I LIKE TRAINS (asdfmovie song)

I LIKE TRAINS (asdfmovie song)

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  1. He never dies from trains 🚊

  2. I help you no I LIKE TRAINS

  3. So what you’re saying is if I Dislike this Video, I’ll get hit by a Train…?

    Dislikes Video

  4. Shaggy is literally shaking right now

  5. I like trains. CHOO CHOO CHOO

  6. Thomas and Friends in a Nutshell

  7. Who likes trains


  8. We feel the same thing bro

    If you were my bro….

  9. I Like Trains and Cars🚘🚗🚅🚄🚆🚇🚋🚂

  10. Thanks for washing kids train

  11. Uses Steam Engine

    The London Underground is triggered

  12. Don't like trains opiset day

  13. 25k people hates trains

  14. yes i hated skool 0:41

  15. I do not like trains

  16. I don't think anyone can NOT like trains after watching this.

  17. This is better than the muffin song ngl

  18. I like trains 😃😃

  19. Don't like if you don't like trains

  20. Trains is backward!

  21. This song sucks it's bad

  22. Hey, you know what's totally impossible?
    The I like trains kid saying "I feel great"

  23. I like trains

  24. Dud what ware u on will making this vid but good vid

  25. I like trains 🚂 🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋🚋

  26. This is why so many kids are dead each year

  27. Who else belives that I like trains guy is cursed with the power of summoning trains or something like that? In an video an mom was giving food to her son (the son had the same hair as him) and she said "Here comes the airplane!" the baby opened his mouth like he's trying to say something and in the next second, guess what? An airplane crashed into thei'r house! THAT CREATURE CAN SUMON EVERYTHING HE WANTS!!!!!

  28. 25k people dont like trains

  29. 1:30 this is the most awkward date i ever heard of

  30. I like trains yall fake

  31. The people who disliked this must not like trains.

  32. Fuck the 25k people who disliked this song

  33. Top 10 Unanswered ASDF Questions:

    No.10: ”I Like Trains” Kid’s Actual Name
    No.9: ”I Like Trains” Kid’s Magical Power to Summon Trains

  34. THANK GOD THIS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT SURVIVED ,hentai,furry, and everything else

  35. TikTok hasn’t ruined this yet. We’d better be careful… could attack at any moment..

  36. She likes singing,
    He likes dancing,
    He likes trains,
    I like vans!

  37. come to skool kids not school.

  38. 1:02 lol That face

  39. Yas I love it Subscribed on the first second

  40. Hunch gift Gumby Gumby got got Gumby guilty function gift hung


  42. The train is the main cause of global warming because it puffs out so much smoke

  43. 1 dislike is one train hater.

  44. You're famous you're on Amazon music😎😁😀😋😃


  46. I like this polygonic object where it says choo

  47. If you disliked this you are a disgrace to your family

  48. 0:42 1:16 well now I know somebody I hope I never meet in real life

  49. the boss im sorry but ur fired I LIKE TRAINS the boss WAIT NO NO NO

  50. Ok let me bring that guy here–

  51. i must say i strongly disklike the term train as this is clearly a land airplane

  52. There are two people in the asdf cinematic universe who don't like potatoes. I like trains kid and The die potato guy.

  53. My god. Do not play it at quarter speed.

  54. Me: i like trains
    The train :in case you haven't noticet you've fallen in to my trap

  55. This song makes me happy

  56. Игрооргии :'(

  57. This makes me feel so old

  58. That report card lol

  59. Don't like trains
    📞I like trains

  60. I Drive in a Train LOL

  61. I like planes! you know where it goes next

  62. Funny that 25K trains were to people's home.
    (Because dislikes)

  63. Legend says the boy still likes trains

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  65. I also like trains

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