Funko Pop HQ: Purveyors of Pop Culture

welcome fellow travelers today on Exit
Thru the Gift Shop we are at the world headquarters of Funko the
purveyors of pop culture All along the front of the store there are these giant Funko pop figures including spider-man on a bridge keeping
a watchful eye over the city just inside the front entrance we have
full-sized Funko’s pink teddy bear lizard man every room in the store has a
different theme we’re currently in Wetmore forest and check out these guys
they’re adorable here’s a green bunny rabbit with horns
the theming in here is incredible there’s various different sizes of the
Funko pop characters there’s interactive screens games for the kids we’re gonna
be able to spend some time in here for sure look at this guy not only is he awesome with wood horns of some sort but he’s
got other guys that live in his beard and standing outside of funkopop Gotham is of course Batman and inside of the Arkham Asylum we’ve got villains including the Joker amazingly they’ve got a whole cave
devoted to 1960s themed Batman including Adam West Batman and in the background a lifelike replica Burt Ward going down the bat pole and we’ve got an entire Disney Princess Castle over here there’s Belle and over here Elsa with Olaf right at the back here we’re in the Funko Factory here’s where they keep all the
concentrated liquid fun and buckets of parts which are making their way over to the assembly station you can actually build your own custom Funko pick ahead
pick a body pick some accessories and it’s yours over in the Harry Potter
section we have Hagrid in his umbrella standing next to Funko Diagon Alley
there they are Harry Potter Ron Weasley and Hermione but they better watch out I think there
might be some trouble lurking just around the corner of course Chewie is guarding the Funko Star Wars exhibit this tauntaun looks so happy I bet it
doesn’t even know what it has in store over in Marvel and we’ve got Iron Man
and the Hulk busting through a wall and there’s so much merchandise different
things to see I might have to ask for some help – “Excuse me sir excuse me I just have a quick question?… Spider Man hanging out
fighting the Green Goblin and here’s Deadpool hanging out on top of
Deadpool’s chimichangas tons and tons of great photo opportunities in here this
one’s my favorite Jack Skellington over in the anime section there is a
giant Godzilla destroying Japan the amazing thing is I’ve been having so
much fun checking out the store and enjoying all of the life-size and larger
creations that I haven’t even checked out the merch all over the place there’s
things that are just super awesome this is a leather backpack which is not for
me but it’s still totally cool and this seriously cool Mike Wazowski
backpack there is every type of Funko pop imaginable everything from Game of
Thrones or stranger things unfortunately I’m taking a look at all
of them and I can’t find one for a poor barb look at these totally cool tin
lunchboxes from stranger things wait a minute how did pickle Rick get in here
and I love what they’ve done with this Funko home video series these are
actually t-shirts in like a 1980s style VHS cassette box so there’s actually a
t-shirt inside of here of Beetlejuice, Gremlins, Jurassic Park and all kinds of
other classic movies and these little handbags are awesome you can pick your planet either Tatooine or chorus ha
or who wouldn’t want their own Ewok backpack or their Ewok purse all right so this is another awesome
place there’s tons of things to explore everywhere you look there’s something
new I could I could purchase the whole place it’s all really cool merchandise
in there anything that you like in terms of pop culture you can probably find it
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