Hi-Rez – We Want Change (Official Music Video)

Hi-Rez – We Want Change (Official Music Video)

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  1. #HiRezTV
    i will follow you only for this song! is dope and truth! Bless from Romania!

  2. Dope! Also sounds like logic.

  3. You are great don’t stop you will be great better then logic and and a few

  4. 🥰🥰🥰♥️💘💝💟❣️💌💕💞💓💗💖 from India

  5. Losing a friend, family member, or someone you truly love is so, so hard…

    I am an atheist, but I send my blessings from the Land of the Free… The United States! <3

  6. GREATTTTTTT i love the rap:)

  7. This is a not a meaningless rap …. Idol .

  8. Bro i love your tunes but easier to get a gun then a job? I feel if you use that statement you have never tried to aquire either. " some people balme the gun" well, those peiole clearly have bever owner a gun because it require a person to fire a gun so thise peoole pointing fingers need to realize there are many more lives saved a year then taken with guns. ( since the early 90s we have had less then 2 percent murders done with a high capacity mag.. almost always hand guns. Remember kids criminals dont folkow laws thats what makes then crimknals right? So please tell me how gun laws would stop criminals from obtaining weapons? Its common sense and its,sad to see most people have lost that in the pursuit of social justice …

  9. You and vin jay should collab

  10. My cousin died in a school shooting protecting his girlfriend and her bestfriend

  11. who ia here after uber vide0??

  12. I'm sorry for your loss rip nicholas dworet.
    Personally I cant connect with school shootings or stuff like that since I dont live in America. I live in Canada.. where there is legit almost no school/mass shootings.. so I strait up have no idea how something like this would feel if it were to happen to me.. I cant relate (nor do I wish I could relate.. it would suck)
    My thoughts and prayers are with you

  13. You remind me of T-Bag from Prison Break in this Video. LMAO

  14. Frist time hearing this song. Before the song was over I made sure I had it downloaded. Love your music hi rez

  15. the people who put thumbs down are dassafmtfers

  16. I just found this dude, how long he’s been out. He’s good

  17. I feel ya high res you say it like it is yewwww I love how you can spit. is time for change every one needs to stop and think about it before that do but I'm not the one to judge but ive done some stupid stuff rip that bars brother I feel for that country what there going through it must be hard there and it puts tears down my face every time I watch it

  18. R.i.p for your cousin

  19. Thank you my best friend I love you are talking to Africa politician you are a great one Love ❤💙

  20. I respect HiRez. Talented AF. But let's talk real shit here. When a drunk kills a family on the freeway do you blame the car or the drunk? When a terrorist bombs a building do we blame the bomb or the terrorist? So you're asking for change? There's tens of thousands of retired law enforcement and vets that would pick up and holster a firearm to protect our kids across our country at every school in the nation. But "That's insane!" you say? Oh really…

    We put armed guards in our banks protecting our money, we put armed guards in our malls to protect our material wealth and consumers, we put armed guards at our airports to protect our planes, we put armed guards all throughout government buildings to protect our politicians and President. BUT YOU REFUSE TO PUT ARMED GUARDS AT OUR SCHOOLS TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN???

    Anyone who thinks it's a bad idea to protect our children at our schools are fucking idiots. Put retired Vets and Law enforcement at our schools and we will see school shootings come to a crawl overnight. THAT'S the answer. WE HAVE a solution.

    Also HiRez I know this is a video, and it's all highly produced BUT please take your finger off the trigger when handling a firearm loaded or not. It's carnal knowledge. You NEVER put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to throw RDR's.

  21. So what’s up with the teachers and students saying swat/military people were shooting multiple shooter….y’all wanna cry now? Shit happens everyday rip to the innocent and I feel the pain of those left behind…but damn the truth is needed
    More than ever….peace!

  22. Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

  23. I’m from Russia, but I appreciate your very high-quality and ambiguous track

  24. really reminded track Michael Jackson – They Don't Care About Us

  25. Your good on what your doing , just keep continue on it . Big up from france . T'est un bon continue , ne t'arrète pas 👍👍👍

  26. How are you not huge in media like lil Wayne or Drake you have what it takes bro

  27. That was awesome. .I love that in your lyrics you are about something real. Your bars are fast and they mean something. .you are the change rap needed ..sorry boutt what happened in the shooting…

  28. I can actually understand these lyrics

  29. Didn't know who you were at 1st kind of hating then I went and looked seen who it was and you deserve it you're a good person good UPS 1 time 4 yo Big Brother on the westCoast

  30. Best piece of art lowkey👌👌👌

  31. Fucking beautiful

  32. RIP Hirez we missed u dude

  33. This is sad song but it is true we need more rappers like this

  34. <3 love you my guy

  35. Your cousin is in a better place and he will be commemorated

  36. Love you brother ( love from India)

  37. 🔥 jheez what a banger 🔥

  38. That hurts so deep

  39. Ok i like this rap so much

    Other rappers just make videos behinde lamborghini and i hate that so much

  40. This is how many people want him to blow up


  41. The world is so fucked up bruh

  42. This man is a legend 😎

  43. song in the end ???

  44. Logic+G-eazy = Hi-Rez Greetings from Hungary <3

  45. He seems to me like some kind of crazy combination of Moxas, Quadeca, and Eminem.

  46. Dame dude that's the shit keep it up plzzzzzzzzzzz;)

  47. But just remember guns dont kill people do!;)

  48. and, this is why I only listen to synthwave, you can think by yourself instead of listening to some fuckwit "sing"

  49. #EscapeThePhonyLeftRightParadigm guys was he holding a Baretta92?

  50. Dam got chills from this shit.

  51. this is my ringtone

  52. Not into rap but you ok man.

  53. best part is when he sings chorus

  54. This is good shit….stay real Rez.

  55. Wow, this really got to me. Keep it up man. You are amazing.

  56. Just what I like to see, developers getting political.

  57. I just saw her uber video on Instagram 1 sec ago and boom bro I am here you are damn good man

  58. got no words to say

  59. Rest in Peace Nicholas Dworet. Rest in Peace.

  60. I saw you at the spits game October 17

  61. damn this is nice i was scared to go to middle school and highschool im in middle school rn and im still scared

  62. That's super dope bro!! Where have you been

  63. This song woke my kid up, so She show me. Thank you for lighting the tunnle💯💖

  64. I hate cab drivers.

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