I’m Gonna Kill Santa Claus – Official Music Video

I’m Gonna Kill Santa Claus – Official Music Video

Merry Christmas Greg Every Christmas, I’m a very good boy. I put out milk and cookies for this guy to enjoy. But Santa never brings the right toy. I felt like giving up on all this holiday joy. But if you’ve seen ‘The Santa Claus’ you know. (You know) You’ll become Santa if you put on Santa’s coat. You can kill him and leave him dead up in the snow. (Oh) The elves don’t even care about you murdering their bro! And so… This Christmas gon’ be special to me. I ain’t gonna ask for a car with a key. I ain’t gonna write to Santa and asking him please. Cause what I want for Christmas can’t fit under the tree! I wanna be Santa Claus! So I’m gonna kill Santa Claus! When I hear those reindeer paws, I’m gonna break the law! This Christmas, Don’t got a wishlist, I got a hit list! And at the top of it is Old Saint Nicholas, Nothing against him, It’s just business. I ain’t the Grinch but I’m gonna steal Christmas! I made a list and checked it twice, (Oh) For all the fucks I give about ending Santa’s life! And I found none. I’ll travel at the speed of light If I’m Santa now does that mean I sleep with Santa’s wife? Cause I’m down son. (Yeah) Fire in my fire place (Ooh), Not talking about his flying ship when I say imma slay. He gon die, son. Imma wake up Christmas day, With all the dopest presents that I force the elves to make. They’re my prisoners. I’ll never understand why this is, The way that they decide who the next Santa Claus is. How do people not believe that Santa exists? In this world aren’t adults concerned about all these gifts They didn’t buy…? I wanna be Santa Claus! So I’m gonna kill Santa Claus! When I hear those reindeer paws, I’m gonna break the law! This Christmas, Don’t got a wishlist, I got a hit list! And at the top of it is Old Saint Nicholas, Nothing against him, It’s just business. I ain’t the Grinch but I’m gonna steal Christmas! Available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and EVERYWHERE else. Link in Description! Make sure to sub and turn on notifs to join GREG. Hope you enjoyed, bye!

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  1. stream or download the song

  2. Person: who's your favorite rapper?

    Me: well it’s complicated…


  4. Instead of "When I hear those reindeer paws, I'm gonna break the law!" is should have been "When I hear those reindeer paws, I'm grabbing that chainsaw!"

  5. Who else thinks Drews Dannys little dances are the most adoreable thing ever?

  6. Who produced this track 😳

  7. When I was little I used to steal songs from YouTube and then preform them in the living room for my parents. I remember stealing this song without changing it, cause I didn't realize bad words. I uh, had the go through therapy. So then I preformed my song to him. Can I be honest I didn't learn anything we just listened to rap music.

  8. The 2 yr olds calling the cops

  9. It’s that time of year again…

  10. But he no real idot

  11. As long as I get my presents I’m good

    Don’t want it to happen to you😈

  12. Am I the only one who found the secret message in the German subtitles?

  13. Thank you youtube
    I needed a catchy way to kill Santa

  14. ty for"killing"him he ruined my life when i was more younger when he didnt give me 1000 robux and a dog

  15. He is wearing a hat even though he has a hood. Still good

  16. Wait….this is actually amazing 😂

  17. The rhymes are the best like paw and law

  18. I'm here after spooky ho, we need another Christmas bop

  19. On the first day of Christmas Danny gave to me a shove of a cliff

  20. Wait. He's gonna kill Tim Allen.

  21. Someone tell me why still know the lyrics

  22. Me: listens to this song full blast

    Dad: turn it off

    Me: why


  23. when he was dancing so hard that he fell on the ground I died lmao

  24. 1:41………………………….sound like slavery to me

  25. It’s that time of the year again…

  26. It’s only November but I’m totally in the Christmas spirit

  27. It's his voice. His voice makes his songs catchy af

  28. Then you found out that your dad or mom is dead

  29. I always hated christmas

  30. Family classic songs: Happy songs
    Me: listens to this by myself with a crazy face on

  31. A guy who liked me asked me for a photo of me. i said no. he then replied that's okay bc i was gonna mail it toSanta and tell him that's what I want for Christmas.

  32. this song should be "I'm Gonna Kill Aiden's Happiness-Official Music Video"

  33. Not gonna lie this is the best Christmas song ever


    Fav x mas song ever

  34. Spoiled brat be like 0:52

  35. You inspiring kids to not be live in Christmas but got a nice voice

  36. 0:49 someone is going to school

  37. I expect Santa’s Workshop is bigger than the Ministry of Magic.

  38. it is a yes for me.

  39. This is probably my favorite Christmas song. 🥳

  40. It’s the 7 November Canada Toronto and it snowed so…I’m gonna fucken murder that bitch

  41. Its November and I'm listening. I dont care what anyone says

  42. Danny: Cause what I want for Christmas won’t fit under the tree

    Peter Clause: I’m gonna get a Bowflex I’m gonna commit

  43. I listen to this song about 20 times a month this song is so f ing dope i love e it

  44. This is legit my fav christmas song lmao

  45. This got me in trouble at school

    On Spotify it says it’s clean… then I realised it’s not

  46. You do know that there's a sequel to that movie santa clause

  47. I've realized he wants to kill Santa… Guess who he will really kill …

  48. Ngl this would be me as Santa Claus

  49. why are there so many dislikes? THIS. IS. AN. AWESOME.SONG!!?

  50. 1:05
    "don't got a wishlist

    i got a hitlist"

  51. Him: so I’m gunna kill Santa clause.

    Kids that still believe in Santa: we need to prepare for war

  52. Oh Christmas look coo-

    Realize that im in Palestine

    happy Palestine noises

  53. Me in the beginning of the video: this might actually be a serious video

    Me in mid video: there’s the Danny I know

  54. Bruh just pour in some cyanide in ur milk

  55. Don’t forget to kill Santa this year 😚

  56. i play this every christmas since it was made

  57. wakes up DAD WHY ARE YOU DEAD

  58. The one eight year old watching 😭😭😭😭

  59. guess what greg

    it’s that time of year again

  60. Mom: what are you watching

    Me: A Man plotting his murder for an iconic fictional character to millions of young children

  61. It is that time of the year again!

  62. That one 7 yr is like screaming that Santa is now dead lol

  63. Songs a totally fire

  64. ITS THAT time of year FOLKS

  65. Why the fuck is this in my recommendations

  66. A christmas add came on before the video I feel bad XD

  67. Danny: ima kill Santa Claus and break the law….
    Me as a cop: OH NO YOU DONT!!!
    Me: why did you break the law in the first place???

  68. 0:47 best part replay button

  69. My dad: so my son likes rap right son

    Me listening to this: huh oh um yeah shure

  70. What is the point of this?

  71. It's that time of year again boys

  72. No why did you kill Santa 😡

  73. When u dont want santa to come but u also do.

  74. not appropriate for little kids

  75. Thats mean sants is nice you shuold be more nicer

  76. If this played instead of any other Christmas song though

  77. Holy shit this song is amazing like holy crap

  78. It’s almost Christmas so I’m gonna blast this all day

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