How to fix visual composer not working after update WordPress in Jupiter theme

How to fix visual composer not working after update WordPress in Jupiter theme

Welcome Viewers, In this video, I’m going to show you, How to fix Visual Composer Not Working Visual Composer not working after update WordPress Jupiter Theme Visual composer not working Don’t worry my dear friend, you have the right place here I’m using Jupiter theme & WordPress latest version My visual composer plugin version is oldest like 4.7.5 After update WordPress, i can’t edit pages to use visual composer Backend editor doesn’t show elements But classic mode showing all code just deactivate the old version visual composer & Delete it before deleting the plugin please keep backup your website files & database Now upload new version visual Composer plugin & activate it still uploading the newest version visual composer Activate the plugin Check Description below for download the plugin Reload the page again after installed latest version visual composer Wow all elements showing perfectly I can edit the page to use visual composer right now Please hit the subscribe button If you have any concern then feel free comment in this video

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  1. Just updated the visual Composer Plugin then it will be fixed. If you need any help then contact me on Fiverr.
    How to fix site can't be reached:

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  2. Time waste video…

  3. You're a fucking idiot.

  4. Пидор, хуй тебе а не 5$

  5. Omg STOP with the music on these tut videos. Pointless and annoying as fuq.

  6. You need to install the classic editor to get it to work. (worked for me)

  7. This tutorial is as clear as mud… what a waste of time.

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