I Want To Be A Music Teacher

I Want To Be A Music Teacher At Community Music, ‘I Want To Be A Music
Teacher’ or ‘I Want To Teach Music’ are statements that get brought up quite a
lot. – Although it is not unrealistic to want to
become a music teacher, being mentally prepared for this career path is the thing that will
actually gear you forward to becoming one. – So, we are here to ask you some questions
that you may not have thought about, hopefully helping you to a clearer vision, enabling
you to embark on your journey towards becoming a music teacher. – Firstly, this may be the most obvious question
but it it will probably be the hardest one to answer. And that is: – Why Do You Want To Be A Music Teacher? – ‘For the money’ is not a legitimate
answer. – If that was your first though, then teaching
probably isn’t for you. Sorry! – Think about the first time you said to yourself
“I want to be a music teacher’? – Once you have established why you want to
become a music teacher, the following questions will hone in on the specifics of music teaching. – Next up is: – Are You Qualified? – Different levels of teaching require different
levels of qualification in order to do so. – Check out our video ‘How Long Does It
Take To Become A Music Teacher’ which gives you a breakdown of what qualifications you
need for different types of teaching and how long it takes to acquire them. – What Difficulty Level Do You Want To Teach
At? – You may want to teach according to a curriculum
in Schools where the maximum difficulty level is set. – Or you may want to teach an 18+ music technology
course where students can surpass the basic understanding very quickly and start testing
your knowledge. – This leads on nicely to the next question: – Do You Know Enough About A Certain Subject
To Be Able To Teach It At Higher Levels? – The word ‘enough’ in this sense, means
that you have sufficient experiences within that topic as well as the knowledge, being
able to reference real life situations to back up what you are teaching. – At What Intensity Do You Want To Teach? – Do you want to teach in terms and semesters
(Schools, Colleges, Universities) over a year or 2? – Or would you prefer teaching an intensive
weekend course? – Or would you rather teach a student on a
particular instrument 1 evening a week? – How Many Students Would You Like In Your
Class? – You may prefer teaching one to one. – Or you may thrive in the element of teaching
to a large number of people on a subject you’re passionate about. – It depends on how you feel you teach best. – Some people are great teachers in small
classes but get nervous and shy in front of larger groups. – What Age Range (If Any) Do You Want To Teach
To? – For teaching in schools, you will be teaching
to age ranges and not by ability & in many cases, people who may not even care about
the subject. – For certain age ranges, you will also need
an enhanced DBS check. – Saying ‘I want to be a music teacher’
comes with all of these other questions and more. – You may feel that you’re ready to teach
so now is the time to think about all the rest that comes with it. – You need to be mentally prepared for a career
in teaching so it’s best to get a head start now! – Saying ‘I want to be a music teacher’
is a great start to becoming one BUT as you are probably well aware after this video,
there is a lot more to think about. – If you managed to answer these questions
with ease, then you are probably ready to start your new career path. – So get yourself qualified! – Subscribe to our channel and Watch our other
Music Teaching videos for some more great tips, information and some insights into the
world of music teaching.

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