Guildhall Graduation 2019

Guildhall Graduation 2019

♪ Brass Ensemble plays Bill Conti’s
Gonna Fly Now, Superbrass arrangement I think one of my most memorable
Guildhall moments was performing in one of the operas,
in Midsummer Night’s Dream for the Opera Course which was the
highlight of my entire time. So I would say the first day,
it’s when you finally meet everyone that is actually here,
so I would say that. I’d say Christmas Festival every year
is always a very very good day. One of the most memorable moments
was actually going in to class and meeting my cohort for the first time, seeing these people and being
blown away immediately by the level of skill
and excellence and craft. That will forever be with me. One part of Guildhall that I really enjoyed
was just when they took all of the Video Design course to Belgium
and we spent a really nice time together we went to go and see a show
and we came back and we spoke technical about things
and we drank together and we just had a really good time. So charming!
Yeah he’s just too charming. Stop swatting me in the face, you’re supposed
to put it on that side, you graduated! Is it, which side does it go on?
Right! He’s an amateur!
That one? Is that right? Getting actually into the course
and starting out, that first term just blew my mind, like the building, the students, the staff,
it was just an amazing atmosphere. Being a part of the opera Così fan tutte
was a lot of fun, it was a good cast, and a good
vibe, you know, performing with the orchestra as well
and first opera at Guildhall. It has to be an Ubu concert, either when we did
Frank Zappa music in my third year or Louis Andriessen’s De Staat, it’s music that I definitely didn’t know
before coming to Guildhall and taking part in the rehearsals of that
ensemble and in the concert was just absolutely incredible, because you find out something new
about your own playing and also about the repertoire
that’s out there. Being in this hive of like-minded musicians made me strive for excellence
in everything I did, from chatting to singers in the
foyer, room hopping in Silk Street, battling for room bookings
in the Asimut Wars, racing to confirm my room on an Asimut terminal
at four minutes past the hour, procrastinating or panicking in the chaos
of common room on deadline day, getting lost trying to find B16. There were so many great memories because the colleagues are the best
colleagues you can ever find. They’re so nice and generous and I’ve been
really happy to have such great friends I feel I’ve been given so many tools, and now I can just move on forward
in my career from that really. It’s really exciting! I just loved, like, it not being a bubble, like actually getting out
and getting to do art in the real professional world
whilst studying. Entering into the big bad world as a
musician, actor or production artist can be a daunting thing, but I think I can
speak for all of us when I say there is a comfort in knowing that we have a
strong network of Guildhall alumni out there to support one another. Never ever lose your dream,
never ever lose that energy, and never lose your positivity, there’s so much negativity around,
you have to fight it. Don’t be ashamed of owning the fact
that you’re in love with what you do. Do as many different things as you can
because that’s how you’ll get the most experience
and have the most fun. It is a job and there will be
tough moments but that’s the thing to do
if you really love doing it and you really want to
make it your career then you have to stick with it
and enjoy yourself. What we do is important. We’re often diving into the collective
unconscious of our society and holding it up to be looked at. Civilization, community, citizenship, can be measured by
the health of its art scene. *cheers and applause*

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  1. Well done to all! An excellent achievement backed by an exceptional school! 👏

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