Funk Mix – Dj XS 70mins of Jazzy Beats, Nu Disco & Funk Mix – Free Download

Funk Mix – Dj XS 70mins of Jazzy Beats, Nu Disco & Funk Mix – Free Download

Funk Mix 2013 – Dj XS Funky Vibes Mixtape #3

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  1. New funky vibes mixtape blending a little funk alongside nu disco, electronic & hip hop. Enjoy!

  2. Funky vibes 3 on my new channel!

  3. Mental @ 50.30!!!!!!

  4. Chilled, funky then party vibes, awesome!

  5. Another great funk mix XS, love it!

  6. Nice electro funk blend

  7. as i already said 4 your other mixes, this is real funky good shit, really well mixed and selected… big-up man, you rocked my place each time.

  8. Chilliant m8,peace,and happy newyear.

  9. Holy shit! i can't stop it, have you put some drug in your mixes isn't it?

  10. Sweet Tunes, just starting to move from Trance & Techno into Funk. This is good S*it 🙂 Cheers

  11. I couldn't find anywereDJ Jazzman_-_Cut Experience song on this compilation.Can you give me the right name of this song,please.Tanks

  12. using "What are words worth* is pure genius   

  13. good job! I hear every days….

  14. Help me! I can't stop my hip shaking.

  15. Nice set. Some real gems. Thank you!

  16. alexander robotnick tune stuck in my head.. I had to find the original. lol funny video.

    nice mix, people at work must look at me strange: dancing while sitting and coding.

  17. capo !!! muy bueno saludos

  18. Fantastico mix Wicked yo Peace Out

  19. This is clearly one of your best funky / jazzy beats – i just love it! Keep em comming!

  20. Yeah! Brenda Russell start (Remix) Tuff Mix Bro! A good amount of mixes you put out, soon the world will run out of tunes for you to mix….LOL

    Well done, we appreciate them….

  21. Boiler Room: Millenium Falcon (:
    Nice mix!

  22. Ti nisi kralj, ti si LEGENDA!!!

  23. You got me with the last tune… Well done sir. Good skills, good tunes.

  24. you're mixes have so much style and class they be walking with a pimp Kane smoking a Cuban, lol. good work

  25. I love that you threw Prince in there too! RIP Prince

    a old one Wicked this is

  27. Oh no shite dis dj you sound it yea**

  28. YES, more Funky and funky.. Only FUNKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! merci

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