How to Sound Like Different Composers in 3 Steps

How to Sound Like Different Composers in 3 Steps

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  1. Where chopin xd?

  2. So beautiful ☺

  3. I feel like I'm watching a video shading "the greats" and I'm about to get the curse of stupid fingers.

  4. I'm making an arrangement of Caprice 24 for Tenor Saxophone. If any of yall play Tenor Sax, good luck. 😉

  5. Please play Tchaikovsky concert no. 1 pleaaaaase!!!!….

  6. I was expecting for Paganini there to be a 4th step that was just “harder so they think you sold your soul”

  7. XD what a roast of berg

  8. I followed the Prokofiev steps my friends thought i was insane

  9. And what if I have a viola?😂

  10. That Mozart picture always reminds me of my very shitty music teacher.

  11. They should have been actors.
    But then who would post such amazing videos?

  12. 3:20 the best part of the whole video

  13. Bhrams sounds like a freking mosquito flying next to my ear while I'm trynna sleep

  14. Tune violin
    Take a bow
    Tune again

    – wise words my friend.

  15. 2:37 didn't i have one of him for lunch?

  16. ____
    In the Line above would be a funny Violin Joke but it isnt because i dont play the Violin

  17. Prokofiev stole harry potters glasses

  18. 1:25 1st violin and 2nd violins be like 😂😂😂

  19. Why practice when I can just listen to them on the radio before a Live performance.

  20. don't know about you but this video made me impress my music teacher and got me a girlfriend so thx

  21. Idk why i lost it when they put a police siren above his head 3:20 LMFAOO

  22. You did it! You broke classical music down into its base components!

  23. y o u v i b r a t e d o n t h e b a c h. disapproval.

  24. Beethoven and Paganini made me spit my tea xD

  25. Sorry but it sounded like a mosquito at 2:19 😁

  26. I’m convinced Beethoven made his music to make fun of second violinist.

  27. I can only do Berg step 2

  28. 5:05 Heartbeat goes flat

  29. It makes you think imagine what these composers heard

  30. Wheres mah boi Buxtehude

  31. I want more of this please

  32. Wieniawski:AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!

  33. The fucking camera editing cracks me up everytime.

  34. What's that Sibelius piece? Someone please tell the name soon as possible

  35. omg vivaldi seems so simple for me now

  36. 2:58 is that my car going off?

  37. When I searched for Sibelius, Hilary Hahn came first. I had previously asked for the name of that piece. But even without the name of the piece it came correctly

  38. Sibelius! Finland was mentioned! Let's meet at the market place!

  39. Why does this feel like shade.

  40. Went here to learn in advance because we goin' MUSIC

  41. Brett face makes me die 🤣

  42. Hg wells também previu a a teoria da relatividade

  43. it looks so easy when you guys play- but in fact it isn't

  44. Berg: tune your violin, take a bow😂😂😂

  45. Where’s weinawski (ik I spelled it wrong)

  46. How to Paganini:
    1. Come up with a simple tune
    2. Smoke some weeds
    3. Play that tune again

  47. How to get your videos copystriked by Nintendo.

  48. vivaldi simplest but most badass

  49. more learning videos would be great

    we never even hear you play seriously

  50. best video on the channel

  51. You forgot the 'sell your soul to Satan' for Paganini.

  52. Chopin: nothing

    Haha take the l that’s a win for the pianists

  53. Don’t hurt my boys Prokofiev and Shostakovich

  54. 0:47 YAAAAAAAAAS 😂

  55. After watching their videos I can say that these boys might not know how to comb their hair 😂

  56. How to pagannini
    .sell your soul to the devil
    .create ling ling
    .make 2set cry

  57. You can tell brett is mostly 2nd Violin 😅

  58. Paganini:
    Step 1 to 3 – Sell your soul to the devil.


  60. im a pianist why tf am i here

  61. 0:37 Isn't that the guardian angel by Biber?


  63. I was not aware that I played like Mozart's style?

    Though, in his defense, I'm an arpeggio person.

  64. Tchaikovsky was actually so damn impressive

  65. How to be Paganini

    1. Your mother sold her own soul to the devil so you can play the violin like a God.

    2. Call yourself the Devil’s Violinist

    3. The priest will avoid you asking for your last confession before you die

  66. How to be Brett
    1.Be mad at Eddy
    2.Pretend to be sleepy and lazy
    3.Be Paganini

  67. How to be Eddy
    1.Try to impress Brett
    2.Trying harder
    3.At the end Brett gave a 2 out of 10
    4.At the very end he became the best violinist

  68. The Bach one kinda was cringe, cuz you aren’t supposed to improvise

  69. Wagner: 1. chromatic 2. resolution? ha! you PEASANT! maybe in five hours if you are lucky. maybe in a few days if you're not. 3. MORE HEAVY BRASS
    Puccini: 1. sad melody 2. add some unusual intruments 3. add syrup 4. are they crying yet? if not kill soprano

    Donizetti: 1. cheerful cabaletta 2. bitch u thought! it's about vengeance or impending death! 3. coloraturas 4. soprano goes mad. more coloraturas

    Verdi: 1. legato 2. tenor/baritone sexual tension 3. sad aria (more legato) 4. bombastic ensemble with orchestral pandemonium 5. I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying (but my legato is still flawless)

    Britten: 1. surprisingly tonal melody 2. now add Nature 3. Nature intensifies 4. hey Peter can you handle yet another aria in here? okay good

  70. Hey does anyone know the name of that Bach piece

  71. Hey Two Set what do you think about this?

  72. I died at SPAZZZZZ

  73. If you can play it slow, you down play it quickly

  74. Can you play in tune once?

  75. This video was just one big flex and i'm all here for it 😀

  76. 1:36 Brett’s face… lol

  77. Someone please tell me the piece at 3:38

  78. Thanks, this probably would teach me more then music college

  79. I don’t even play a stringed instrument but I feel majorly flexed on by that BEAUTIFUL left hand pizz

  80. Paganini 1 make a tune 2 make it harder 3 sell your soul to the devil yay u sound great

  81. 2:18
    2.00 a.m.
    Me: sleepling
    Mosquito: hey b0ss, can i fly next to your ear pls??

  82. Now do happy birthday in the style of… – Nahre Sol probably

  83. They should definitely release an album!

  84. Mozart Step 4:

    Add trills at the end of the phrases


  86. That one mosquito on your bed 0:49

  87. how to play chopin: just spam keys and make it fast.

  88. The start to Brahms sounded like Whisper of the heart’s violin sequence!

  89. Those violin swells at 2:23 remind me of when I'm between sleep and dream states and I want to wake up those are exactly the kinds of sounds I hear.

  90. how to play like paganini:
    1.have seizure
    2.make it harder

  91. You can tell the Artists that they don’t like 🤣

  92. Brett showing off his left hand pizz scary

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