How to Post With Hootsuite Using the Composer

The Composer is the primary
way to publish and schedule your messages in Hootsuite. It’s a powerful, full screen publishing
experience with extensive editing and customization options. To get started, click New Post. Note that the screen is divided in half. The left side is where you’ll
compose your message. And the right side shows detailed
previews, so you can be confident your posts will look exactly
as you want them. Now select the social networks you’d
like to post to, then add your text. As you compose your message,
you’ll see your available characters in the upper corner. To mention a brand or user
in your message, simply type their social handle, then select
the correct entry from the drop down. To add an emoji, click the icon and choose those
that best reflect your message! On the right side of the screen,
your post preview updates in real time. To add a link, simply type or
paste it directly into the message. Many users shorten links to save space. To create a shortened Owly link,
just click ‘Shorten’. If you need to tracking for your link,
click Add Tracking, then select from the available presets. Now click apply to save your tracking. Notice that the shortened link
appears in post preview, while the original will remain in the compose box. You have several options for adding media. You can click on the media library
to search for royalty free images or gifs, or access your own assets from
Hootsuite integrations like Adobe Experience Manager or Google Drive. If you’d like to upload a file directly,
select the file from your computer, or drag and drop it. Add additional images in the same way. Hootsuite Composer offers advanced
photo editing tools in the Compose window. You can do things like select aspect
ratios by network, and reorient your image. Click save when you’re done. Now that your message is crafted,
you’re ready to publish! Choose to either post immediately
or schedule it for later. If you opt to schedule your post,
click to bring up a calendar, and then select your preferred day and time. Finally click to post or schedule your message.

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