>Whoa, whoa, wait a minute,
up on the barrier! Look at Shane!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Shane McMahon knows no fear, will take every risk necessary
to eliminate Kevin Owens.>>Grab him, Shane, come on!>>The Brooklyn Four has one man that made
things so personal for Shane McMahon.>>Look at that.>>Side kick there from Shane McMahon.>>It looks like Owens was gonna
climb into the cage as a respite. No one’s ever climbed
in to Hell in a Cell.>>And just trying to get
away from Shane McMahon. Owens holding the door shut.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And remember, there’s no count outs and no disqualifications,
falls count anywhere.>>Screw you! Piece of->>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Shane McMahon just kicked the steel fencing into the face.>>Nothing is gonna come
between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens here tonight
inside Hell in a Cell.>>And now Shane,
watching the official lock the door. Shane wants it locked,
no escape for Kevin Owens.>>And a pump kick right in the face.>>Shane into the steel.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Kevin Owens was able to weather the early emotional storm from Shane,
and is now executing his own plan.>>Aah!>>And Kevin Owens launching
Shane McMahon one more time.>>You’re right, Corey. Shane McMahon needed to use that emotion,
but now Kevin Owens’ in full control.>>Remember what Owens
said earlier tonight? I am gonna grind Shane McMahon-
>>Wait, wait, wait.>>Take a good look at Daddy! Take a good look at Daddy!>>Aah! Aah!>>Owens is grinding the face of
Shane McMahon into the cell just feet in front of his children. [NOISE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Seeing Owens, embraces this new level of sadistic barbaric behavior
in the last couple weeks. Kevin Owens right on the back of the neck.>>I remember telling you if you
follow Kevin’s history far enough, there is no length KO won’t
go to to have his hand area.>>Into the steel stairs.>>I don’t know if the world-
>>Did you get a good shot?>>I don’t know if
the world has witnessed->>Come on Shane, do it for your kids! Do it for you dad!>>On the match, and boom! Right into the steel went Shane McMahon. Kevin Owens said earlier tonight that
Hell in a Cell is going to be my ally.>>Kevin Owens is one of the most sadistic
individuals we’ve ever seen at WWE. And I am certain for the past two weeks
Kevin Owens has stayed up all night, lost sleep, imagining depraved ways to
hurt Shane McMahon inside Hell in a Cell.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Familiar look on the face of Kevin Owens
with evil intentions in mind.>>And again,
this is all legal in the Hell in a Cell.>>What a kick.>>Look at Shane lashing
out here at Kevin Owens.>>Shane knows all about the Hell in
a Cell, has been inside it before, has done incredible things. On, and on top of the Hell in a Cell, knows what it will take to
defeat a man like Kevin Owens.>>Aah!>>This is so deeply personal-
>>Come on, Shane!>>This rivalry’s so rancorous.>>Come on, Shane!>>What is Owens willing
to do to finish Shane? We don’t know.>>Owens just made it clear he feels like
Shane McMahon is the root of the negative offenses that have taken place in this
career over the last couple of months. And a boot right on the side of the face,
and Shane McMahon down here and Kevin Owens.>>In full command here in
this Hell in a Cell match.>>My God.>>And
Kevin Owens follows it up with a here! And looking for a pinfall, and
falls count anywhere and a kick out.>>And I think what’s gotta
be going through the mind of Shane McMahon right now is an emotion
rolling to get you so far. Shane McMahon is the commissioner, Kevin
Owens is a world class WWE superstar, week after week. Emotion brought Shane here, but
I think Kevin’s well better to finish it. [NOISE]
>>And a headbutt there by Kevin Owens.>>To that point,
there is a locker room full of superstars, extremely interested in
the outcome of this match. Because look, depending on what
happens with Shane McMahon, their careers’ could
get severely affected.>>Uh-oh!>>Kevin Owens with McMahon,
