How to Play a Chromatic Harmonica | Harmonica 101

How to Play a Chromatic Harmonica | Harmonica 101

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  1. ordinarily when u say cromatic harp do you mean c cromatic? I i had to buy one would there be a cromatic harp for each key ? Which one should i buy?

  2. @dcalstring
    for starting out on Chromatic i think that the C/G harp would be the best.


  4. Bynum4life – It sounds like sticking windsavers – very frustrating when you don't know about them. My advice would be to blow and suck up and down the whole instrument a few times then put it in your pocket for about 15 minutes to come up to temperature, sounds a faff but it works

  5. @Bynum4life

    If it is a Hohner, I have sent to them and had it repaired no charge and returned.

  6. well, there's more to cleaning windsavers than that. Tear off a piece of paper (brown paper bag is good), dampen it, draw slightly across a bar of soap and then slide between the 2 layers of the windsaver..use a separate clean piece of dampened paper to 'rinse'. Keep going until the saliva salts (usual cause of sticking) is gone. Allow to air dry. Of course the covers have to be removed for this. Some of his valves could be curled-one can always replace a valve too. They're sold in packets.

  7. You are right about cleaning windsavers but I find that however often I clean them I still need to go through the blow/suck/warm up routine before the instruments will play satisfactorily – this applies to both my Hering VelvetVoice and Suzuki SCX. The Hering will sound "raspy" until warm and the Suzuki has several winsavers that sick and pop until warmed up (they have been well cleaned on a number of occasions).

  8. Nice quick rundown, but don't forget that, in hole 16, when you draw with button in, you get a D natural…gives you one more tone than you might expectโ€ฆfree of charge!

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  11. Do chromatic harmonicas come in different keys, like the diatonic?

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  14. They do. Suzuki, Hohner, and others have one or two models that can be bought in any key (Suzuki SCX and Hohner CX-12 for example). Typically, chromatic players use harmonicas in the key of C. In general, learning a new song (say, in the key of D) is no more difficult on a C harp than on a D harp. However, there are three drawbacks. 1) you have to relearn the song for each key. 2) some styles like irish are easier to play on a harp in the same key. 3) improv is harder in keys other than C.

  15. Good instruction from an obviously accomplished player.
    Should be noted that sound from a harmonica can be obtained by exhaling pushing into a note hole, or inhaling drawing from a note hole. Generally, inhale, pitch rises.
    Chromatic harmonicas have a slide on right, which generally raises pitch. 4 combin'ns for each hole.
    Chromatics generally start from C2 130.5cps to C6 2088cps, 4 8ves, 49 note any key tonic in between. Ex: 'That's What Friends Are For' Eb, start Bb: 7 hole: draw, slide in.

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  18. @Marc Gallagherย No you can play in any key on this

  19. That's awesome! Does anyone have an entry chromatic harmonica they'd recommend? I'm considering either the Honer Super Chromonica, or the Suzuki Chromonix.

  20. My name is Rainy Smith. I am 15 and now progressing ย to a Hohner Super Chromatic. It is harder then a Diatonic. Does anyone know good knowledge videos that will help me? Please.

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  23. i have a question wich harmonica is the common use on blues the chromatic harmonica or the diatonic harmonica?

  24. can u show me the tab of that blues please?

  25. I like it very much

  26. Looking to get one this weekend, and a marine band crossover C

  27. What harmonica was that? what brand? and us there a buyers guide.

  28. Thanks very much for explaining this. I have a beautiful vintage Horner Chromonika harmonica and just couldn't figure out how to play it. Now I know. Thank you so much.

  29. I have that harmonica. l thought I was just bad at bending but I might get a diatonic for that. I'm going to be learning scales soon, aswell as blues scales.

  30. You have a Bachelor's in music and you say: "Sharps up any note up a half step" REALLY?!

  31. Mr Jacobs played blues on a Koch 10-hole Chro…listen to him: Little Walter…wham!

  32. I have bought tower 24 holes chromatic harmonica very limited lessons on them and also there are no lessons on about scales what is c c# f g etc can u please make a lessons on them.

