How to Pop, Lock & Drop It | Kids Hip-Hop Moves

How to Pop, Lock & Drop It | Kids Hip-Hop Moves

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  1. Kids trying it in their bedroom with the door closed, he see's you………

  2. white trousers, white background

  3. Fuck this do it real style

  4. i was mostly focusing on the girl in the blue trousers

  5. Hay girl what's your number


  7. I would be soo tired after doing that xD

  8. ur kids are good sir..nicly doing der job…including boys also….

  9. Thats the whole dance

  10. that sweat on his face DAMn this a hard dance move than it look forreal tho

  11. I love how they put KIDS on the title

  12. This is A-O-Great!

  13. 00:16 umm that's creepy

  14. girl got invisible legs

  15. How old is Ashley she cute!!? 😍😘

  16. wheres that girls legs! lol

  17. Loool the one in white trousers looks like a she ain't got legs tho 😂

  18. the girl on the left should have worn different pants lol… her legs practically disappear

  19. The one. In pick trying way… To hard

  20. Woah this is fierce I fapped!

  21. Ho let there kids where that ?????? But I like it!!!
    My daughter is a cheerleader and she love this

  22. Parents are dumb if they let there kids dress and dance like that

  23. The girl on the left is just over life. Lmfao.

  24. ………👎👎👎👎👎👎😱😠😡😤

  25. What for kids! No the lyrics of the song

  26. I have the black boots 

  27. There's really a tutorial on teaching kids how to pop, lock & drop it? I was just searching for the song and this popped up. Smfh. face palm

  28. I Luv the girl on the right she looks pretty I'm probably her age 😀 xD

  29. The girl in the white pants and u got a white background

  30. what the f is this

  31. I'll send this video to all of the hoes in my middle school

  32. Girl on the left is really cute


  34. thanks for the help. I wasn't moving my legs so that helped alot

  35. I was expecting the guy to start doing it with them when he stood up lol

  36. they looked like they were forced then raped

  37. this got me in so much trouble at school 😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠

  38. Does anyone else think its weird that the guy is teaching two young girls to drop it? They look uncomfortable

  39. toot that thang up mami make it roll🔥

  40. at 2:25 the girl wearing the wild purple shirt when the almost when they were about to stop she stopped early and the kept on going but its funny cuz of her eyes lol😆

  41. they should of put the original song to it

  42. how old are these girls

  43. Kids….hmmm…like kids should be pop,lock, and dropping and from an older man…smh

  44. she ain't got no legs!!

  45. why would you do that

  46. Where is your mother?

  47. how is this for kids ? lol

  48. pre-teens shouldn't be "dropin" it.

  49. Y are ppl tripping because kids are doing this in this video I agree to some agree lol but really u have little 5 grade kids tweaking and that isn't right either

  50. I thought it was goin to be a hip hop video

  51. We dont need an instructional video teaching 5th grade girls to twerk.

  52. Kids Hip-hop? Lmao

  53. the girls pants we're so white that they Blended in with the background

  54. the girls pants blend in with the background too much lol..

  55. Why would they let her wear white pants with a white backdrop… smh

  56. oww my legs are too stiff and rusty for this

  57. I ripped my pants doing this not joking

  58. yall should see my video

  59. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  60. What's the girls names?

  61. "I know you probably tried it in your room with the doors closed, I see you"

    Whoah dude…..

  62. AHHHH Disembodied boots! XD Good tutorial, though I'm not sure how many "kids" actually dance like this.

  63. I have to say this song came out along time ago and everyone was doing this dance young to old and no one said anything about it then so why is everyone now complaining about them doing the dance to this

  64. MmMMMMmmM oh bOy thIs heLpeD me a LOT-

  65. the girl pants are blend in with the white wall

  66. Where are her legs

  67. Me: Ahhhh I'm on fire! Person: thinks uhh pop drop and lock it! Me: it's not working! it's not working!

  68. the girl had no legs

  69. I only came here because of ravens home

  70. You are now aware that someone out tgere has been masturbating to these young ladies' armpits.

  71. Word??? For the kids?? Popping and dropping what for who?!?!?! C'mon son 😑

  72. Look at her legs… Oh wait…

  73. new fortnite emote

  74. I watch y'all on epice

  75. Her pants are binding in so good it looks like she don’t have legs

  76. 😂😂😂😂😂

  77. Lmao y did I search this us

  78. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  79. Seriously… why does this exist?

  80. How is this a dance move for kids??? I feel….uncomfortable;;;;;;

  81. The top comment (175 likes) says it's weird that a guy is teaching young girls.

    Are you suggesting that men shouldn't be dance teachers? Male dance teachers have female students. (And male students too, if people don't suggest men shouldn't be dance professionals.)

    Are you saying he should be doing the moves himself? He could, but why not give kids a chance? And: this channel is Kids Hip Hop Moves! To appeal to kids, it's best to show kids doing the moves. For kids and parents to trust that the move is "correct", it's best to show an adult teaching.

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