Get Rihanna’s Coachella Look

Get Rihanna’s Coachella Look

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  1. i saw an ad of them promoting wix in the beginning of the vid

  2. it's my birthday please at least 5 likes

  3. It’s not a jumper, it’s a romper!!!

  4. These are the men I look up to

  5. Doesn’t Rhett have a wife

  6. Boarderline creepy and I’m super into it.

  7. I just love Rhett's obsession for Rihanna 😂

  8. Lmao what is this show?? What am I watching!

  9. Rhett's love of Rihanna is my favorite.

  10. OMG

  11. So fashion con ad everyone is cosplaying

  12. I’m pretty sure Rhett’s “outfit” doesn’t cost 85 dollars 😂

  13. link reminds me of every school picture Photographer I'v had to interact with

  14. Rhett has good taste, Rihanna is a goddess! <3 Very fun episode, as always guys. 🙂

  15. This may seem sad but this seems like Rhett is sick and this is his wish from the make-a-wish foundation

  16. They look like old grandparents talking about trends

  17. This thumbnail is fire

  18. CAN U PLEASE INVITE LIZZZA ON THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  19. 1 like for Katy perry ❤❤❤❤💎💎💎💎💎

  20. At the end why were there two pictures of riri besides themselves

  21. Zack Martin??? Looks different from how I remember him…

  22. I see no difference

  23. Rhirhi calling her lawyer


  25. A year ago today

  26. Did Rhett ever go to Coachella with Rihanna?😂

  27. they wear those pants to cover up belly rolls

  28. Gucci t-shirts are super ugly.
    They look like the shit you'd get at supermarkets in the 80s for $2.

  29. I know I'm late to the party BUT you guys need to have a fashion segment on GMM because a dude's point of view on fashion and style is always hilarious!!!!

  30. How did he change so fast? Did I just miss the cut?


  32. Episodes like this make me feel bad for their kids…

  33. They started to talk about belly button and I thought about there song go check it out and like!!!!!

  34. 5:10 woody is my favorite anime character

  35. I hope RiRi saw this😂

  36. Tell them to change their name ten feet tall is a Japanese Legend that kidnaps young children or 6 feet tall

  37. why would you want to "fit in"

  38. I love it. I love it soooooo much!!!!😂😂😂😂😍

  39. Zack Martin…I'm having flashbacks to my childhood 😂😂

  40. find someone who loves you as much as Rhett loves Rihanna

  41. "The belly button is a tube to the inner side of yourself"- Rhett 2017

  42. It’s ridiculous how great Rhett looked in just the sunglasses and shiny purple onsie/jean shorts, just take off the shitty tank top! He was unexpectedly slaying before lmfao.

  43. Link, they cover the belly button to hide that they don't…have ONE!! DUN DUN DUN…. Clones.

  44. rhi rhi is shaking

  45. I used to love this show but u lost me with all the commercials, and it seems scripted not funny

  46. Why is Rhett 50% teenage girl and 50% lumberjack

  47. You guys are so strange. I love it!

  48. The young dude that said "It's time to spin the wheel…" had cool shirts. Go back and look at them.

  49. Zac Martin? more like Zac efron

  50. I honestly thought Coachella was a bus service

  51. Rhett is so tall!!!

    I just searched up his height…… HE’S FREAKING 6’7!!!! IM FREAKING 4’11!!! I’m so tiny compared to him😭😭

  52. They gotta get Rihanna on the show before it's over.

  53. I have the same shirt as the guy with the glasses…

  54. You guys really need to have riri on the show (btw, they tried to autocorrect “riri” to dirt)

  55. Who hopes that @badgalriri is watching! 🤣

  56. 11:47 perfect match

  57. I flippin love those jewelsss I wonder who they bought them from on ebay~~~

  58. Omg i got an ad when rhett unzipped his pants. So funny

  59. Here is a Reese's commercial how the company pronounces their own name.

  60. @6:04 I am asking myself…what am I watching and why did I continue watching? 😂🤣

  61. 1:51 Lol Link, what was with that voice??

  62. What weird porno did I just watch

  63. Fast forward to 2019 and Rhett is wearing similar outfut to what Cam Newton wore on his instagram! times have changed.

  64. Everyone needs a best friend like Link who'll throw glitter at you and take a picture with that amount of effort… xD

  65. For anyone confused about how he changed so quickly, they just used layered footage.

  66. Is it just me or does Rhett actually look like a dog following sound at 11:15?!
    (Actually more like Barbara if I want to be specific😂)

  67. "Rhi Rhi is more flexible than Rha Rha."
    -Rhett Mcglaughlin, 2017

  68. That must felt so uncomfortable

  69. Rhett “i think i can pull this off “
    Rhett “LINK hold my beer
    Link “ wow you really pulled it off Rhett “ ( sarcastically )

  70. Rhett made me feel uncomfortable around the 6:38 mark

  71. Rhett really likes Rihanna doesnt he e.e

  72. Rhettchella 🤣🤣🤣

  73. Kam newton 6,5 the guy saying he’s a large man 6,7 …

  74. You are glueing that thing right to his skin! Too funny ..

  75. Nailed it. Omg 😮

  76. Coachella is a festival with arts and… tents… and drugs 😐

  77. bring back ten feet tall omg

  78. What are Link's boots??

  79. I love how Rhett somehow ended up looking like some sort of thanos cochella look

  80. Hopefully one day Riri will be a guest on the show so Rhett can finally live his dream 😂👍

  81. “She always does it to me man” -Rhett

  82. Your talking about burning man

  83. Rhett was a most excellent model for Link the photographer! 😍😂😂 That line though about flexibility had me in tears lol 😂😂

  84. they're just lowkey flaming them and i aint complaing

  85. OMG !!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😅😅👍👍👍 love you guys 😂🤣😅👍👍

  86. You could literally just show up wearing what you are rn and everyone would say you slayed it. And I would agree

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