light in his sights.>>Clear the deck! Cannon ball.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And now Owens dragging Shane McMahon back in towards the middle
of the cover in a kick out.>>Don’t wave your little finger at me,
I should be your role model!>>Once again, Kevin Owens
speaking directly to the family, the children of Shane McMahon. Talk about the motivating fact of them. Shane’s family is for him at ring side. And you could make the argument that
they’re also motivating factor for Kevin Owens.>>They absolutely are, Byron, but
this is different for Kevin Owens. This is just a sick,
sadistic, malevolent maniac.>>Up to the top rope, here Kevin Owens,
remember what he did to Mr McMahon. Man! At the sent on, nobody home,
Shane got the knees up.>>Yeah, but Shane clutching at his right
knee might have done just as much damage to Shane as it did to Kevin.>>And Kevin Owens came crashing down. And Shane McMahon could be in
a bad spot here, watch this.>>Desperation move by Shane but nearly 270 pounds of Kevin Owens
right down on Shane Os knees.>>Point of the knee right into
the spine there of Kevin Owens.>>And at least temporarily buying himself
a reprieve from the onslaught of Owens.>>[NOISE]
>>And coming back here, look at this, with the lefts and
rights here, is Shane McMahon, backing up Kevin Owens into the corner,
nowhere for KO to go!>>Shane treating Kevin Owens like a heavy
bag You know Shane will never give up.>>And Shane on the elbow.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[LAUGH] Shane right back to his usual ways.>>Shane got himself a second wind.>>Boom, and in with the left-
>>And a right. [NOISE]
>>That’s Shane. There’s a forceful kick there to
Kevin Owens and the elbow again.>>It’s Shane.>>Shane with a DDT.>>Spiking Kevin Owens into the mat.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[NOISE]>>It’s Shane McMahon now putting Kevin Owens right where he wants him. It’s up to your imagination what you
can do here inside Hell in a Cell.>>And
Shane McMahon wants to punish Kevin Owens. This isn’t about wins and losses,
this is about settling a rivalry.>>Wait a minute, up to the top. Shane McMahon showing so impressing. Missed!>>What happens when emotion
gets the best of you. Shane wanted to just punish Kevin and
could have cost himself big.>>And look at Kevin Owens. Knows he just avoided catastrophe,
and now Owens going up to the top.>>And now Owens looking to inflict a
little catastrophe of his own on the head of Shane McMahon.>>Kevin Ownes looking to take
off here within the cell. And a splash to Shane McMahon.>>It could be all over here.>>Cover here on Shane, and
Shane able to kick out.>>The same monstrous frog splash
that Kevin Owens delivered to Mr. McMahon, Shane’s father, the same frog
splash that got us in this predicament.>>This was before this, watch this. A tremendous miss by Shane McMahon. Kevin Owens able to get out of the way.>>Look at the height that Shane McMahon
got, and then they suddenly impact.>>[NOISE]
>>Credit Shane McMahon for going for the home run, for
taking the ultimate risk.>>And there’s a grand slam right there, notice after the delivery
of the frog splash. Shane McMahon just barely squirms out,
there is no authority behind that escape.>>This is Hell in a Cell
here live in Detroit. Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon
locked inside the Hell in a Cell.>>Should have stayed down when you could.>>Owens could be thinking of
pop-up power bomb, my God!>>Look at Shane.>>Shane McMahon’s got an arm bar.>>Shane got away from that in a triangle. Go for the triangle here on Kevin Owens.>>Can Shane complete the triangle? He needs to pass Kevin Owens
arm under Kevin’s chin.>>He’s got Kevin Owens
down in the mat here.>>Could Kevin Owens tap
out to Shane McMahon?>>It’s the desperation submission but
Shane doesn’t have it fully applied. Kevin Owens is still able to fight. Kevin Owens, look at Kevin Owens. Remember, there’s no
disqualifications here, so Kevin Owens has got to break
free of Shane McMahon.>>That is great, great,
great awareness by Kevin Owens. Using the ropes to create
a little separation.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>And again out on the apron now, Shane McMahon’s got
Kevin Owens all wrapped up.>>And again, it doesn’t have
