If Composers Were Alive Today

If Composers Were Alive Today

♪ Leck mich… ♪ Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of… HahAHahAhAHah!! Just kidding! It’s of course! And today we have a very special guest. That is my sister. And she’s going to be testing me on my aural skills. We’ll be doing That’s a G. That’s an A. Sis: That’s right! Alright, next level… That’s an F major 7th chord. Sis: That’s right! Last level… That is a… Am I right? Sis: Yes! Alright guys, thanks for watching. Don’t forget to support my patronage. And then if you’re a patron, I’ll compose a short composition for you. Sis: By the way, don’t you have a massive assignment due tomorrow? Oh no, I’ll be fine. I’ll just start it tomorrow morning. How many coffees is that today, Johann? The tenth coffee. Isn’t that a bit much? I’ve got a thousand cantatas to compose. Why do you have to compose so many? Too many kids. F***, where’s my Symphony No.3? I know I saved it somewhere on the desktop. *sighs* Which version… Ah, here we go, found it. *phone rings* Hello? Napoleon, I can’t hear you! You speak louder! Napoleon: Bro, I made that meme the other day, and it got 2 million shares! Napoleon: I’m officially the memelord! Memelord? How dare you call yourself a memelord!? Sh**! SH**!! Hold up, let me do my shoelaces. Will you marry me, Sergey? OH YES! Yeah, my parents gave me the violin when I was 4. I think I practiced a lot. Unfortunately, last night I got drunk and gambled my Stradivari violin away. *sighs* But it’s okay, someone lent me a violin for today. Apparently, it’s called… Guarneri. Well, I’ve actually never played this piece before. I composed it on the way here. Some people think I sold my soul to the devil. HahaHAhAHa!! I think they’re just jealous. AhaHAHa!! Am I nervous? I think I… I think I’m a bit too hungover to be nervous… Huh! Why are you here today? Hello, my name is Niccolò. Like the piccolo, but with an N. And my last name is Paganini. Like panini… but with a G. Today, I’ll be playing for you guys my 24th caprice. I hope you guys enjoy it. I am going to give you a big, fat, yes.

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  1. Don't think I didn't get Lick My Ass in the beginning

  2. If Composers Were Alive Today…

    The wouldn't be decomposing.

  3. Why isnt liszt more similar to paganini in terms of selling his soul to the devil

  4. I'm bit too hungover to be nervous
    Like piccolo with N and panini with G 😂😂😂😂
    Definitely paganini is LING LING

  5. Mozart is full of shit

  6. I'm swiss (so I can german) and in the Mozart intro they sang "Lick me in the ass".

  7. Liszt is spot on, boi was a serious poser XD

  8. I loved the paganini part, it was epic.

  9. What's the name of the Liszt song?

  10. Maaaan, Liszt the Heartbreaker x'D

  11. seriously these two could be a perfect couple

  12. Adoro sus videos, por favor mas videos con subtitulos en español jejejejeje

  13. The Liszt one is perfect!!! 😂😂😂


  15. 4:39 the Italian blood in me is BOILING

  16. Saw Tchaikovsky:


  17. I don't get it(I don't know each composer well enough to get the jokes), but your performances are hilarious indeed lol

  18. Too many kids!😂😂

  19. Bach composes 40 hours a day. 1 cup of coffee lasts four hours. HE dRanK teN.

  20. Leck mich im arsch

  21. How can Beethoven listen to his phone? 😂

  22. How did Beethoven hear his phone ringing😂

  23. Rachmaninoff:the depressed reddit doomer
    Prokofiev:I left classical music for that prog metal shit!!!

  24. Why would the judges need an introduction for a finalist?

  25. Wasnt Beethoven deaf? 🤔🤨

  26. Leck mich in arsch tho

  27. yO where DO I GET THAT VERSION OF NO 24 thAt'S A BOP
    like yo i want modern caprice 24 as my ringtone holy shit

  28. HAHAHA This sketch is so funny

  29. Where is my husband Chopin?

  30. Tchaikovsky: Has 1GB of cannon sound samples on PC

  31. 0:07 Good joke, maybe you didn't know but Mozart was caprofag.