  33. cool stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. i have the exact same harmonica as you๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‡

  35. I like this harmonica better. Has more of a stevie wonder sound to it.

  36. Is this the instrument used on Shape of My Heart by Sting?

  37. what harmonica would I have to use to play love me do?

  38. Nice Video buuuuut the background music is absolutely unnecessary and distracting.

  39. I'm using Hohner Chromonica 64 280 c Chromatic and Meisterklasse 7565 14 Hole's Chromatic.. โž• in Diatonic I began with Hohner Golden Melody in C and A Key's in the early 1980s..I'm not a professional like you..But I can play 3 music instrument by my ear ๐Ÿ‘‚.. I'm also play Meisterklasse Diatonic, Pro Harp, Seydel Blue's Session,Marine Band Nailed Comb and also Crossover & I have 28 year's old Tower 24 Hole's Chromatic.. I've tried Hohner Super 64 X But finally settled down for Chromonica 64 280 c Chromatic due to it's design authenticity and Sound.. I can notice that you're playing the same type.. So I wrote..

  40. I just wanna play the song from the meme "i will kermit suicide"


  42. i have the bandmaster de luxe chromatic (seydel's system) with 10 holes (2 in 1 hole) and it sounds like an accordion and like a french horn at the lowest pitch

  43. Hi great artist.
    Can you tell me what kind of microphone do you use in videos?
    And for the midi bases, what do you use?
    Thank you very much

  44. Chromatic harmonica which reeds are the whole tones and which the semitones
    Upper voice plate?
    Lower voice plate?
    You can not read this in the manual
    greetings from Germany

  45. Do you know anything about the Hohner Educator 1. It's a twelve hole diatonic, but I believe it's tuned differently. I have one in the key if C, first position G. It's a bit if an odd one. Any info would be great. I searched the internet for info but got very little. Thanks.

  46. Just wanna say mid90s is a ripoff of Kids

  47. What sucks about the chromatic harp is it doesn't fit into a harness.That means you need a dialtonic harp to play guitar and harmonica at the same time.

  48. I have a question? Is it easier to play single notes on a chromatic Harmonica than a diatonic Harmonica

  49. What brand/model chromatic harmonica are you using in this video?
    Thanks for the info. Now I know the difference between diatonic and chromatic.

  50. I guess I'm out of luck. I've played on a diatonic harmonica in the key of A for most of my bluegrass fiddle songs. I bought a 10 hole chromatic and couldn't find the key of A on it to play my songs. That just doesn't make sens to me, so I guess, as the saying goes, SOL.

  51. I just bought a brand new Seydel chromatic harmonica but the reads are rattling should I send it back

  52. I want a chromatic harmonica because i don't know how to bend…

  53. I see this is an old post but if anyone can give me some advice I would appreciate it very much. I am a little confused and want to know which key is the best all around for a Chromonica can anyone advise me? I have seen both Key C and Key G.

  54. Harmonica is an interesting instrument. Anyone with musical experience and a good ear can pretend they know how to play a diatonic harmonica (as he refers) but I've met few who are actually proficiant

  55. Learn to play harmonica in 2-minutes video. LoL.;)

  56. Hello. Is it possible to play Tango on this type of harmonica? Thanks!

  57. Does chromatic harmonica has different keys also like the diatonic harp? What is the key of chromatic harmonica is the best to start with? Thanks sir for your very educational videos. I'm a guitarist but I suffered from stroke last January,my fingers became stiff so I find it hard to go back to playing the guitar. Since I miss playing music, I decided to switch instrument and harmonica is what interest me most next to guitar. I hope you can help me with enough infos to start with. Your videos I'm sure will help so I subbed. Thank you very much. God bless you!

  58. I have a same harmonica with you๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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