How do BRITS Think of K-POP in the UK?

How do BRITS Think of K-POP in the UK?

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  1. I live in London and there is so much kpop fans but there's a lot of haters too but not as much as in other countries I think

  2. I love K-pop but all my friends abuse me for it which sucks 🙁

  3. Just asked my mates what k-pop is and they said the same thing I thought 😕 AMERICAN SODA hahaha! Looked it up, fs get chibbed if i put that on in a house party in Scotland…..seriously

  4. 브렉시트까지 하면서도 아시아 국가 최초로 한국과 FTA 맺었다는 것은 관심도 안 가질 영국인들 많을 듯.
    대학생들 말고 일반 영국인들 일상사에서는 그냥 아직도 한국이 듣보잡 정도가 아닐까요….

  5. Not really my thing tbh

  6. 인텨뷰 잘 하시내요.  잘 보았습니다

  7. Great video billy!

  8. 흥미롭네요 ㅋ

  9. 응? Luke를 여기서?! ㅋㅋㅋ
    생각지도 못했네

  10. 오잉 루크인가??

  11. 루크였나….. 왜 저기서 인터뷰를하고있는거지….. 구독잔데

  12. 인터뷰대상이 무작위로 선정된 영국인이 아니라 한국을 잘 아는 영국인들 대상으로 했나보군요… 일반적인 영국인과는 괴리가 크지않을까요

  13. I dont understand why people hate on kpop…especially the boy bands like bts …because so and so."gay" and whatever…like BOI IF U DONT

  14. Oh god I do not like k-pop and it’s forceful fanbase

  15. 리버풀억양 엄청 강하네요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  16. Don't know where you found these people, but they are very open-minded towards K-Pop, if I was to play a K-Pop song where I live, people would find it bizarre as it's not English, but I got interested in K-Pop when Microsoft put 2NE1 – I am the Best in their advert, and then I listened to other artists in the K-Pop industry 🙂 don't know much of it, but I think the collaboration with Dua Lipa was well received, and it would also be seen as cringey, like when girls used to fan-girl over One Direction back in the day, or listen to Emo music, it's just a trend, that I see fading out in the UK, but I definitely think that BLACKPINK are amazing, I also believe that K-Pop videos are sometimes faked in terms of views, to make them appear huger than they really are, there was something about the manipulation of their views one time, nd I believe it happens, I don't believe they are as successful as they are in terms of views on YouTube, and their ticket prices in concerts are rip offs, not even worldwide famous musicians charge the price they do for concerts, it's ridiculous!

  17. Kpop UK take-over let’s go!!!

  18. well we cannot speak about Kpop without BTS tho

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