the triangle in completely here on Owens!>>No.>>Desperation power-bomb
onto the steel ring stairs.>>Did you hear the thud
of Shane McMahon’s body?>>I felt the vibration here at ringside,
Byron.>>And now, Kevin Owens,
falls count anywhere, here on Shane, and gets the shoulder up.>>That’s where both these
men have to be so careful. You’ve gotta be aware at all times,
anywhere, anytime here in this match.>>We’ve seen Shane bounce back before and
show incredible resiliency. But I don’t know how you
bounce back from that.>>Listen, you have to remember, this
match was the brainchild of Mr. McMahon. Shane McMahon sentenced
Kevin Owens to hell in a cell.>>Why are you making me do this? Why? Why?>>You can hear Kevin asking Shane
why did you make me do this?>>Twisted logic of Kevin Owens.>>It’s not twisted, Byron. Kevin Owens is like a wild animal
that’s been forced into a cage.>>Shane has barely moved since
receiving the power-bomb. [SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>He’s looking for a mat.>>Now Kevin Owens with a table.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>We saw this past week on Smackdown Live, Kevin Owens power-bombing Shane McMahon
through a table in the arena. Could we see a repeat of history,
or could we see worse?>>I might opt for worse. [SOUND]>>Aah, aah!>>And look at Owens, has complete
control here with Shane MacMahon. Shane could be at the mercy
here of Kevin Owens, I don’t know if.>>Come on, Shane!>>No.
>>Shane is out at the table here->>Owens is foaming at the mouth, like some sort of sadistic animal.>>Don’t, don’t do this-
>>No, no, no, Kevin!>>Cover,
with a cannonball through the table!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Look at the impact, Kevin Owens looking for
the cannonball, only finds the table. [SOUND] The table just disintegrates.>>Watch one more time. [NOISE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Shane McMahon just got->>Look at Shane, look at Shane!>>Shane’s got a half
of the table in hand!>>[LAUGH]
>>Splashing it over the back of Owens.>>Whatever weapon is available, by any
means necessary by both men in this match. Shane McMahon with the table.>>Aah!>>Swinging from the fences down
on the spine of Kevin Owens.>>Boy.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>A calling card for Shane McMahon over the years.>>Come on, Shane!>>And Kevin Owens and
his old tricks from underneath the ring, now Shane McMahon with his own turn.>>[NOISE]
>>For all the punishment that Kevin Owens
was enjoying putting on Shane McMahon, Shane has turned it around
in just as short a time.>>Which is remarkable in its own right. This is all about vengeance for
Shane McMahon. Shane looking to avenge Mr McMahon, what Kevin Owens did to the chairman
of the company and Shane’s father.>>Shane executes. Well, I think he’s gonna
try we will certainly avenge-
>>Listen, after everything that Shane has endured in this match,
I think it’s insane to attempt this. This is as high risk as it gets,
high risk, high reward. Or it could be disastrous for Shane.>>How far are you willing to go, what
are you willing to do for your family?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Shane’s hurt too but coast to coast drop kicked a trash can, almost through Kevin Owens. Was this the fatal blow,
is this was Shane McMahon had to do?>>Kevin Owens is motionless and now
Shane McMahon trying to turn him over on his back and Kevin Owens foot on the rope. The official is gonna allow it.>>How? How in the world?>>[NOISE]
>>Listen, I mean let’s take another look at
this coast to coast drop kick. Right on target, Shane McMahon
executes the cover and right. Guys, I gotta be honest with you. I think the referee got caught
up in the emotion of the moment. That should not have been a rope break. Kevin Owens should not have been able to
stop the Pinfall, with a foot on the rope. Understandably, emotions running high.>>An unusual falls-count-anywhere
match within Hell in a Cell. But I don’t know if Shane McMahon is
thinking about inside the Hell in a Cell part, when he saw that glass.>>Shane McMahon has always been
an outside the box thinker.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Open the door.>>I can’t, Shane.
