High Hopes – Panic! At the Disco (Cover)

High Hopes – Panic! At the Disco (Cover)

Hey guys, thank you so much for watching the cover If you guys have any questions or want to leave a comment Also, don’t forget to like comment and subscribe Catch you all next time.

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  1. Bro! You're absolutely amazing! Someone needs to send this to brendon!

  2. Great job 😍🖤 love your covers

  3. This is awesome!

  4. This is amazing!

  5. beautiful✨💖

  6. OMG it's amazing 😍😍 Now my favorite songs are original High Hopes and your cover of it 😂❤

  7. O Jon. Thank you for PATD. I reely wait it. And i begging you. More Shinedown and tutorial please. Ty.

  8. Damn dude that was killer

  9. Que bien te quedo compadre. Felicitaciones😇😇

  10. MY maaaaaaaaaan ! You are so goood <3 You motivate me so fucking hard !!! thank you so much, John

  11. Espectacular 😀

  12. Intro sounds like 2000s songs

  13. Заебись. Четко.

  14. I like your voice so much.

  15. Круто! Продолжай творить!💪👍🤘

  16. Great job! Looking good as always!

  17. Your voice is so angelic every cover you make is perfect

  18. your voice is very raw in very pleasant way, keep making music!

  19. I used to be so done with the song and hate it but you make it sound so good

  20. Fucking amazing man!!! Really!!! 👍

  21. Love it!It's like a cowboy version for me

  22. Oommmg thanks for your covers
    I'm in love with your voice❤

  23. Wow. Just Wow. Cardiff has the sun coming out after a storm for last week, what a cover to be lsitening to driving in the sunshine

  24. You killed it dude!

  25. So cool dude ! Greetings from France, one more time haha !

  26. amazing voice dude!

  27. Bravo love ur voice ❤❤🙏

  28. Do "Into the Great Wide Open" by Tom Petty.

  29. Great cover singing a bit flat in some areas but good

  30. Saudações do Brasil aqui!

  31. Pure perfect, pls make a tutorial for this

  32. Wow you really nailed it!!

  33. I’ve been following you for years and your voice has gotten monumentally better recently. Have you been taking voice lessons? I mean damn bro.

  34. OMG😍 I love you sooo much babe😘

  35. Ey Bro, you got talent :v

  36. 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

  37. You are the boss. Amazing!

  38. Jon in every video you do can you put the guitar chords in info section i am learning guitar atm

  39. Here is my tutorial for this song everyone!

  40. No offense but your voice sounds like boogie

  41. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  42. This was awesome! I showed my son trying to get him interested in playing. I see you have tutorial… I'll have to work on it! Thanks for sharing!

  43. Incredible rhythm whilst playing and singing. Keep it up, sir.

  44. First time listening to you and you have an amazing voice keep up the good work and carry on what your doing

  45. omg u subbed right when u said the first word u sing so good!!!!!

  46. Oh wow thank u for this..

  47. Damn dude your voice is amazing I'd love to jam with you if you ever wanted too its an open invitation 😂😂

  48. My goodness, your voice is so amazing and unique! I've never heard one like it. This only the second video I've seen of you and yet I'm blown away by your talent! 😀

  49. It´s amazing! I love your energy!


  51. Impressive 🤩 the guitar is my fav 🤤💕 hope you can check out my version if High Hopes on my channel 🙂

  52. Very good. One.: I am Brazilian

  53. The next Patrick Stump! haha Great cover!

  54. Amazing🤑awesome……

  55. I’d love to hear an original.
    You have skill and a gift.
    Bless you bro

  56. exelent very good..

  57. I was looking for a good cover kept saying no , until I found you + 1 Sub

  58. Good dude , liek wow 😀

  59. Your voice is actually pretty good, and nice guitar playing!

  60. Not bad, but i think you must keep do more practice, that Will make everything being better.

  61. Just by listening to the way he started off with the guitar strum !! I knew this will be good 😊😊

  62. To play the ballad of mona lisa please s2 Nice video, like sz

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