  32. Can we please talk about the fact that Beethoven could hear the phone ring ?

  33. 0:00 that would of been the worlds shotest vid ever

  34. I thought Beethoven was deaf.

  35. Rachmaninov would probably be a music teacher for beginners

  36. Tchaikovsky and Liszt were perfect

  37. I.. I want to laugh..
    But I barely understand about the joke
    Forgive me always watching this channel for some laugh without knowing classical music AT ALL

  38. I NEED PART II, III, IV, V…….

  39. Paganini should have been more goth.

  40. Random dude: Why do you have to compose so many?

    Bach: Too many kids

  41. So are you saying Brett is Paganini? 🤔🤔🤔

  42. I swear to fucking godd I'm mad at the world for not being as good as Eddy with pitches

  43. "I've never actually played this piece before, I composed it on my way here"

    ~Piccolo Panini, 2019


  45. If Liszt was alive, I would come to all of his concerts and own three fan pages

  46. I love how accurate Bach and Paganini are lol

  47. Many would commit suicide because our current Republic cannot tolerate such great men. Your King gives you Bach, and your President gives you Kanye West.

  48. Your sister is gonna test your oral skills?

  49. 4:38 Middle school aged boys with long hair in a nutshell

  50. Fun fact Mozart is a pervert that’s it

  51. Mozart should make an orchestral cover of sweet home Alabama.

  52. Sergey.


  53. Gayshit happening

  54. If Paganini would be alive he would be dieing on shame for what is happening with Flight of the Bumblebee, or he would be like "no no kid, if you want to play it fast you play it like that…"

  55. Ohhh, those wavy hairs

  56. Is it really appropriate to have your sister test you oral skills?

    Yes, I know he said AURAL. <– You need to add this nowadays otherwise the dolts that make up the online community will take it seriously.

  57. Brett and Eddy should go for Britians got talent !!!! And the Sergey is absolutely a sir and he is GAY !!!!!!!😎😅

  58. I thought Beethoven is deaf🤣🤣🤣

  59. not gonna lie. I was expecting Tchaikovsky firing cannons at segery

  60. Brett, Eddy, go to americas got talent, why not?

  61. This is too accurate, OH MY GOD AHAHAHAHHA

  62. Wasn’t Beethoven deaf?

  63. But … but Beethoven is deaf

  64. Holy crap I actually got the FM7 bit right. I’m one step closer to being Ling Ling.

  65. 2:49 what model is that grand piano?


  67. What s that bgm during tchaikovsky

  68. Paganini's laugh is now my favourite laugh

  69. Imagine stan wars between Liszt stans and Chopin stans

  70. 1:43 i know that beethoven was deaf

  71. Beethoven: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
    Guy on phone: raised voice HOW ABOUT NOW?!
    Beethoven: Just about, I think my phone's buzzing!

  72. A is for ASSHOLE BITCH

  73. Lol if Chopin was alive today, I mean all composers were depressed, but this dude would have been in a mental hospital crying his eyes out for no apparent reason.

  74. Thanks for making Piotr a happy BOI he deserves that

  75. 4:23 he had to do tremolo to impress her😂


  77. I usually think Brett is hotter, but Eddie in a gray jacket was crazy hot. Dude…woah! Just changed my mind. lol

  78. Eddy looked fiiiine as liszt! 😍

  79. Omg !!! 24th caprice by Brett, that was so good !

  80. So you're saying Beetoven swears a lot?

  81. Paganini needs to be wearing extra tight leather pants!

  82. Reasons I love Twoset: videos like these.

  83. That paganini remix <3

  84. I bet the people driving nearby thought it was a proposal…
    I would've screamed tho.

  85. LOL I Love This Beethoven Is My Favourite.

  86. 1:33 the first song I see is serendipity 😔😔

  87. That hair flip tho

  88. 0:07 jst realize eddy's wearing is extremely close to the outfit of Mozart Germany Mozart musical

  89. But composers ARE alive. Max Richter, Eric Whitacre, Vam Monaco, David Lang, John Corigliano, Judd Greenstein

  90. 2:42 Toccata en Flip Phone Ringtone

  91. Last one is so fake. They said yes and he didn't even take his shirt off and dance around like a moron

  92. anyone realized that 'beethoven' talks and hears? 😂

  93. …. So are you saying Lettuce is a modern Paganini??

  94. That electric version of the Paganini caprice had be fucking dead

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