>>Open the door.>>I can’t, Shane.>>Why on earth does
Shane want the door open? Kevin Owens is inside the ring.>>I guess when your the Commissioner,
you can make your own rules. Shane McMahon has bolt cutters.>>You’re kidding me.>>And look at Shane McMahon.>>Why in the hell is Shane McMahon
trying to leave the cell? He is having issues with Kevin Owens. I’m sorry, Shane’s issue is with Kevin
Owens who is in the center of the ring.>>And Kevin Owens has barely
moved back in the center. Why not end it the here?>>[NOISE]
>>[INAUDIBLE] trying to->>[APPLAUSE]
>>Well whatever it is, Shane has in mind,
we’re one step closer to finding out.>>I’m starting to wonder if
Shane knows what he has in mind.>>[NOISE]
>>Shane with a trash can.>>I guess it’s abundantly clear, the one thing we do know Shane
has in mind and that’s revenge.>>[SOUND]
>>Revenge and the pain and suffering of Kevin Owens.>>[SOUND]
>>Reducing the trash can to just crumpled steel.>>Owens now staggering out of the cell. [INAUDIBLE] I don’t know this
is what Kevin wants to do.>>Remember this is a false
count anywhere match. There is no safe haven for
either of these men in this match.>>Shane once again firing off. No.
>>And it looked like a low blow
there by Kevin Owens. It’s all legal. Face first into the diamond plate.>>No count out, no disqualification,
falls count anywhere. And that rule or lack thereof just
came back to haunt the commissioner. [INAUDIBLE]
>>Listen to this.>>[NOISE]
>>Just imagine the pain that is radiating throughout the
bodies of Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens. All the punishment these have
inflicted upon each other.>>[NOISE]
>>All right, Kevin Owens.>>My.>>[NOISE]
>>Owens almost catatonic.>>[SOUND]
>>It’s almost an eerie call in
the eyes of Kevin Owens. [NOISE] The more depraved he gets, the more destructive Owens becomes
[NOISE] the more relaxed in a way. [NOISE] The same look we saw after
Owens assaulted Mr. McMahon. The same look we saw last week
after Owens attacked Shane McMahon.>>[NOISE]
>>And now Shane McMahon is at the hands of
Kevin Owens outside of the Hell in a Cell. [SOUND]
>>Owens trying to tear and grind the flesh off of
Shane Mcmahon’s face.>>[NOISE]
>>Not open.>>Right here.
[NOISE] [SOUND]>>Owens now just standing on the neck of, my god.>>Whoa. [NOISE]
>>Be on the lookout.>>[NOISE]
>>And to smack the television
monitor across Shane McMahon!>>Shane’s got nothing left.>>Come on, Shane!>>Yeah! All right, now this is turning
into Kevin Owens’ playground. [NOISE]>>A headbutt to Shane!>>Just like Kevin did to Mr. McMahon. [NOISE]
Aah!>>Now, what is Kevin thinking right now?>>[NOISE]
>>No->>Something immensely destructive to the body of Shane McMahon!>>Kevin Owens, up on the barricade! [NOISE]
>>Kevin Owens staring down at Shane McMahon!>>[NOISE]>>No, no, no, no. Kevin Owens is not thinking. Kevin Owens is not
thinking sanely right now.>>You’re right, Byron,
Kevin Owens is completely out of his mind.>>Kevin Owens is climbing
the Hell in a Cell. There’s five tons of steel. Kevin Owens is scaling it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Shane McMahon in the meantime has not moved an inch.>>There is no question, Kevin Owens
is looking to end Shane McMahon, to drop something from
the top of the cage.>>My God, Owens is on top of the cell.>>Kevin Owens is 20 feet in the air
on top of the Hell in a Cell.>>You asked yourself what lengths
Kevin Owens is willing to go to. You’re about to find out. Someone get the EMTs ready. Someone, this is not going to end well.>>Think twice about this, Kevin. Think about what you’re about to do.>>No no.>>This is Shane’s livelihood. This is Kevin Owens’ career right here. [APPLAUSE]
>>Shane’s family is here watching this!>>[SOUND]>>Thank god. It looks like Owens maybe
having some reservations. [NOISE]
>>Kevin Owens can’t will himself to do it.>>I think it’s probably
the smartest thing. [NOISE]
>>No.>>My god. Where the hell is Shane McMahon going?>>A place he knows all too well,
the top of Hell in a Cell.>>Shane doesn’t even know
where he’s at right now. What the hell’s he doing climbing
