Giant 3ft Balloon Pop (in Slow Motion) – Slow Mo Lab

What’s up guys?! Welcome to Slow Mo Lab! If you watched our videos for a while, you know we love to blow up balloons [blowing up large balloon] [big balloon pops] [big white balloon pops in slow motion] and experiment with different balloons Today, I got a giant, giant balloon! And what I am going to today is I am just going to blow it up! And we are going to see it explode and see it in super slow motion let’s do it! Alright, so I got one of these, ummmm, leaf blowers and I am going to put my giant balloon on top of it. Hopefully, it’s not going to tear it apart or something like that and, uhhhh, we are going to blow it up but of course, I am going to put some duct tape or some package tape …on it, to make sure it doesn’t fall off or anything, but.. hopefully, it’s going to be very big before it pops Let’s check it out! [puts duct tape on the balloon to tape it to the leaf blower] I hope I didn’t bite the balloon through alright Let’s check it out! I am going to hold it with my hands too Alright, slow motion ready?? – Yeess …Let’s do it! [starts the leaf blower and it’s blowing up the balloon] [red giant balloon is being blown up] Oh, my gosh!!!! [Dima stands up in order to keep the balloon in tact] that freaks me out!!! BOOOOOOM!!! [giant balloon pops] [Dima screams like a little girl once again!] Let’s check it out in slow motion! [dramatic slow mo music is playing] [Boom!! – giant balloon pops in slow motion] [reversed slow mo: giant balloon un-pops in slomo] [giant balloon pops in slowmo again] [Here comes Dima’s scream in slow motion] [Dima is screaming and shaking in slow mo] that balloon went to, went shredded into pieces! that looked really cool in slow motion, so I decided what if I try to blow it up actually with my mouse I’ve done it with a pretty large balloon but not a giant 3 ft balloon like this so, it will be very interesting for me to see if I can do it if I can blow it up with my mouse, Let’s do it! [blowing up the blue giant balloon in fast motion] My head is starting to hurt [giant balloon is getting bigger] uuuu, that’s pretty large, but my head is about to explode it would be a good slow motion shot (talking about a head exploding in slow mo] I GAVE UP!!! giant balloon is making farting noise This one is much bigger!! AAAAHHH! UAHHH!! [screams like a man!] [balloon pops] let’s check it out in slow motion! [reversed slow mo is playing] [zoom in slow mo is playing] [the giant balloon is popping in slow mo] [talks very loudly] well guys, that was pretty laud! I can’t even hear right now so… I hope you enjoyed it, don’t forget to subscribe! Like up this video! and we’ll see you next time! Piece out! can’t hear nothing! [previous slow mo video is playing: Underwater Blast at 25000 fps – Slow Mo Lab] [firecracker is blasing in the fish tank in slow mo] [strange shock wave is going down in slow mo while expanding and contracting}

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