Godzilla | Long Live The King

Godzilla | Long Live The King

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  1. King Of The Monsters.

  2. Fuck yeah!!! Good ol' Frank Sinatra and some awesome Godzilla together.
    You rock!!!

  3. What a coincidence, i actually listened to this song yesterday, that was an amazing job my friend, great tribute for the king of monsters!

  4. Bravo! This music and what you do with the scenes and sounds, truly piece of art my friend!

  5. Fucking spectacular!!!!!!

  6. masterpiece video for king of the monsters
    I was waiting for this

  7. I Love how The Muto’s Roar…

  8. Wrong King 😅 good tho

    P.S .. only 1 King according to Claires Law 💪🏼🖕🏻😊😄

  9. how is this channel so small? love your edits

  10. This edit is soooo good, this makes me want to watch this movie so much.

  11. This is so powerful my friend! This edit is perfection!

  12. Can't wait to see this dude and some monkey beat the shit out of each other.

  13. Oh my god, this is perfection!

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