a 20 foot steel structure like this?>>The only thing Shane McMahon knows is
that he’s still got a pulse to fight.>>I think Owens is probably
going to change all that. Someone needs to get these
guys off the damn cell.>>And look at Kevin Owens. Shane is hanging off the cell. Kevin Owens is trying to
get Shane off the cell. My god. Shane’s holding on by a hand.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And look at Shane, Shane is trying to battle
to the top of the cell.>>This is insane. This is absolutely insane.>>Shane McMahon and
Kevin Owens on the roof of the cell.>>We know from history only bad, bad
things happen on top of Hell in a Cell.>>[NOISE]
>>Shane and Owens.>>And here they go on top of the cell.>>It’s a hockey fight on
top of hell in a cell.>>God.>>I’m praying that that cage holds. [NOISE]
>>That is nearly 500 pounds of humanity crashing down on
the steel mesh at the top of the cell.>>Watch this.>>Right into the chain link of the steel.>>And ask Mick Foley just have
how damn dangerous this is. [NOISE]>>These two want to maim one another.>>No.
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>No, no, no, no!>>My god. [NOISE]
>>And again, Owens, off of the links of the cell.>>Well, Shane McMahon condemned
Kevin Owens to Hell in a Cell. This is teetering very, very closely
to a death sentence for Kevin Owens.>>Shane could drive him
on a descent to hell.>>Or Shane McMahon, for that matter.>>[APPLAUSE]>>And somehow, Owens and Shane battle on, 20 feet in the air, on top of the cell! [NOISE]
>>No, no, no.>>No, no, no, this is insane.>>God!
>>A suplex!>>Guys, the top of this cage is flexing. I’m telling you right now,
this is not gonna end well. These guys could crash right
through the top of this cell! It’s clear, Cole,
not that Shane McMahon or Kevin Owens.>>I know they don’t care about
all altitude human being.>>Almost as nervous as you are right now.>>[NOISE]>>Something has to give here,
on top of this cell.>>Let’s hope it’s not the cell.>>[NOISE]
>>Now, Shane back up to his feet, to meet Kevin Owens.>>Kevin Owens to the throat
of Shane McMahon.>>I can’t believe this.>>And every one of these
collisions with the cell, you hold your breath.>>No, no.>>No, no, please, no.>>God!>>[NOISE]>>The atmosphere inside this
building is just become eerie. Everyone’s holding their breath
with every motion, every movement. Both of these stars make just feel like
you’re teetering on the brink of disaster. [NOISE]
The cell cannot know.>>Kevin Owens, Kevin Owens going for
a power bomb on Shane.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It looked like Owens’ ankle clipped
one of the support beams. This is what it’s come to. Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon
fighting on top of Hell in a Cell.>>Think about the punishment these
two have dished out this match. Still inching towards each other,
still battling through. [NOISE]
>>No, no, no. Shane fighting his way out of it-
>>Shane!>>Looked like-
>>[NOISE]>>Shane!>>I think Owens was trying to get
Shane up through the power bomb, but-
>>These guys are getting real close to the edge.>>No.>>Bomb.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My God, enough. I thought for
sure that was the end of Shane McMahon.>>One more time here, watch what Shane-
>>[NOISE]>>You can hear him bounce off of the steel.>>I don’t know whether to thank
modern engineering or God, that the top of the cell
held up after that.>>I’m speechless as to what
we’re witnessing right now.>>There’s nothing else to say.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What’s going on to that>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Heavens sake, no, no, no, have it no, no, no,
>>Just who care.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Shane just put on the brakes trying to survive.>>Kevin Owens said we gonna
throw Shane off the cell. I didn’t think he actually meant it,
he’s gonna do it.>>And
Shane trying to take out a knee here. And again, these two just throwing
themselves at each other. God.>>[NOISE]>>The WWE Universe might not like it but thank God for
