Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl (Official Music Video) ft. Eve

Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl (Official Music Video) ft. Eve

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  1. Hola no tengo amigos y este tema me encanta lo bailo en la ducha y digo nananaannaannananan

  2. like si tambien tenes alta frente

  3. классненько

  4. !Breathing and exchange of gases!

  5. December 2019?

    Diciembre 2019?

  6. me after buying a fake Gucci shirt:

  7. Love this song. Listening to 2019! 👊

  8. Suddenly I'm in 4th grade again, listening to this on the radio while getting ready for school. Lol

  9. The original (Ivan Rebroff):


  11. Gween newsflash you are a rich girl and a true icon !

  12. This was my dance song AND I GO TO 💃🏽DANCE

  13. i do say nananaanananananananananananananananananannanananananannananananananannananananananananaannaaananananananannananananaanannanaananananananannananaanannananananananananannanananananananananannaanannanaananna

  14. Essa música e mto loka eu amo ela

  15. As a kid i refused to watch this video bc of the bratz doll drownings


  17. Early 2000's Gwen showing off her healthy figure and washboard abs.

    Me, stares in offended, while eating a doughnut

  18. Just dance 2014 hahaha lol😂

  19. Hello from insomnia land

  20. Gwen Stefani had such obsession for Japanese back then lol

  21. 1080p quality in 2009? 🤔

  22. Love 2 the Delemar

  23. Love sent to Athena in Nashville

  24. Love 2 India love Osaka

  25. Love 2 Sedona Tesla mount Shasta

  26. Love you Gavin Faith

  27. Osaka trying 2 milk mommies cow

  28. To this day, this song still scares me in a way I do not understand and can't explain

  29. I dont know why alestorm never did a cover for this song, If I was a rich pirate!

  30. Damn gwen you got it going on

  31. fatima musca gwenstefani rich girl eve fatima1amigsa154

  32. hello AMERICAN people here is the original track made by a GERMAN singer singing in FRENCH and pretending to be a RUSSIAN

  33. I know I'm not the only person who came here because of Beverly Hills Chihuahua

  34. Who else notice the girls in da begging Are Playing with Bratz dolls

  35. 2:37 my favorite part

  36. Well with a 100 m views I bet you’re much more than a rich girl

  37. Brazil ✌' music Baby'

  38. She's Marilyn Monroe reborn.

  39. Imagine making this song famous again before 2019 ends ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  40. 😮😮😮😮THOSE ABS😮😮😮😮

  41. Half the lyrics are taken exactly from "if I was a rich man" from Fidler on the rooftop

  42. 15 años 😍😍😍🔥

  43. No one realizes how close this is to "Fiddler on the Roof – If I were a rich man"… I think this song copied it…

  44. JAJAJA es inevitable no acordarme a Una chihuahua de Beverly Hills

  45. She actually walked around with 4 non speaking japanese girls in real life. Like they were dolls.. She us signing about owning them, dressing them and naming them 2:07

  46. You say shootin’ batter or shouldn’t matter Gwen Stefanovich?

  47. Eve really Michelle Obama

  48. When the song write watched fiddler on the roof before writing…

  49. This song is still my anthem

  50. Fiddler On The Roof – If I Were A Rich Man (1971)

  51. So this doesn’t sound familiar (fiddler on the roof – if I was a rich man)


  53. Me:*Trying to sleep*

    My brain at 3 AM:


  54. Nostalgia! This song was pretty popular when I was little!

  55. Well Eve became a rich girl 😂.

  56. Yas honey bratz doll

  57. The teacher: After 5 Minute I Will Take The Papers
    My brain :If iWaS A rIcH gIrL NaNaNAnaNA

  58. Me when my mom says I can keep the 5

  59. @03:34 nice Nikes 😀

  60. The song is great but during my exam it got stuck on my mind i was tryna do calculus while my brain was going “IF I WAS A RICH GIRL NANANANANANANANAAAA”

  61. I'd sleep nude in blankets made of money…..

  62. Her abs are insane 😩

  63. I came here because of Harry Potter edits-

  64. Awww HOW CUTE , a white girl who thinks she's black

  65. I'll do her or both

  66. Iike te gusta el uno del grupo de trabajo musical

  67. 0:02 Humm…. What?…. excuse me…..?

  68. Remember my mom listening to this when I was little haha and I used to dance like crazy to this

  69. A este video le faltó el violinista en el tejado.

  70. Still wishing I was a rich girl lol

  71. omgosh how is this possible the whole you tube WON remastering all these amazing videos must of taken forever…and IM LOVIN IT! Thanks Gwen!

  72. 3:47 R.I.P the dolls XD

  73. This music not have risk for everyone

  74. But The bad The women is very necked

  75. That is exelemt sujebt for me i like it

  76. omg I didn't remember this song until I just heard it, memories are coming back to me now

  77. Who is this Eve person? She raps soooo good, i like the characters of her voice

  78. Love this blasting this in my car and I am a guy 😂😝😂😝😂

  79. Who came here cuz of bring it on

  80. If i was a rich boy

  81. This song came out a year before Bratz Treasures came out! What a complete miss 🙁

  82. When Music was fun 🙁


  84. lisa from blackpinks swalla dance literally fits this so well you would think it was the original song

  85. came for the "if i were a rich man" quote and nothing more

  86. I wile to.realized it was bratz dolls lol

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