How to Dress like a Rapper

Yeah, so this is a video Im putting out Hope you like my gloves and my vest Some people dont. But I dont give a **** ANYWAY What Im gonna do: I put out a freestyle video a long time ago It was under T rizzle….eminem freestyle And uh, that was a long time ago so Im gonna do a freestyle now and show you what I got **** it. Anyway yo yo yo yo Im the best around, I get a ****in round and blow it down I get around, I aint a ****in clown Yo, who the **** are you? Messin with me, Im an ill MC Puffin the tree so easily Yeah Im ****in stealin and robbin and bobbin and knobbin the bitch starts slobbin at the tip like what the **** Stripclub, you gotta be a balla, nigga in trouble I said the N word I gotta stop that **** I dont give a crap. Mother****er give me dabs and I rob his ass and smoke some grass and fall on my ass fast I guess I stole that from Peter Brown, na im ****in around Na 50 cent can get bent, the broke ass bitch Hallies out there smokin and shes a snitch Ya little bitch, Im attackin Im just playin He’s pretty good. But he likes men. Yo, and also, there’s Ja Rule , the fool, he aint cool Ill take him to school, then I ****in rule And then Ill slit his throat, like I ****in sacrifice a goat Yeah ma****er you floatin in the moat Yeah, In my castle. You’re a ****in ***hole. Ill leave you with a stashhole up your ***hole **** you! Take it! and bring it back! That’s the end of the ****in freestyle That’s fire rap Anyway, Im Petey Pyres. Not really….but… We have a video : Petey pyres good job Check that out too, and uh, I dont know..what was that, 3 minutes???? No? 1..1:53 1:53?? Yeah. Shit..Ive got a few minutes? -dance- Alright. Well, wait a minute we’re gonna stop for a second And Im gonna explain myself. Im not trying to get signed..necessarily No! Im not trying to get signed I dont care. Its fun, it keeps you sharp All you people need to keep your mind focused against these hard times whoever is having hard times. Ill be like Bush, you know, and Ill say These people dont know their left hand from their… right hand But Im just sayin that cause I wish I had a gat Im not threatenin nobody but he’s a ****in fatass bitch Yeah, now we got ****in Donald Trump, all he is is a ****in speedbump, hes in my trunk Now he’s dead, bullet to the head Im just playin, I cant say that shit on the internet. OHHHH WAIT Immortal Technique does! So who the **** do I care? Mother****er I does..IM DONE

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