Harry Potter Funko Pop – Wizarding World Gold Exclusive

Harry Potter Funko Pop – Wizarding World Gold Exclusive

whoo…live! Hi everyone and welcome to
this live unboxing… of this Harry Potter Funko Pop Wizarding World Gold exclusive I’m so not used to doing lives but this this is a little bit this videos a little bit
earlier today because this evening I’m off to the Wizarding World Gold Christmas party well to me it’s the Yule Ball and that’s how I’m seeing it as I received this package, this one here and I thought I’d do a little unboxing now I do know what’s including in this but I haven’t opened it yet but it includes how I put a Funko pop that is a pre-release exclusive so
available for Wizarding World Gold Members and Warner Bros. has kindly sent us
over to me for free so I thought I would open it together and then we can have a look and see so I’ve removed like addresses and stuff but and I’ve had a little sneak peek because I can help myself and hopefully this is all coming through ok cuz I’m so not used to it but it is this little package, oh it’s so cute so I do actually have, I’ve purchased one of the big Hogwarts trunks so this is like a little mini one and it’s so cute but let’s have a look, but I don’t take too long, because otherwise this video is going to be like absolute forever cuz I normally have an edited video but this is, oohhh ohh fancy how cute, oh look how cute it is, it’s so smol ok so what’s this, so this has got all the emblems/house crests on I’ll look, because I’m not sure if this has got names on so let me just have a quick look at what’s on this oh okay it’s fine alright so it says hi Rodney thank you very much for all support you’ve shown the Wizarding World, we hope you enjoy the goodies from us @wizardingworld #wizardingworldgold so that’s cute, oh so pretty, look at the house crests okay so as you can see if you didn’t know already, guess what, I’m in Hufflepuff so let’s have a look at this so, let’s put that aside and then let’s, what should I go for first oh I know this is the Funko Pop so let’s, let’s do that at the end, let’s go for this one first and I don’t know what this is could be one of those, exclusive clothing thingies which is very kind
okay so it looks like it’s a t-shirt, okay cool I’m so excited for this, you know I was actually gonna purchase one of these I was like a click away from buying it,
oh so this is the back ok cool, I love it, I love the colour oh wow ok so this is one of their, sorry let’s get it in shot so this is my their exclusive
house crests from the Wizarding World Cool, whoo I will definitely enjoy wearing that, I love me a Harry Potter t-shirt look how cool that is I’ll have to upload photos on social media when I’m wearing it it’s bit unusual seeing like not seeing me on camera – oh that’s so kind of them ah I love that, I’ll really enjoy wearing that okay so here’s the Funko Pop, let’s have a look okay so this must be the strap, cuz it’s
like a little bag you can carry, how cute okay let’s move that aside then we can get to the, wrapped in yellow how apt ooh and it has an enchanted key on it I believe that you can scan this because it’s an exclusive put that aside how cute is that?! this is a pre-release exclusive do you know, this is my first Funko pop I don’t actually own any, I’ve never purchased any and what, what an amazing one to get I have to scan this later, I’m using my phone to record this so I’m gonna have to scan this this later and see what magical treat that reveals so I do you open these? I’m not sure if people open these? it’s like if I open this have I like made it like un-purchasable now or something like devalued it right let’s move that aside and take it out oh it’s so cute how does it work? oh I see
so it’s actually got a little stand you can see me never having done a Funko pop in my life I’m guessing they go there is that right? Maybe I’ve done it the wrong way around maybe I’ll have to figure that out in a moment but let’s show the actual article first oh it’s so cute so it’s a Patronus – oh it’s see-through as you would expect oh so cute, let’s see if we can get this on I’m gonna just try and do this on screen see me failing at doing this why am I not doing this right? Why is it not getting on? am I going to achieve it? maybe not…oh yeah, I did it! gosh that was a drama, imagine I didn’t get done? alright there it is standing but actually it makes no difference with it standing that way, you can’t even see it I’ll have to upload some other photos of
this as well on social media, so look out for that I’ll include some in the community posts here as well this is a little Funko pop thank you so much to Warner Bros.for sending this over So this Harry Potter funko pop is available to purchase from the wizarding world online shop tomorrow from 11:00AM Eastern Time and then 4PM Greenwich Mean Time, so in the UK it’s for gold members so be sure to check your app and then log into the online store ahead of time for the best chance to get this, because I believe it’s limited like a limited item so if you want to get that, if you Funko Pop collectors are eager for this in your Wizarding World Gold member, then be sure to to grab that so let me just put that all together, so you’ve got that and then have the slippy how cute is this? I love it! T-shirts! magical…behind the scenes, huh? rearranging a photo tada! okay, so what…well thanks very much for watching I hope you have enjoyed this weird video without me being in it, of just my magical hands there’s not even a wand in it, hang on, one second… got my wand to hand… swish and magic if you have enjoyed this video, please do give it a like and do subscribe if you’re not already be sure to check out my social media where I’ll be doing posts for tonight from the Yule Ball/the Wizarding World Gold Christmas and for photos of more of these things and with that remember… the Wizarding World is just one spell away thanks for watching!

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