a little sanity from Kevin Owens.>>I agree with you.>>Shane’s not letting him go! Shane’s got a hold of Kevin Owens.>>[NOISE]
>>And Owens is trying to get down here,
off the cell. And Shane McMahon in pursuit
here of Kevin Owens.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>This is precarious here to say the least.>>Precarious? This is damn deadly.>>On the side of the cell here and
look at Shane. Both men about ten feet
down here on the cell and Shane, shots to the kidneys
here of Kevin Owens.>>This is about the craziest
thing I’ve ever seen.>>My god, Kevin Owens face-first,
bounce off the, no, no, no.>>[NOISE]
>>I can’t->>My god!>>The EMTs are out here, obviously. Shane McMahon just sent
Kevin Owens clashing ten feet, just exploded the ringside
announcer table.>>Watch this and again.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Kevin Owens’ body just obliterated the Spanish
announce table, watch.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And again, you don’t have to like Kevin Owens but
he’s a human being!>>What’s Morena doing out here?>>Come on!>>Carl, is he all right?>>Shane,
all you have to do is spring him.>>He’s your best friend!>>Kevin Owens may be seriously hurt.>>He’s moving his legs.>>Get in there to stop Shane! Shane there’s no reason
you should do this.>>Man, Shane aware of.>>Come on Shane, pin his ass. Pin his-
>>Shane still gotta pin, he’s gonna pin Kevin Owens. Shane, it’s over. Just pin him. He’s not moving.>>I mean there’s gotta,
>>Kevin Owens is a lifeless heap and
Shane McMahon is still moving forward.>>You said it before, Cole, this is
more than just earning the win here. This is about ensuring that your
opponent doesn’t walk after tonight.>>[APPLAUSE]>>I shudder to think what is going through the mind of
Shane McMahon right now.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Shane, go back! Shane, go back! Shane, go back! Shane, go back! Shane, go back! Shane, go back!>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Listen, guys, I get it. I understand defending your family,
and your father, and your family name. But the fight is over,
Kevin Owens can’t move! Kevin Owens has a family, too, damn it.>>Payback for his father.>>This isn’t payback Tom, Shane McMahon wants to make sure
Kevin Owens never competes again.>>Shane O Mac! Shane O Mac!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Boy no.>>Somebody-
>>No, Shane, no.>>Shane McMahon is once again going
to the top of the Hell in a Cell. Get somebody to get him off there!>>Come on!>>[NOISE]
>>And again, Kevin Owens is out here on the table, and-
>>Listen, Shane, think about tomorrow, think about
your family, think about your health!>>Well, Shane McMahon’s the commissioner. Obviously, the official’s
giving Shane a little leeway.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>He’s on top of the cell.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>This is all that Shane McMahon’s
been thinking about. He’s seeing red right now.>>No, no, no.>>Think about it, Shane.>>Shane, don’t. Shane, Shane, come on now.>>No, no, no, no. Shane-
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Shane, my god!>>What the hell,
where the hell did Kevin Owens go?>>[NOISE]>>My god!>>[NOISE]
>>Sami Zayn!>>Come on! [SOUND] Sami Zayn just saved Kevin Owens.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What in hell is going on?>>I don’t, why did Sami do that?>>They’re bringing out the back
board here for Shane McMahon, who just launched himself
20 feet off the cell. [NOISE]
>>And the EMTs are trying to check on Shane.>>[NOISE]
>>What is Sami doing?>>What are you doing? By the way, this match is continuing. Are you kidding me? It’s false count anywhere.>>One, two, three. [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Here is your winner, Kevin Owens.>>What just happened?>>What did Sami Zayn do? What is Sami Zayn thinking? [MUSIC] What just happened here? [MUSIC] [CROSSTALK] Shane is hurt,
Shane is hurt bad!>>Shane McMahon is hurt,
Kevin Owens is hurt. I don’t even know if Kevin Owens is
aware of what the hell just happened! [MUSIC]

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