Haywyre live at Bonnaroo 2017 -[Full set]- Unreleased Music

Haywyre live at Bonnaroo 2017 -[Full set]- Unreleased Music

yo Bonnaroo my name’s Haywyre, It’s my first time here i hope you guys enjoy the set, Cheers Are you guys doing okay out there? thanks for having me guys are you guys still with me? Bonnaroo thank you guys again for having me lets get this going thank you again bonnaroo -giggle- are you guys having a good time gee theres a lot of you guys out there alright i wont keep you waiting thats a tune by my good buddy -uh kill paris for my next part of my set i wanna- i wanna delve into some more four by four stuff this next track is a tune of my own entitled do you dont you from my most recent album called two fold part two cheers Woo! Bonnaroo how are you guys feelin’ out there This is a remix i did for my buddies ODESZA Bonnaroo you guys wanna hear a track im working on? some new stuff? cool what do you guys think aye you guys doing alright out there? yo ive got five minutes left with you guys im gunna end this set with a song that is uh kind of a staple of my release -idk- i suppose its a bootleg remix of of a track by michael jackson called smooth criminal hope you guys enjoy cheers Bonnaroo thank you guys so much i wish i had time for more but its time for me to leave you guys got time for a family photo with me? heck yeah lets do it thank you guys again for having me alright you guys ready? 3..2..1.. thank you guys so much, see you guys next time love you guys bonnaroo

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  1. Thank you for uploading this.

  2. What’s the song he plays after I Am You? Thanks for the upload!

  3. anyone know the song at 35:30?

  4. Full Bonnaroo tracklist in description of track.
    Listen to Haywyre live at Bonnaroo 2017 [Tracklist in description] by Aundray Nengim #np on #SoundCloud

  5. I was there this was dope as hell!!! Been listening to it over and over!

  6. so did you obey your dad and stay home?

  7. Thanks for the upload!!

  8. FUcking loved every minute of this I LOVE HAYWYRE HE'S AN EDM MOZART

  9. Damn it
    It's happening again!
    Haywyre releases his new track…


    "For granted" 😀

  10. I can listen to him improv all day. Haywyre and deadmau5 are literally the 2 most talented artists in the field right now imo.

  11. I swear if Haywyre doesn't drop his next album this year imma be salty

  12. 20:36 is we've been by fredrick robinson

  13. I wanna find for granted

  14. I'm glad your dad let you stay home! 3:00

  15. Oh boiiii that mix of Oliver – Light Years Away!

    Haywyre x Oliver needs to happen someday.

  16. How about you don't steal an artist's music. The reason he never officially released Dichotomy Hard Mix is because of this shit

  17. Is there anything better than hearing the man play some jazz over a Kaytranada Edit?

  18. Love how he does these live shows. It's opposite to button pressing garrix style, so amazing.

  19. 2:55 Shoutout to dad

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