If a Rapper Covered a Police Chase

Breaking story at the top of the hour, Following an ongoing highway police chase as a man on a motorcycle continues to evade authorities. Joining us live now is our field reporter Franklin Davis on the channel 6 chopper. Franklin, can you tell us what’s going on? Do we have him? Yeah, I’m here. We got another motorist tripin’ today. He’s looking like wearing a helmet’s probably his only productive decision today He’s punching out mirrors and swishing the lane. I’m betting he wishing he didn’t. He shaking it. That kind of stunt can result in you breaking your hand. Making escape and controlling the brake and the gas. It’s difficult man. Police pursuing. He’s swervin’ out the whole lane. Got a plot brewin’. Gotta check his head ‘cuz he don’t know what he doing, ’bout hit another truck And another man saw him Headed westbound on 134 Suspect won’t stop won’t slow. Upset by somethin’ Don’t know. Just gets more wild as it go. As you see he’s taunting the officers over his shoulder Back City Roller Almost lost control. Just swerved to the opposite shoulder. This is a bold one. Now he’s corrected himself and swerving it back in the left and switching his right with his left hand I know he gotta be stressing looks like he’s crying. I’m guessing so much from all the aggression. Hold up He’s starting to rev it. Guess he ain’t yet learned his lesson Chopping through traffic. This could be possibly tragic. It ups the odds of a crash So it made the cops pull it backwards. Don’t know how long this could last. It depends on how full his gas is. He still is shaking his wrist. It could be possibly fractured Off-roadin’ It does seem he’s got an obstacle ahead. He should probably give up. Thain’t many options, man I think this chase is over. He busted Yeah, he stoppin’. The police about to bring him to justice Wow, that was very dramatic. Thank you, Franklin, for your reporting, Um… We’re definitely glad he was taken into custody without injury. [Breathes] Up next after the break, Does virtual reality slow brain development in teenagers? Stay tuned, we’ll be back [Outro]

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